I feel fine

Chapter 22

They started the final push on a balmy autumn day, rain in the air and the smell of winter creeping toward them.

Ianto was right, time was up.

As they looked around their bunker room one more time in case they'd missed something to load up Ianto felt a pang of loss. This little hovel had saved them. It had failed Lisa but perhaps this is how it was supposed to play out.

As he stood there trying to come to terms with leaving the only safe place they had known as a family he was brought out of his musing by a little hand slipping into his.

"Tadda, have you seen Flash?" Angel asked quietly.

"Oh gods no, that thing's escaped?" Jack moaned.

"He was hungry Daddy. Me and Boss wanted to make sure he had food and water for the crossing and he just…" a little bottom lip wobbled and Ianto gave Jack the look. FIX IT!

The next half hour was spend on hands and knees looking everywhere for the little monster who remained hidden. Angel had been joined by the silent and judgemental Boss who had no qualms about letting them know by hand motions and frowns that he blamed Angel for this.

Finally Jack had promised to come back the next day for another look and food was left for the white terror.

With a promise, hand to heart with a solemn face on bended knee not to rest until Flash was found made by Jack, Angel finally agreed to leave.

Angel held his Tadda's watch to check their time as they sped the route pre-marked.

He parodied Ianto's button love and jack was warmed to think this little cuckoo wanted to emulate his dearest Tadda. Gotta get him his own watch maybe?

The ride to the docks was smooth and without problems, even the docks were clear and they loaded the vehicles onto two barges.

One barge took the two busses and the bulk of the people, the other barge taking the three trucks laden with goods. Mickey was happy to stay with Ianto on the truck barge and Martha kept checking over the water with her machine gun locked and loaded.

Her dreads flicked in the breeze as Mickey watched her cock the rifle against her hip and felt lust rip through him. Got to get to procreating, yeah!

Angel became agitated when he realised he was being separated from Boss and Ianto relented, letting him clamber onto the other barge.

Jack watching from the speedboat could only shake his head as his family became splintered, one for each boat.

Angel won again. Damn Ianto, he was meant to stay with you.

As if hearing Jack swearing at him Ianto turned and waved with a grin, loving the water.

Ianto stood at the helm of his barge as they puttered along, Mickey standing at the bow. Every now and then he turned to watch the sister barge full of busses and people, a vivid contrast to their own silent barge of large transporters. Rhys had skipped to the other barge before they left the dock, wanting to help Gwen with their charges and Angel waved gleefully from Gwen's left armpit as Anwen silently watched from her right. Boss was on Rhys' shoulders.

When it happened Jack was watching Angel laughing with Boss at Anwen spitting over the side of the barge.

The movement in his pocket startling him as he jumped with surprise. Looking into his pocket he found two red eyes gleaming out at him.

"Flash?" he laughed.

The ferret left the safety of his pocket and shot up to his shoulder as it chattered and swore at him.

Angel cried out with glee as he spotted the ferret on his Daddy's shoulders and proudly told everyone that Daddy had promised he's get Flash back and Tadda said Daddy makes good promises. Everyone was now aware of this little boy's past and shared loving looks at his chest swelling as he crowed for his father.

Ianto's yell carried over the water as a hollow bark.

Jack looked up and saw something that shrivelled his balls up into his belly with fear.

A larggette, stalking Mickey on the barge. Mickey had heard Ianto and turned to ask him what he wanted and saw the Larggette, his eyes widening with horror.

"Jump!" Ianto yelled. Closer and louder Ianto yelled again for Mickey to jump as Jack had turned the speedboat and pushed the throttle out.

Mickey didn't hesitate and leapt into the churning water, over the side of the barge as the larggette hesitated then turned and regarded the noise maker.

Shit! Yan! Jack wasn't aware that he was making keening noises in his throat but he did know that even at top speed he wasn't going to make it.

Ianto yelled at the creature and skipped around the barge looking for a bolthole.

"JUMP" Jack yelled knowing Ianto would ignore him.

They needed that barge, those supplies. Ianto would die to protect their future and Jack could only whimper and rock as though it might spur the boat to fly faster as it skimmed the water.

My love, Jack thought with despair as he watched the Larggette shift into attack mode.

Ianto looked over the water at his baby boy, still laughing and slapping his thigh at the ferret hiding in the pocket the whole time and then shifted his gaze to his love.

Jack's face was one of open despair.

Ianto nodded and prayed he'd forgive him.

As the larggette sprung he fell.

Back into the water with the beast attached to his arm.

As Angel's laughter turned to screams of horror Jack watched the churning water turn red as his beloved sank into the black depths below.

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