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Chapter 1


That what this scenario could be described as when he pushed her to the wall in a firmly manner while grabbing her face as he kissed her no more like devouring her as each time their lips made contact devouring each other as though there was no such thing as tomorrow. Grabbing onto each other's clothes hoping they would disappear. There was no going back when he grabbed her by the thighs and lifted her up as he walked towards his bedroom while she was pulling his hair. The atmosphere that filled up the whole room after he threw, her on the bed and just as he was ready to pounce, she-

"What the heck!? Fuck! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!", screamed Kari as she immediately started to run out of her room looking breaker box in order to get the electricity back on. That was when her mother and father came out of their bedroom as my mother began to speak.

"What is it this time?"

"M-my k-drama......I didn't finish it because there was a power outage."

"What do you want us to do about it?"

"Please get the generator. This is important."

"Fine. Honey get her the-"

"Oh no I won't do that it's her fault that the power went out. She's here being a lazy panda over here watching Korean guys all day. Stop it with your little obsession." After the father interrupted the mother that's when he that he fucked up. An icy glare was bestowed upon him as she started to talk once more.

While the conversation Kari's parents went on it was when Grace started appearing in the living as she started to shout. "No, no power outage it's your girl the one and only Grace."


Without a moment to space Grace had made her way towards Kari's room. "Come on let's go. Stop being a lazy potato no wait more like a panda."

"You know the three primary rules on my list: Don't mess with my food, entertainment, and my sleep."

"Yeah, yeah just hurry up and get ready. We need to go to the arcade and the roller skate around the park."

"Just get wait in the car and I'll come out when I get ready." As Grace nodded and left Kari began to get ready. She put on black leggings and then she put on a white shirt. Once she did that, she put her hair in a nice bun and grabbed a grey hoodie as she headed out. "Mom and Dad, I'm heading out for a while. Love you. Bye~"


"Did you just interrupt me?"

"N-no sweetie it's just that....."

"What? It's seems as though I need to teach you a lesson in a bit once we go back to the room.", said his wife as he gave off a nervous smile. After they went back to the room let's just say that they had a nice chat once Kari left the house.

{30 min later}

Both Kari and Grace just happened to arrive at the parking lot and once they got in, they knew that they would enjoy their time here. It had a nice atmosphere where you could see kids running around, couples hanging out, and people who were around their age. There were more people than they expected but that didn't limit their fun as they also started to run around and play a few of the games that were not occupied by anyone. A few...hours passed until they finally decided to call it quits and go out to eat. Just before they left someone suddenly bumped into Kari who seemed to be a male and he began to speak.

"Watch where you are going, kitten."

"Same to you bunny boy."

A/N's: I'm so satisfied with this chapter. I wonder what you guys thought in the beginning. ~ Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Also I have a Wattpad account with the same username and all so make sure to follow me either here, there, or both!

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