I feel fine

Chapter 2

Jack watched Ianto sleep off the effects of the larggette bite and thought back to what had gifted this moment to him …

"Another day another pound" Jack huffed as they rounded the corner to chase the reading on the PDA.

"Oh God, where?" Gwen stopped and looked at her hips with shock.

"Huh?" Jack said panting then realised she had taken his line as an indicator she was putting on weight not a money reference and roared laughing.

"Well, shut up boyo!" she glowered then giggled too as she caught the original meaning.

They hunted around for the most part of an hour before her gasp of horror brought Jack to her side. Lying on the ground at her feet, in the shadow of a dumpster was a creature. Shaggy black fur that seemed wet fell in clumps around the body and it appeared the size of a large dog.

"EWWW! How did that get here?" Jack exclaimed kicking at it with his foot as he drew his Webley.

"Ew? Ya girl's blouse" Gwen hissed but then shrieked as it twitched.

The retort of the Webley cut her off and she stared at Jack in shock as he proceeded to empty his weapon with a snarl on his face.

"If you think I'm a baby than you can bag and tag it Mrs big balls!" Jack snapped stepping back to reload.

"Um, Jack?" she hesitated, "if it's dead why are you reloading?"

"They never travel alone, these are larggette, they are pack animals," he looked around as he snapped the gun shut and felt his pocket for his backup (well technically it was Ianto's dessert eagle but he liked to think he was still watching his back and yeah, ok the bullets were still the same ones Yan had loaded into the mag that day he had … but .. well) covering Gwen as she knelt to look closer at the beast.

Its teeth were long and curved both upper and lower so large that it probably didn't close its jaw completely. A cross between a dog and a sewer rat, Owen would have loved this. A noise made her look up in time to see one approaching... At speed. Shit!

Jack yelled for her to head for the SUV and if he had looked around he would have seen she was already half way there, her breath coming in shirt painful wheezes. Pulling open the door she quickly leapt in and slammed it quickly before realising he wasn't behind her.

She clambered onto the seat and stared down the alley to view a nervous Jack being slowly backed against the side wall by three large beasts and with a snarl she crossed to the driver's seat and reached for the key.

The key in Captain Stupid's pocket! God, what to do, what to do … think Gwen. She flapped about the enclosed space cursing Jack and franticly searching the sun visors for a back-up key she knew wasn't there. God Ianto would already have a plan … wait. He did. With a cry of victory she wrenched open the glove compartment and removed the remote control Ianto had spent hours teaching her to use whilst trying not to chastise her for the damage she did when a drift had pushed the SUV into a retaining column. But wow! His face had gone sooooo red.

With a snarl of womanly outrage she gunned the engine and let the SUV surge forward. With a silent prayer of thanks and apology to Ianto she aimed for the closest creature that was too close to Jack. She was still on her knees holding onto the seat with one hand while holding the trigger down with the other and Jack's surprised face flashed past her window as the SUV impacted with the beasts slamming them and her into the dead end.

Jack rushed to the driver's door and tore it open expecting to see Gwen lying in the foot space hurt but instead found her still kneeling on the seat with her hands on the dash laughing.

"God, I thought the worst there for a moment" he laughed with relief.

"Ianto, my hero" Gwen laughed waving the remote at him, "I remembered as we hit the wall that he re-enforced the front end for high impact in case the SUV had to crash out of a closed garage or something. Oh God Jack, I miss him."

Gwen's laughter turned to tears and she slid from the cab into his arms.

"Remembered as you hit the wall? Oh you mad woman," Jack smiled kissing her forehead lovingly.

After they had backed the SUV up and off the carcasses they had bagged the smelly corpses as Jack searched for his cell.

"What was the name of the "exotic Pets" guy we busted a couple of months back and put on probation?" he asked gunning the engine and backing up with almost as much speed as the poor girl had entered the alley.

"Why?" she asked clipping her belt and re-checking her gun.

"Well, they came from somewhere and that prick was too shifty for my liking last time we checked on him." Jack drive as he sent a message to someone.

The shifty yellow eyed Dandoman wheedled with fear as Jack roared in and thumped the counter.

"I swear Captain, I would never import those things, besides who pay the horrible fees one would endure for cartage of such a vicious creature, no freighter would ever accept those as cargo," he moaned as Jack snarled into his face.

"Jack, Jack!" Gwen pulled on his arm, "your phone."

Jack pulled back to give the man another long stare before looking at his caller id before a grin split his face.

"Nightingale, ready to run away with me?" he laughed down the phone.

His face became still and Gwen watched it drain of all colour. Oh no, not good.

"Those idiots, you did tell them that could re-open the rift didn't you …" Jack suddenly swung and stared at Gwen with wide eyes, "Martha I don't mean to scare you but I think they've already started the sequence."

His eyes slowly travelled to the body bags and Gwen felt a hand colder that Owen's was travel up her spine.

"Tell me where they set up the manipulator … no I'll ….what? Wait I thought Tosh's time lock on that …. FUCK!" Jack roared.

He slapped the phone shut and he turned to Gwen. She felt her hackles rise as he calmly informed her that they had a pest problem in the old Hub.

"What do you need Jack" she demanded stalking around the small store in shocked outrage.

"I seem to remember a Venulzian Dribble in one of those cages out back," Jack muttered and he again fixed the little man with his death-stare.

Gwen hesitantly held the cat-carrier on her lap as Jack drove at break-neck speed towards the plas. Swinging wide around a corner and she yelped as her head contacted with the window, "Fuck! Jack, still mortal here ya know shit heel!"

Jack just growled and changed gear as they flew into the underground parking and she gave another yell and closed her eyes as they became airborne.

Whatever his plan, someone was really gonna be sorry.

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