Feather in the wind

Chapter 4

Jack had patiently stuck to Ianto all day in the hopes of more interaction and he wasn't disappointed. As Owen changed his drip and spoke to Jack about the possibility of a gastric tube, Ianto coughed.

Jack was there, stroking his cheek and softly crooning as he held a straw to his mouth.

"Suck, baby" Jack encouraged, "It's just sugar water."

To Jacks immense excitement Ianto sucked a few sips and then released the straw.

"Good boy, poppet," Jack crooned, "Good boy."

Owen raced from the room and retuned with a cup of soup and plunked the straw in.

"Ianto?" Owen said softly, "It's Owen, can you sip some broth for me? Chicken. You like chicken, yeah?"

Again a few soft sips before resting and Owen grinned maniacally at Jack.

"Keep it up" Owen encouraged, "I know you're tired but just a few sips when you can, OK?"

Jack took over holding the cup and made encouraging noises as the occasional sip occurred.

Tosh came to watch and patted Ianto's arm as she told him he was doing so well.

"We're all proud of you" Jack said gently, "So proud. You are doing so well."

Owen checked and almost half the cup was gone. "Ianto, if you're too tired you can stop now. You've done brilliantly mate."

Ianto released the straw and relaxed into the pillows as Jack crowed.

When Gwen arrived it was to a party. Music was playing as Owen and Tosh danced. Jack was singing. Belting out a song as he stroked Ianto's hand.

"What did I miss?" she asked and they cheered.

"Ianto drank through a straw" Owen shouted excitedly, "didn't ya, you little belter!"

"Oh my goodness, really?" Gwen clapped and Jack's smile was awesome.

"My clever boy" Jack crooned.

Tosh handed over the next Harry Potter book and Jack settled to read the first chapter as they all went back to work.

Tosh came to talk to Jack about a woman she's met and she told him that she was confused.

"You have feelings for her?" Jack asked softly and she shrugged then froze.

She slowly turned and stared at Ianto. "Ianto?"

She stepped closer and touched the necklace Jack noticed for the first time.

"New piece of bling sweetie?"

"Shhhhh" Tosh waved her hand as she leaned over the bed. "Ianto?"

She reared back and placed a hand over her mouth. "Oh my goodness. He's …. Oh he's dreaming I think."

She removed the necklace and handed it to Jack who immediately felt Ianto slamming through his shields.

They were in the shower and Jack was holding him as he sang a lullaby. Ianto was humming along with the song as he leaned back into his arms and Jack felt safe, warm and so much love.

"Oh my god" Jack whispered, "that never happened"

"So, he's creating a new scenario?" Tosh whispered back, "Like a daydream?"

"Oh wow" Jack sighed, "He … I mean, I thought maybe he resented … that it was forced and ... oh wow. We never … ooooo, we never did that!"

Tosh smiled as she watched the emotions crossing Jack's face as he closed his eyes and immersed himself in a wet dream.

Finally it faded away as Ianto fell into a deeper sleep and Jack opened his hand to look at the pendant.

"Where did you get this bit of alien tech?" he asked and she frowned.

"A woman who made advances … oh. God, you think …" Tosh placed her hand over her mouth as Jack growled softly.

"Sorry Tosh, this is Arcateenian tech. She's not what she seems, she's a shape shifter" Jack said with a sorrowful shake of his head.

"Oh god, I'm glad I found out before…." She coloured and Jack leered.

"They are actually really good lovers, tentacles. Gotta love those …. Ah shit. Sorry Tosh" he said as she struggled with tears.

"I feel such a fool" she sobbed and he gathered her into his arms.

"Why don't you stay here and watch over Ianto, he might like a different voice for the next chapter" Jack soothed, "I'll go see what this Mary really wants. OK?"

She climbed onto the bed and snuggled with Ianto who, to her delight hummed.

"See? He knows it's you and missed you!" Jack pointed out as she grinned again.

Jack stormed off to sort out this Mary bitch while his boy was safely being cuddled by his best wee girl.

Ianto smelt his friend's hair and hummed as the jasmine told him it was Toshi.

Ianto likes Toshi. She's nice.

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