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Chapter 15

It wasn't a dream. If it had been Jack would have liked to have thought Myf would have pushed past him to swoop down and triumphantly rise with Ianto on her back. Not bloody Hollywood here folks.

Jack's scream had done one of two things.

It had dislodged dust and debris from the rafters so that it swirled on invisible air streams towards the ground and it pissed off the resident 'dactyl.

With a scream of her own she raised up alright, and promptly pushed Jack out of her nest, tumbling to the walkway below. Landing beside the still, misshapen form of his broken heart.

Jack had lain on that gymnasium floor beside Ianto's body willing himself to die. Don't take that breath. Don't let him go. Even as he had heard Gwen's first sob he had known his "gift" would betray him and the 456 would still be there to mock his fuck-up.

Here he was. Two years later. Lying beside his dead love praying to the Gods to have bloody mercy.

The hand touching his cheek must be Gwen. Poor thing, what a mess she must have stumbled into. How long was he out? He thought the red herring in the archives of searching for Janet would have kept her away longer.

Well, once more into the breach.

Jack took the breath and the smell of Ianto assaulted his senses. His eyes flew open as Ianto looked down at him, his bottom lip between his teeth as he worried at it.

"Yan?" God that sounded terrible. Broken neck then, huh?

God, Ianto. Alive! It was true. The rift had done something to him.

"Jack, I'm sorry. I'm …" Ianto burst into tears and laid his head down on Jack's chest.

Jack tenderly wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into his embrace. After a while the sobbing quietened down and Ianto blearily looked at Jack through his wet lashes.

"I'll come home. I'm sorry I ran. Just … the gun and... Oh god. It was Lisa all over again."

"Hey, it's OK baby." Jack soothed pulling him to his lips.

The kisses became fierce and they were both slightly naked when they heard the gasp then bark of laughter that was unmistakably Gwen.

"Fuck!" Mickey exclaimed as he came up behind her.

"Trying" Jack snarled as Ianto began to extract himself.

"Don't mind us. I'm sure having a little cock-blocker in ya bed each night has made that … FUCK!" the smack from Tish was strong and Mickey felt something in his neck pop.

"Don't call our Angel that or I'll tell him you have a new game called farts 'n shadows" she said warningly.

"Eh? He already follows me about like a bad smell, don't fucking give 'im ideas woman!" he growled good naturedly rubbing his head.

Gwen was looking up and making the conclusion as to why Jack lay there. Only thing puzzling her was the blood beside him, like the blood on Ianto. If Jack fell from the nest, why is Ianto bleeding?

Jack frowned a warning and she knew she had assumed right. Shit. Christ. That's a doozie!

"You weren't lying?" Ianto gasped turning back to gape at Jack.

"No. Baby, I didn't lie. He's going to be ok." Jack smiled at his Welshman, "Just a bit fragile but Martha is happy with the verdict, he will make a full recovery,"

"And you? Are you happy with the verdict?" Ianto demanded.

"What a thing to ask!" Jack's face betrayed his hurt at the question and as he turned away Ianto stepped forward and grabbed him.

"Well? You were all for a bullet to the head!" Ianto wasn't going to let him go.

"Ianto!" Gwen admonished, "Jack feels awful enough without you over analysing everything, why can't you just be happy!"

"You know what Gwen?" Ianto released Jack's arm and faced Gwen squarely, "I'm sick to bloody death of your opinions. Angel is too hot, Angel is too cold. Angel needs discipline. Angel needs a different bowl. Angel's ferret is unsanitary. There isn't a single fucking day that goes by where you don't feel the need to lecture me on my parenting or relationship skills."

Gwen stood with her mouth open as Ianto let rip. Jack stepped back and sighed. This was a long time coming and it was gonna hurt some.

"You told me I would never satisfy Jack, he would never settle with me," Ianto continued, "When he left us you crowed! Yeah, you fucking crowed about it. You know you did! I was faithful. Or did you forget Owen so quickly. I never lied to him after Lisa. I never questioned his decisions! You … why are you better than me just because you have bigger tits?"

Mickey turned to examine the brick word in a vain attempt to keep his laughter at bay and Tish placed her hands on her hips to back Ianto up.

"I'll tell you one thing Gwen Cooper-Williams I thought I would take to my grave … fuck I did I guess!" he leaned in close, their faces inches apart, "You are a messy kisser and I'm glad I turned you down and you went for Owen instead."

Now Jack was alert and listening. What?

"You swan about like your shit don't stink in those boots that I keep telling you are not adequate for running while spouting "The law according to Gwen" and anyone not agreeing is either possessed by an Alien or against us." Ianto stopped for a breath and she raised her hand.

"Ianto, enough." She said softly.

"No Gwen, not nearly enough! You are not the only swinging dick around here!" Ianto roars insulted at her show of dismissal.

Jack's laughter interrupted them and Mickey gave in as well.

"If you ask me, there are too many swinging dicks in this room right now but honey, you are the one that satisfies me. Every time," Jack crooned, pulling Ianto into his arms and snogging him loudly and messily in front of Gwen.

He then turned and looked Gwen in the eye.

"I have never made a move on Rhys, never questioned your loyalty." He said quietly and when Gwen opened her mouth he shook his head, "the last few days were a bitch and we'll let this go but I don't want to even think about what I have just heard."

"Jack, Ianto. I never meant to sound like a bitch, I thought I was helping … Anwen was such a handful and I … fuck. Sorry Ianto. "Gwen sighed, "I have been suffocating haven't I."

"I love you Gwen. You're more a sister than … than Rhi was … god, she's gone." Ianto's face folded and Gwen was the first to comfort him.

"Oh sweetie!" she sighed, kissing his forehead, "a swinging dick? You think I qualify? Really?"

"Gwen!" Ianto looked at her solemnly, "You have a HUGE dick! I've seen him in the shower"

"Ianto!" she shrieked slapping at him as he laughed and bounced away.

Jack let out a breath as he saw them forgive and forget. Just like children. Slights were disputed then forgotten in play. He smiled and watched Gwen pull Ianto back in for a hug and his sniggers as she demanded to know what he was doing looking at Rhys in the shower filled his soul again.

"Huge hon?" Jack whispered as they walked towards the exit.

"Well, not as big as yours Sir," Ianto murmured back as he paused to look up at Myfanwy as she flew overhead, "But I had to give her something. Have you seen his stomach lately? Mamma has to cut back on the deserts."

Jack laughed and gave Ianto's bum a quick squeeze as they stepped back into the stairway to the plas.

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