I feel fine

Chapter 17


Jack and Ianto with Angel aged six.

Rhia and Leo with Micah (8), David (10), Grace (3½) and baby Joseph (6 mths?).

Johnny and Leo's wife gone. Grace was Leo's and Baby Joe is an orphan.

Joe and Francine with an orphaned boy called Snatch" coz he had been starved when found and snatched food all the time. Mama will feed him until he explodes! Aged seven. (bus)

Martha and Mickey with Tish bunking in with them.

Gwen and Rhys with Anwen and an orphaned boy who has lost the power of speech due to the horrors he's witnessed. They think he lost his Mom in the back of the bus. No-one knows his name so Gwen has begun calling him "Boss". Age guessed at five. Rhys is very attached to him.

Margo and Paul (Bus) with two little girls. Nancy and Ella. About five or six yrs old.

Walter and Geoffrey (bus) with baby Pearl. (Surrogate mother before shit hit fan) aged 11 months.

Amy and Ralf (Bus) recently hooked up.

Monty, Selina, Robert, Carl, Jenna and Wendy all ex-UNIT. Soldiers.

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