Feather in the wind

Chapter 33

Valentine was hunting.

He was stalking along the gantry as he honed in on his prey and with a mighty squeak he flung himself from the edge of the walkway.

"But Cariad" Ianto was arguing, "The bed is so cute!"

"No!" Jack huffed, "Valentine does not need a daybed!"

Ianto caught the snowball and gave him a chastising look before grinning and kissing him on his little nose.

Jack had missed the great hunter's leap across the open space and turned to continue the argument.

"Jesus!" Jack spat, "Where he hell did you have him! I thought he was still asleep in the office."

"He got bored, didn't you Mr Snookums Fluffy bum snowball of doom." Ianto crooned and Valentine yawned delicately. "Aw, did you see that? Those mighty teeth? Oh a mighty killer of all things killable!"

Jack sighed as Ianto baby talked to the cat and looked again at the brochure he had been arguing over.

The daybed was a little cot that transformed into a wee three quarter bed and then to a full single. Wooden and sturdy, it was made up in the brochure with blue and shite striped linen. It actually looked quite nice. But for a cat?

"You know" Ianto said softly as he headed for the kitchen to feed the might hunter, "A cot might contain him at night. He is getting so hot around our faces when we sleep."

Ianto took a quick glace as he got to the door and grinned as he practically saw the lightbulb over Jack's head.

"Well, it looks a bit … sterile?" Jack frowned, looking at the picture again.

"How do you mean?" Ianto asked as he carried the tray of food and drinks back to the sofa.

"Well, what is there for him to look at?" Jack held up the picture, "He'll need some toys, a scratching post and one of those climbing frame things."

Ianto grinned as Jack gave away the fact that he had been looking at the other brochures Ianto had 'left lying around' in the hopes of getting his attention.

"But when he grows he'll need little boy stuff" Ianto frowned, "You know. A telly and stuff too."

"A telly?" Jack gaped.

Jack watched Ianto for a few minutes and then his face suddenly convulsed and he sat with a thud on the sofa.


"Hmmmm?" Ianto answered, "Eat all of it baby, you need big strong bones."


Ianto looked up.

"Ianto, what do you mean … when he's a little boy?"

"Well, he's a baby but he will grow into a little boy, then a man." Ianto frowned, "Or … what do they call them? Toms?"

"Baby, he's a cat." Jack pointed out.

"No, he's a Catkind!" Ianto was getting angry, "He will become a cat-person!"

Jack was so still he was a statue as he stared at Ianto.

"Remember the box of kittens on the Tardis?" Ianto said patiently, "Layo let me choose one? Our wee boy? Valentine? He is Catkind."

Jack opened and shut his mouth as the image of Catkind filtered through. Humanoid cats that talk and think as humans but with the features of a cat. It is said that the Face of Boe had Catkind worshiping him or something.

No way.

Jack looked at the ball of fluff again and knew Ianto was telling the truth, had been all along and Jack hadn't been as quick on the uptake as he should have been.

"Valentine will be a person" Jack said.

"Stop it!" Ianto stood, shaking with anger, "My baby IS a person! If you don't like it, stop pretending we are a family. Stop insulting him. He does understand you, ya know."

"Hey, hey" Jack quickly pulled him onto a hug, "I didn't mean any disrespect to our little fella."

Ianto pouted but allowed the hug.

"I'm just confused and I know it's my fault" Jack soothed, "You told me quite clearly that out little boy was Catkind and I was not paying attention. I am not angry or loving him any less. I'm just shocked."

"I know things might be difficult for him" Ianto said as he snuggled into the hug, "but he's our little man. It's OK isn't it?"

"Yes hon" Jack sighed.

If the Face of Boe had Catkind around him then surely Jack could handle one.


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