Feather in the wind

Chapter 32

Ianto didn't know what all the fuss was about.

He wanted his baby and Gwen had run to retrieve the kitten as Ianto glowered at them from the sofa.

If wasn't until she got back and he gracefully rose to accept the sleepy bundle that they realised why Jack was beside himself.

Ianto then walked to the kitchen as he apologised to Valentine for leaving him, explaining about the John Hart Problem.

"So he … I mean …. He just walked?" Owen gaped.

"Yeah, like he always has" Jack laughed.

"I'll be damned" Owen huffed then grinned, "You little blinder."

Ianto walked back to the sofa and folded back down, placing the kitten on the coffee table with a saucer of food.

Valentine was hungry and had woken up alone. The nice lady who smelt of flowers had cuddled him and spoken softly as she took him back to his Taddy, he liked her.

Taddy had the yummiest food and he explained all about the bad man. Bad Man had hurt Daddy and Valentine hoped Taddy had scratched his face off.

Valentine sat back and regarded his Taddy as he licked his whiskers.

Taddy had claws. Right?

Owen had sat next to Taddy and was trying to touch his wrist.

Taddy swung around and gave Owen such a look. Yep. Taddy has claws.

Valentine was cold, voicing this with a sad meowwwwww and Taddy immediately scooped him up then placed him inside his jacket.

Valentine could hear his heart beat. Warm and safe.

Taddy was talking and the rumble was like a purr.

Ianto looked down and smiled as he saw that his baby had nodded off to sleep and had tucked his little face into the pocket of Ianto's shirt.

"Cariad" Ianto whispered as he pointed and Jack leaned forward.

"Aw" Jack crooned, "Wee bubs is tuckered out."

"He sleeps a lot" Ianto frowned and Owen smiled.

"He's a baby" Owen explained, "They eat, sleep and poop. Cuddles and kisses are all babies need other than food. You're being a good Taddy there, mate."

Ianto preened as he carefully tucked the blanket around his chest and covered the baby kit.

"He needs his own room" Ianto frowned.

"He's a cat" Jack snorted, "He just needs the basket."

Ianto frowned at Jack and shook his head.

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes.

Jack knew the penthouse was going to get an overhaul and the cat was going to get its own room. What a bloody spoilt feline.

Ianto grinned secretly as he saw Jack's posture change. He was excepting the change.

Of course Valentine needed his own room.

All children did.

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