I feel fine

Chapter 26

Jack was desperate for time alone with Ianto but since his return it had been an impossible want.

If it wasn't a well-wisher waking Ianto to wish him well (then let him sleep damn it!) it was Angel who refused to leave his side except for toilet and food breaks, even then he wolfed his food down from the corner of the room at his little desk Rhys had found so he could still see his beloved Tadda.

Finally in desperation Jack did what all boys do, he went to mamma.

"Angel?" Francine stuck her head around the bedroom door and looked in at the little waif in Ianto's arms.

Angel looked blearily up at her, his little hands closed over Ianto's.

"I want to throw a little party for your Tadda, like a welcome home party" she said softly and his little face lit up. Yes! Welcome home my Taddy!

"My problem is ... Well the other children. They are not as good as you and I really want your Tadda's cake to be special. Just like Tadda is." She grinned as his face wrinkled in to a huge frown.

"Poor Mamma Frannie. They can be such a chore!" he sighed and she swallowed down a laugh.

"I was thinking, if the other kids are supervised by Tish, Gwen and Rhia while they make gingerbread men and then decorate them, you and I can do the big chocolate cake just for Tadda" she told him. "Margo and Amy can do the balloons."

Angel was torn. He looked at his lovely Tadda sleeping beside him and didn't want to leave but those kids, what a bore! Poor mamma Frannie needed help too and Taddy always said you should help others.

Finally he climbed from the bed and took a bit of time to tuck Ianto in, his little hands smoothing the covers as he made sure his Tadda was warm. He then bent over and kissed Ianto in a lingering smooch to his forehead. Just like his Tadda kissed him goodnight.

Francine felt sure she would melt into a huge pool of silly watching the wee man love his Tadda and held out her hand for him to go.

Jack was in the main room, colouring with Boss who gave a smile of pleasure at seeing Angel and ran to him, giving him a huge hug and kiss on his cheek.

After mouthing a silent thank you to mamma, Jack slipped eagerly back to the bedroom.

The bed had the evidence of Angel's love in the folds and he smiled down at his slumbering lover.

Finally, after nearly a week he had his man to himself. Closing the door, Jack was already kicking off his boots while fumbling with his shirt buttons.

When he was suitably un-attired he climbed into the bed and kissed Ianto feverishly. With a moan Ianto responded.

Martha had given Ianto a clean bill of health, just rest was needed. Jack had other ideas.

Kisses led to stroking and stroking led to fingering which of led naturally to a joining of souls. Gentle and soft, Jack panted, ground and moaned into Ianto's mouth as they moved.

Jack worshiped his Welshman with his lips, tongue, fingers and loving murmurs as he took Ianto to their private heaven.

As Ianto shuddered his release Jack exploded. The room seemed brighter as a golden glow engulfed them, unseen in their ecstasy. Jack screamed, cried and shook with the power of his orgasm, shocking them both with its veracity. Cleansed, reclaimed, whole.

As Jack lay shaking and gasping in Ianto's arms Ianto began to laugh.

"Huh?" Jack groaned as he tried to lift himself off his slightly crushed Welshman.

"Wham bang thank you ma'am" Ianto sniggered, "Jesus H Christ Jack, you nearly blew my head clean off with that firecracker in my butt!"

"Sassy, cheeky bottom!" Jack snorted, "I'm gonna tell mamma to wash your mouth out!"

"Nah, you love me!" Ianto sighed with a breath-taking grin.

"I do. I mean, will you say that?" Jack gushed as Ianto frowned at him.

"Will I what?" Ianto asked.

"Say I Do" Jack whispered.

"Jack?" Ianto gasped.

Jack held the watch Angel had left in the blankets. He knew what it was, he'd lived a long time remember.

"Will you marry me?" Jack looked deep into Ianto's eyes and held his breath.

A smile lit up the room, probably could be seen in its brilliance from Mars as Ianto beamed at Jack.

"I will, I do, I shall, Yes!" Ianto sobbed, clutching at Jack for a kiss.

"Will what?" a little voice asked form the doorway.

Oops, seems that Mamma had lost her powers as Jack looked up to see Angel peeking through a crack in the door.

"Daddy just asked me to marry him, stinky snot" Ianto smiled.

Angel let out a blood curdling scream and leapt onto the bed with glee as he clapped his hands.

The scream brought everyone running and Ianto hid with naked shame under the blankets as everyman and his ferret came into the room to see what the problem is.

Daddy and Taddy are getting married!" Angel screamed leaping up and down.

Boss's eyes bugged out and he looked at Angel then let out a whoop and joined Angel on the bed.

"Yay" Boss yelled before kissing Angel soundly on the cheek.

Everyone gasped at the first word Boss had offered and Gwen burst into tears, happy for everyone.

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