Feather in the wind

Chapter 8

Jack carried Ianto back to bed, both of them overwrought and exhausted.

As Jack settled him into the pillows a hand shot out and gripped his wrist with surprising strength.

"Mine" Ianto rasped and Jack grinned.

"Me?" Jack whispered as he studied the sleepy Welshman, "You saying I'm yours?"

"Mine" Ianto repeated as he gently loosened his grip and let his hand fall into the soft bedding.

Jack caught up the hand and kissed it, nuzzling the palm, "Yours!"

Ianto huffed and drifted off, Jack holding the hand against this chest with wonder.

Owen came in and saw Ianto asleep and nodded with satisfaction. "He needs to eat something when he wakes up. You can't keep overpowering him like that."

"Bugger off" Jack scoffed, "He needed to rest. He has just suffered a horrible flashback and is upset. He'll wake feeling much better and yes, I do know he needs to eat. I am the one holding him and feeling those bones."

"Right, well." Owen puffed a bit then relaxed, "He's OK, yeah?"

Jack smiled as he felt a rush of affection for Owen, worried about Ianto even though he was trying to hide it behind bluster, "Yeah. Just upset. Lisa."

"Ah" Owen wrinkled his nose, "A flashback, eh?"

"Yeah" Jack sighed sadly.

Owen wandered off and Jack knew Tosh wouldn't be far away. She didn't speak, just stepped out of her heels and slid on the bed to spoon Ianto. Jack reached across Ianto to hold her hand and they all drifted in the Torchwood Sea of Calm.

Gwen came in about an hour later with Owen and they pulled a blanket over the sleeping beauties. It was no real surprise when Ianto opened his eyes to blink at them and Gwen grinned as she bent over Jack to give Ianto a gentle kiss to the forehead.

Owen handed Gwen something and she placed it on the bedside table. Ianto strained to see past Jack and to his delight, he saw the photo of Lisa he had kept in her room. He looked up at Gwen and smiled as she stroked his cheek.

"We're all so sorry sweetheart" she crooned, "She must have been special to have won you, very special indeed."

Owen patted his arm awkwardly and then they left to do some work and Tosh sighed into his neck.

"Do you think those two are doing it?" Tosh muttered and he snorted then gently shook his head.

Tosh relaxed and Ianto felt sad for her, loving Owen when he would probably never reciprocate that feeling.

Ianto woke and found himself alone, he reached for someone and was bereft that they had abandoned him.

"Hey" Jack was entering with a tray, "You're awake. Thought I'd have to wake you for this."

Ianto was so relieved that he wasn't alone and Jack caught it, "Hey, gods, sorry baby. Did you get a fright?"

Jack hunkered by the bed and placed his chin in the pillow, "Sorry munchkin."

Ianto smiled and hummed, reaching out to stroke Jack's cheek. Jack turned his head to kiss those fingers and then rose. "Hungry?"

Ianto nodded and Jack helped him to sit up, amazed at how well he was recovering his strength.

"Well, Chef Harper had declared you capable of solids" Jack said with a posh voice and Ianto snorted.

Jack showed Ianto the plate of runny porridge and the brown sugar was still melting into it.

"Ready?" Jack asked and Ianto obediently opened his mouth.

Like feeding a little bird, Jack thought as he spooned the nourishment in. The powders and crushed pills Owen had added must not affect the taste because Ianto was enjoying it. Soon he started to wane and Jack placed the spoon in the half empty bowl.

"Tired hon?" Ianto sighed and smiled dopily at him. "You look so sweet. Ah, a bit of porridge that escaped."

Jack leaned in and licked the corner of Ianto's mouth and Ianto leaned in for a kiss.

"Oi!" Owen barked as he entered, "Stop molesting my patent. I hope he ate that and you didn't use it for body paint!"

Ianto laughed.

Soft, weak and short lived but Jack turned and gratefully kissed Owen who squealed and writhed in an effort to escape.

"Ya bloody pervert!" he spat, wiping his face, "God, hurry up and get better Ianto, I can't stand his repressed libido!"

Another soft huff of laugher as Ianto settled into Jack's arms and Jack kissed him softly.

"Go to sleep baby," he crooned, "big grumpy Owen can go cut up the Gekdorian on his table and feel better."

Owen puffed and stormed off as Jack snugged back on the bed.

Ianto opened one eye and looked at Jack who grinned back.

"Yeah, they're the ones that explode when you poke them in the belly" Jack whispered and they both giggled into the dimmed room.

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