I feel fine

Chapter 24

Jack gasped back to life with the sickening lurch that told him it had not been a clean death. As he lay there on the beach it slowly came back to him.

Oh yeah. Wait a few minutes then climb back up, aim for the rocks this time.

Jack rolled to his stomach, and then shifted to his hands and knees. Looking up once more he saw something that stopped him deader than the fall.

A flash of colour amongst the grey of the rocks. Was that … a red socked foot?

Jack rose to his feet and the image tilted, moved and he could see a leg attached to the foot. The sock has a small black love heart stitched on the heel.

Jack knew who that sock belonged to. He'd darned those love hearts onto them himself as Ianto had snoozed in his lap one afternoon, having told Jack off once again for wearing his socks and stretching them as his feet were bigger than Ianto's cashmere socks were used to.

Ianto's laughter at the love hearts worth the effort and the quip about wartime skills in the trenches had led to a comment about trenches of a different kind which led to an exploration of other skills. Ianto's snorts and grunts as he tried to laugh and moan all at once as Jack demonstrated the proper care of trenches.

Jack felt the air leaving his body and lead taking its place.

No, no, no oh Gods. Baby.

Jack didn't want to look but knew he had to look. No.

He slowly made his way closer, weighed down by his lead/air. No.

The sound of the mourners leaving the shore to retire to the buildings as the rain he had spitefully wished for began to fall in big fast drops, mocking his own tears. No.

He doesn't know how many times he faltered, falling to his knees as he sobbed. How many times he regained his shaky feet to take another couple of stumbling steps before breaking again. No.

Finally a hip, then other leg, folded under the body that lay twisted with the head thankfully facing away from him. No.

Jack felt another sob rip from his throat as he stood trying to gather the courage to approach the body. Gods no.

The sound of his sob made the socked foot twitch and he froze. Yes?

As Jack fell to his knees with disbelief a hand half buried in the sand moved. Yes!

Jack surged forward, pulling Ianto from the rock pool he was reclining in and into his arms.

Ianto groaned with pain as Jack shakily checked him, assessing and filing away injuries both from larggette bites and being bashed against the rocks by the tide.

Slamming his mouth over Ianto's he poured every last wish and hope into the kiss as they started to glow.

Please, please, please.

Ianto sighed into his mouth and relaxed, pain gone. Sort out the breaks first. A shoulder dislocated, damn. Same damn one yet again. A broken arm and wrist.

Jack concentrated as the heat in the limb he had placed his fingers on began to knit.

The leg twisted beneath him was carefully straightened and the hip was definitely broken. Another life giving kiss that finished with Ianto crying out silently in pain.

Finally Ianto pushed him away shaking his head.

They'd argued this so many times. What if sharing shortened his own life? The Doc said he was infinity. No. Ianto believed he would one day be allowed to fade away, but please not in my lifetime thankyou sir.

Jack has stopped arguing as Ianto reminded him that he knew everything and being a pigheaded twat wouldn't change that.

They lay in the rain that had drifted into a light spray Ianto had often referred to as a spritzer.

Jack grinned as eyelids flickered then opened to allow those gorgeous blue-grey pools to take him under water that he welcomed over his soul.

Thank you.

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