Feather in the wind

Chapter 5

Tosh had spent the next few days hiding from the world as it sunk in that she had been had. Big time, and her one comfort had been the constant presence of Ianto.

When she finally left to check her programmes she had left running Jack saw a chance to further the use of the necklace.

"Ianto, can you hear me?" Jack said softly as he slid the necklace under his shirt.

Jack waited and he found a hesitant push.

Jack closed his eyes and tried to remember what he had been taught at the agency so many years ago about psychic bonding. He pushed back and sort of …. Flowed around Ianto's energy.

Jack opened his eyes and watched the frown on Ianto's brow slowly fade and a look of surprise replace it.

Hello there poppet

Ianto's mouth twitched and Jack heard it. It was faint but there.

I'm not a poppet. I'm a Ianto

Jack almost sobbed with joy and sent his pleasure through the bond, causing Ianto to moan softly.

"My good boy, my clever, clever Ianto" Jack crooned. "We'll work on it. A little each day until we have a strong connection, OK?"

Jack waited and felt another push. This one had a loving warmth to it and Jack closed his eyes with relief.

"I love you too Tiger Pants" he whispered and Ianto's mouth twitched at the corners.

Jack removed the necklace and gathered Ianto into his arms. "Come on baby, sleep now. We're both tuckered out."

Jack sighed as he drifted off and Ianto lay warm and cocooned as he slowly slid his arm up to hug back. It took some effort and he was exhausted when he was done but satisfied that he could sleep now.

Owen entered to check on them before going home and stood staring at the two men, holding each other.

Ianto had moved independently. Holy shit batman!

Owen hurried to tell Tosh and Gwen who snuck down to each peek at the two men with soft expressions on their faces.

"How much longer before he's strong enough to open his eyes?" Tosh asked and Owen shrugged.

"Tomorrow? Next week?" Owen threw his arms wide, "How long is a piece of fucking string babe?"

Tosh blushed as she looked down, his term of endearment a surprise, as was his gentle nature when it came to Ianto and Owen was struck by her gesture. It had never occurred to him that she might have feelings for him.


Gwen sat nervously watching the soft flirting and wondered when she had been sidestepped, then shook herself as she remembered a certain teddy bear waiting at home for her. Don't be so bloody two faced!

Jack woke and blinked blearily as he looked over at … two steely grey eyes regarding him from the pillow.

"Ianto?" Jack said softly and he reached out to touch his cheek.

Ianto hummed and blinked, then let his eyes fall closed. Gone again.

Jack held him tightly and revelled in the fact that not only had Ianto shown no fear or repulsion he had smiled. He had hummed.

Owen tried to tell him off for not calling him straight away but realised he was talking to the wall as Jack softly sung to the slumbering Welshman.

The girls were rapt, watching each hand movement and finger curl as Ianto shifted and gently stroked Jack's neck as he sung.

'And he knew you?" Tosh prompted and Jack grinned at her.

"Yeah" he enthused "recognition there, and he hummed while smiling at me."

"Jack" Owen said and Jack huffed.

"I know, I know. One day at a time" Jack groused, "I'm not stupid. Tomorrow he may not know me but you can't take this away from me. Not now!"

Jack ran a bath and gently lifted Ianto, carrying him through and nursing him on his lap as he undid the PJs, lifting him and letting them fall off, then gently placing him in the water.

Ianto gasped and his eyes fluttered open as Jack made sure he was safely seated and took a moment to look into these grey/blue pools of intelligence.

"I know you are there" Jack assured him as he swished the water over his body, "I know you see me baby, I see you too."

Ianto blinked slowly and seemed to focus more, drinking in his smile.

"I'm going to take care of you" Jack said softly, "Like I should have been. I'm so sorry, forgive me for not seeing your fear, or your shame. I'm so sorry that I failed you."

Ianto blinked again and let his head roll into Jacks shoulder. Jack took the hint and kissed him softly, a chaste yet loving kiss and looked at him to see if it was OK. The soppy smile as Ianto slowly blinked was a good indicator that he didn't resent him.

Jack gently removed the catheter, explaining what he was doing as he did so, hoping he was not making a mistake with the recovery.

Jack lifted him from the water and laid him in the towels he had placed on the heated floor. He dried him and then scooped him up, carrying him back to bed.

Tosh was waiting and averted her eyes when she saw that Ianto was naked. Jack laid him in the bed and reached for the bedding tucking him in. He then showed Ianto the bottle-like bedpan and held it under the blankets, placing his flaccid penis in it.

"Do you need to pee baby?" Jack promoted and almost immediately a thin stream of piss hit the bottom of the bottle. "Clever boy"

He accepted a tissue from Tosh and wiped the errant drips as he removed the bottle, then patted the penis as he placed it back against Ianto's leg.

A soft kiss and Ianto's eyes fluttered shut and a sigh closed the conversation.

Jack grinned at Tosh as Ianto drifted off the sleep.

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