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Chapter 19

It had taken nearly two weeks to get ready for the move.

Food, bedding, cooking supplies, seeds, water purifiers, camping gear in case they had extra people, electrical stuff and tools, educational tools for the children, weapons and ammo …. God the list in Ianto's head was endless.

Ianto had insisted on winter as well as summer clothes in several sizes for each child. It had been quite funny raiding the mall with Mickey sliding around the still polished floors. Jack had felt weird leaving Ianto behind but he didn't want to leave his sister so soon after finding her so Leo had come. He and Mickey had hit it off like a house on fire.

Who knew babies needed so much. Never this bloody hard when Melissa was little. Shit.

Jack had realised that it was Ianto's birthday approaching. After that we will have Christmas. Christmas pressies were obtained without a single person forgotten, even the island inhabitants much to Ianto's joy when he'd unpacked their goods. The thank you sex for that had been … AWESOME thank you very much! Ha!

Jack was holding Ianto in his arms as Angel was being eaten by a larggette in the corner of the hub bunker. Ianto was bleeding out, reaching desperately for their dead baby with his fading strength.

His little face undamaged with one eye half closed. His had lolled as they tore at his belly, innards spilling onto the concrete.

Gwen's screams rent the air as she dragged her mangled broken body towards the ladder, intent on getting to Rhys who was yelling their child's name over and over again.

Jack lent close to his dying lovers lips as they moved.

"Jack we have to go now."

"What?" Jack sat up blearily reaching for the lamp that wasn't there, still in the hub bunker fuzzy from his dream.

Ianto had itemized, checked, counted, reassessed and denied copious items before telling Jack at three in the morning that they had to go.

"Jack. We need to go!" Ianto repeated.

Ianto struck a match and the room filled with the soft glow of a candle. Ianto was dressed, sitting at the desk picking at the corner.

"We need to go. Winter is coming. The rain has started. We need to be safe."

"Babe? Can we wait until morning? Your birthday?" Jack asked with a gentle smile.

Ianto snorted but didn't look up.


"Selina and Robert didn't come back." Ianto sighed, finally looking up.

"What? Fuck!" Jack exclaimed.

"Jack!" Ianto looked the little man sleeping peacefully against the wall. "Wee Man Words!"

"When were they due to check in?" Jack asked ignoring the rebuff.

"Three hours ago. No radio contact for over six." Ianto replied.

"Fuck! You tell me now?" he roared.

Angel woke and whimpered as his Father leapt from the bed and began furiously pulling his shirt on.

"It's OK Cariad, come to Tadda" Ianto held his arms wide and Angel climbed eagerly into them.

"Coddling him again hon," Jack muttered, braced up and getting adjusted.

"Yeah? Well, if we're using our big boy words … Fuck you!" Ianto spat, turning in the chair to show Jack his back.

Huh! Jack looked at him in surprise. Did he deserve that? A quick recheck, Yep. Damn.


"I've been with you. I only found out when I went to check the women's gloves half an hour ago!" Ianto snarled, still not looking at him.

"Ianto, I'm sorry. Come on I'm still half asleep here. I had a horrible dream …" Jack wheedled.

"And this isn't one?" Ianto said so quietly Jack almost didn't catch it.

"Yan!" Jack groaned.

Shouts from above drew them from the room, Angel still clinging to Ianto.

"Leopards. Two of them. Looks like they're taking on the Larggettes." Martha called out as the entered the control room.

"Really?" Jack laughed.

Since they had re-established the CCTV in some areas Martha had taken to looking. With two members lost in the field she had been scouring.

She re-played the footage.

"I don't remember those last time I was at the Zoo" Ianto frowned.

Two large black cats were dragging a struggling Larggette across the bottom left of the screen. Ianto was grateful that Angel was slumbering on his shoulder. Also grateful there was no sound as the beast screamed in silent agony.

"Probably a private collector, long since kitty food!" Mickey sneered.

Another screen caught Ianto's attention. A boot. Oh no. With a whimper he stepped back and held his baby tighter. Jack saw this and stepped over to see what had spooked him.

The boot was attached to a leg. Well, half a leg. Jack squinted at the screen.

"Not ours" Ianto whispered, desperate not to wake Angel.

"You sure?" Jack turned to face his lover.

"No, boots are wrong. Not Military issue." Ianto shook his head.

Hmm, he was right. Not Unit. Not one of their soldiers.

"OK, time to go over the evacuation plan again!" Jack felt dread prickling at his spine.

Ianto was right, time to go.

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