Feather in the wind

Chapter 9

"Thank fuck!" Owen barked, "Where the hell have you been?"

Instead of answering Jack pushed past him to comfort the openly sobbing Welshman.

"What is it baby?" he crooned as Ianto sobbed and hitched his breath in large gulps.

"Ianto?" Jack tried again, "Look at me. It's me... your Jack. Look!"

Ianto focused on him and bit his bottom lip as he stared into his eyes. Jack swore softly and lifted the bedding to peek down Ianto's body.

"Right" Jack sighed, "I'll sort this, everyone out!"

Owen hesitated and watched Jack gather cleaning supplies.

"Jack?" Owen asked and Jack rolled his eyes at the girls who were hovering. "Come on ladies, bed-bath time and he's shy. Out!"

After they had left, Owen turned and asked again to know what was wrong.

"He's on solids now!" Jack huffed as he rose to run a bath.


"Shit!" Jack hissed under cover of the running water, "The poor bastard has shit himself because apparently no one else remembers to toilet him!"

"Ah shit!" Owen agreed face palming.

"I couldn't get out of this meeting and I left clear instructions" Jack grumbled, "Not rocket science mate"

"Sorry" Owen signed as he returned to the bedroom.

Jack threw back the covers and groaned at the mess, glad there was a plastic sheet to protect the mattress. "Come on doody bum, into the bath for you!"

Jack lifted him and carried him gingerly into the bathroom, getting shit on himself anyway.

He laid him in towels and removed his PJs, held his breath and used a ton of wet wipes. He then lifted Ianto into the bath and Ianto sighed with relief as his poor bum got a wash.

"One job, one bloody job" Jack muttered as he turned to scoop the soiled PJs into the rubbish. Not touching those again. His shirt and vest joined the mess.

After a while Owen came in and examined Ianto for bedsores, happy that a little nappy rash was all he found. "Well done mate."

"Um, I have remade the bed" Owen informed Jack, "All clean and crisp again."

"Thanks Owen" Jack smiled "We appreciate it. Don't we Ianto."

Ianto opened his eyes and weakly said "Ta."

Owen grinned and slapped Jack's shoulder, "See that?"

Jack smiled and looked at Ianto who was staring at his bare chest. Ianto reached a shaky hand, stroking Jack's smooth skin and Jack huffed softly.

"Easy baby" Jack soothed, "You'll get me all excited here. You know I love those long fingers of yours."

Ianto hummed and wriggled, Jack laughed. "Cheeky."

"What?" Owen demanded, "You can bloody hear him!"

"Yeah" Jack said as he climbed onto the bed to calm the Welshman who obviously wanted a cuddle. "We have a connection and can hear each other. I used a piece of tech at first but he's strong enough now to be able to communicate without it."

"So when you say he's tired or hungry you aren't just guessing?" Owen sat on the edge of the bed and Ianto reached out to snag his sleeve.

"He wants you to know he appreciates you" Jack said softly, "He's … yeah? He's saying you are a good friend."

Owen looked at the hand and took it, rubbing it within his as he thought about it.

"Owen" Jack sat in the chair and leaned forward to cover the hands with his own, "He can't hear your thoughts but Ianto is empathic. Always was. He knows when you're putting on an act of bravo, when you're thinking of Katie and when you really just want to be left alone."

Owen looked at Ianto and sighed, "So you know that I'm a bit of a nerd, huh?"

Jack frowned and then gave a bark of laughter, "Star Trek?"

"Yeah, you seen the new movies?" Owen preened, "I love those tight clothes, Uhura is bloody hot! That ponytail can whip me anytime!"

Ianto's eyes widened as he grinned and Jack laughed.

"Down there kiddo!" Jack wagged a finger at him, "Ianto seems to agree with you on that score."

"Yeah well," Owen postured, "Man has taste!"

Ianto shifted his gaze to Jack and his expression changed. To Owen's shock Jack looked bashful as he leaned in to kiss Ianto.

"Thank you tiger" Jack said softly as he looked at his boots.

"Jack?" Owen gaped.

"Ianto … he um … well" Jack looked up at Owen, "He thinks I'm his favourite sweetie."

Owen roared with laughter as Jack lay down and kissed Ianto's cheek. "You're my favourite too, yum Yan."

Ianto tried to frown at the endearment but his merriment couldn't leave his eyes as he looked back at the man he was fast falling in love with and he wondered how he was going to hide it much longer.

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