I feel fine

Chapter 11

The ferret was called flash.

"Like Flash Gordon 'coz he's blonde and flies about sort of, but he doesn't wear tights n' stuff. He'd only eat 'em! He's a naughty boy!"

Everyone had tried to keep a straight face at Angel's loud explanation to Ianto as to why his pet was called that and Ianto's eyes twinkled in such a way that Jack loved the little boy more for the joy he had returned to their world.

Mickey had taken to letting the boy follow him while patrolling the fence … a good three or four metres further in mind! Mickey would stop to look at something and Angel would too. Mickey would crouch down to look under something, Angel would too. Everyone would stop working as they wandered past and smile at the little devil.

He found a stick and decided it looked kinda like Mickey's gun so he carried that around, stuffed in the waist of his pants. When Mickey got his out so did Angel. Swaggering bout with a little sneer at the Larggettes outside the wire same as Mickey did.

He watched Joe working on the vehicles and kicked at the tyres declaring them OK, moving around the vehicles to help Joe. He always had a little job that needed doing like holding something while Joe screwed it on or help wash them down when they were done.

Tish and Martha discovered his love for stories and reading time was his favourite time of day … (next to snuggle time after dinner). When they all did it together with different voices he laughed and clapped at their silly games.

Francine was feeding him up every chance she got but he would still only eat for Ianto, who gave Francine lots of hugs and kisses for the treats she managed to whip up for the boy. When Ianto called her Mam the first time it was by accident while tired and half asleep as he accepted a chocolate moose for the baby. Her heart had sung. She always knew Ianto Jones hid himself under a bushel, well what a charmer he really was! Leo and his family were always in her thoughts and she prayed they were safe, happy to indulge the poor child while it took her mind off her own son and grand-baby out there somewhere.

Always, when tired or hungry he sought Ianto. His little arms reaching up and his huge eyes begging for love. Ianto was smitten. Like, way gone! Jack almost felt jealous. Well, maybe he spoilt him too. The sweeties and crisps that came back on raids were for everyone and if he had never collected these before Angel, well it was a coincidence to be sure.

Jack wasn't as sure about the ferret though. Bloody thing nipped like a piranha! Ianto seemed able to pick it up and handle it, it liked him but Jack was really annoyed by it. Every bloody time he sat on the bed in the morning …bam! He kept telling Angel to leave the furry shit in the carrier but his little eyes would get wide and watery and then his bottom lip would start to go. Well, not worth it really, not to mention Ianto's growling that he was just a mean old bugger who just missed his own pet. Told Angel his pet had been a big ugly dog called Janet that smelt bad. Cheeky beggar, Owen would have had him for that one!

Angel loved the bloody thing so there ya go. It stayed!

Maybe Jack didn't mind Ianto feeding it under the table or the way sat on Angel's shoulders it stroked Angel's face as he sat entranced with the other children at Martha's feet as she read to them. Maybe it was a little funny when it got in the bath with Angel and swam around attacking the bubbles. Yeah, maybe when it attacked Mickey and he squealed like a girl as it bit his toes was a little funny too.

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