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Chapter 16

The trip back to the compound was a quiet one. They had relieved the archives of some extra alien tech that Mickey had practically begged to be allowed to keep and Ianto had made sure Myfanwy was happy before climbing aboard.

Jack hadn't asked what Ianto had taken from the secure archives, figuring he would tell him in his own time.

Mickey drove with Martha riding shotgun literally, the double barrel pump action across her lap as she scanned for danger. Ianto was content to sit curled against Jack in the back, dozing as they wandered the streets. Gwen and Tish were trying to recharge tech they had recovered and sat silently working as well.

It was late afternoon and the heat of the day usually forced the Larggettes away, they expected to find a nice quiet compound waiting.

The gates were open, like forced or rammed.

Several vehicles sat inside smouldering and burning.

Ianto made a quiet whimpering noise as he recognised the UNIT insignia on the door of the nearest Rig. Jack kissed him tenderly then took a moment to look into his eyes and tell him he loved him.

As they climbed down slowly Ianto scanned for signs of life.

"Inside. There are multiple heat signatures inside. Looks like ours are inside the bunker going from Angel's tracking bracelet and the distance between the two groups suggest that both blast doors closed." Ianto muttered, fiddling with the handheld device.

"Right then. Turn n burn aye? We've returned now they burn!" Mickey declared raising the canon he'd filched.

"Wait. Wait. Before you get out the flame thrower and go all Ripley on their arses!" Ianto frowned, trying to work out what he was seeing.

"Babe?" Jack waited with his head cocked to one side, knowing Ianto would get it sorted.

"Anyway!" Gwen snorted, "If anyone is going to be Ripley it's me!"

"Well, you have the fucking boots!" Ianto snapped back.

Mickey laughed quietly as Gwen poked her tongue at Ianto. Jack cleared his throat and Ianto blushed, returning his attention to the PDA.

"Life signs in the bunker, more between both doors and more…" Ianto froze then growled deep in his throat.

"Larggette signs outside the outer doors. We have a rat problem Sir!" Ianto looked Jack in the eye.

They moved quietly, Mickey a bit miffed that Ianto took lead point but surprised when Gwen didn't question it, falling behind him like it was normal.

They were two levels down when the smell hit. Blood. Shit!

At least three bodies had been torn apart. Mickey felt bad but relieved that he recognised two "Bus Buddies" and one unknown dressed in black. No Jones family down then.

Ianto had stopped moving and stared at the doors to the lower levels. With a nod at Jack he swished them open and slunk inside.

Mickey felt the hair on the back of his neck raise as he watched Ianto stalk the creatures that sounded like they were just around the corner.

Ianto's lips were peeled back from his teeth in a silent snarl and his gun didn't waiver as he targeted the nearest beast. The silencer made a little "pop" and the creature fell.

Ianto managed three more before one turned to see why its mate had fallen.

They locked eyes and it screamed as it began to rush him.

They all opened fire, Ianto rebounding off the wall to fly over an incoming creature as Jack replaced its left eye with a bullet to the brain. It staggered still moving forward before collapsing in a heap at his feet. He didn't even look down.

Landing gracefully, Ianto again leapt. Across the back of another beast to land with both feet on the skull of one writhing from a gut shot from Gwen.

OK, now Mickey knew why Ianto took point. Right nutter that one! Jesus watch him go.

Ianto dropped his weapon signalling he was out of ammo and Gwen casually threw her spare like a Frisbee when taking down a beast with her other hand still shooting her glock. She never once took her eyes off her targets and Mickey was again impressed with this duo's familiarity.

Ianto was air, a father on the breeze. He was death and Jack his pale horse. They moved in unison, neatly twisting, killing and exchanging places as they reloaded and danced their deadly tango.

Finally there was silence. The smell of cordite and a slight fog from the gunpowder. Jack was reloading his Webley and nodded to the outer door.

Jesus, did they even sweat? Mickey wondered as he bent panting to look at the two men calmly moving forward again.

Time to see who came knocking.

Ianto's deft fingers tripped the codes and the door swung open. Tish cried out pushing past a surprised Jack as she rushed to embrace her brother. He looked hungry, tired and beaten.

Behind Leo a sob, they a cry of joy. A small blonde head pushed through the small gaggle of adults and Ianto had mere seconds to register his niece before she was in his arms. Crying and laughing.

Ianto hugged her tight and looked up in wonder as his sister broke from the group, pulling David with her. He looked through the faces … no Johnny. Oh no.

David fell to his knees beside his sister and into Ianto's arms. He hugged the two children and rocked them. Rhia joining to embrace her family, tears of joy rolling down her face.

"She said her brother owned this place. It would be safe" a voice said quietly, "She said he was a real conspiracy theorist. A fucking hero who died to save us. The 456 man."

Ianto laughed and looked up at the man who had spoken. Jack spoke for him.

"Ianto is my man. 456 were my bitch in the end!" he snapped.

"Jack! How many times do I have to tell you to moderate your bloody language? You wonder why Angel is developing a potty mouth …"

Jack decided the best course of action was a kiss.

Ianto sat watching Micah get checked over by Martha. With the doors open and some others on clean-up crew, Ianto was allowed to sit and cradle his little Angel in his arms. He had thanked Mamma Francine for protecting him so many times that she had threatened to smack him and he had laughed until he broke into sobs, his baby safe in his arms.

He didn't know what was to biggest shock for his sister. To see him alive, kissing a child that kept calling him Tadda or the fact the Jack's first act upon welcoming the refugees was to inform them that "His" Ianto was taken and he didn't share. He then backed up his claim with a long, soul searing snog.

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