Feather in the wind

Chapter 6

Suzie entered the room quietly and stared at Jack and Ianto in the bed. She sneered as she went to move closer.

Ianto opened his eyes and gave a sharp intake of breath that woke Jack and he looked around the room to see what had happened.

When his eyes found Susie, he froze. Owen came bursting in and aimed the gun at her as he calmly told her to get the fuck away from his mate!

Ianto's' eyes rolled to look at Owen and Jack smiled softly, "Of course he means you."

Ianto then looked back at Suzie and Jack sighed. "Yeah. She did, you remember that do you?"

"What the fuck is this one sided conversation?" Owen asked, lowering the gun as he as Suzie watched the strange couple.

"I have this on, I can hear him. It's faint but he's thinking" Jack said as he showed Mary's necklace to them.

Suzie sat on the edge of the bed and Jack found himself listening to her instead.

With a roar he rose off the bed, scooped up the Webley and shot her between the eyes.

"Fuck!" Owen spat as he watched her convulse on the carpet.

"Get her out of here, fucking incinerate her" Jack demanded, "That glove, throw that in as well. Jesus Christ, oh god, she was insane. She was behind it all, that poor bastard was under her control."

Ianto made a noise and Jack swung towards the bed, reconnecting and getting a cold slap of fear wash over him.

"Oh God, Ianto" Jack dropped the gun and clambered into the bed, gathering man and blankets into a big hug. "It's OK baby, it's OK, nobody's angry and no one's going to hurt you. It's OK baby."

Ianto was shaking and making small keening noises as Jack rocked him and rubbed his back. Owen appeared with a syringe and Jack growled at him, "Leave him alone. He doesn't want a sedative. He's slept enough. He's just bloody upset!"

Owen retreated and Gwen helped him remove the body while Tosh climbed onto the bed and positioned herself behind Ianto, joining the hug.

"I was so scared" she whispered, "I thought she might hurt you. Oh Ianto, I swear I felt my stomach roll over at the thought of that bitch getting close to you. I'm so glad you're OK sweetheart."

Jack nodded and she shuffled to one side then plumped the pillows as Jack laid Ianto back.

"How about a bit of physio while we're here, huh?" Jack said as he stroked Ianto's cheek, "We can show Tosh how strong you're getting"

Jack manipulated Ianto's limbs to stop his muscles atrophying and he had Tosh push against Ianto's foot.

"Go on Ianto, push baby." Jack encouraged, "Go on, push!"

Ianto's eyes fluttered closed as he concentrated and then she felt a twitch and pressure as he pushed and she laughed.

"Oh Ianto, how clever!" she crooned, "What a good job!"

"What's a good job?" Owen asked, entering the room. He had changed his clothes and she knew the old ones had gone in the furnace with the remains.

"Ianto can push against my hand" she smiled and Owens face lit up.

"Really?" He placed his hand over Tosh's and looked into her face, "Brilliant."

Jack snorted and Owen looked up at him, "What!"

"Ianto thinks you should just kiss her already!" Jack chortled and Owen looked at Ianto who was staring at him with a soft smile.

"Is that right?" Owen demanded, then he gently kissed Tosh and she blushed furiously as she hid her face in her hair.

"Good enough for ya Tea-boy?" Owen snarked and Ianto gave a soft snort.

"Well, well, well. Looks like I'll be soon getting my coffees again" Owen crowed "Brilliant. I hate that piss water Gwen makes!"

"Oi!" Gwen snapped from the doorway, "I'll give you piss water! You'd better watch I don't get Ianto to help me make it, looks like that bottle would hold a good cup full."

Gwen pointed to the clean piss-bottle and Owen howled with outrage as everyone laughed.

Everyone laughed.

Jack scooped Ianto into his arms, revelling in the soft huffing laughter and kissed his cheeks.

"I'll be damned!" Owen muttered as he watched the smile grow as Ianto focused on Jack. "You gammy bastard!"

"My Gammy Bastard!" Jack crooned, "My lovely, lucky, clever and very handsome gammy bastard."

A soft huff as Ianto agreed and Jack kissed him on the lips. Soft, a wee bit of pressure and a lot of love.

Ianto hummed.

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