I feel fine

Chapter 27

It had been two days since the marriage proposal and the first sunny day that week, so Jack had relented and let Ianto shakily make his way to the garden where to Ianto's shock an old sofa waited for him in the shade of the wisteria.

The children were all paying under the trees and their laughter whispered up through the leaves as the birds sung their songs of praise. The twins and Anwen were playing tag while Mica, David and Snatch were trying to work out a game of marbles.

Angel and Boss were silently painting a birdhouse Joe and Leo had banged together for the ferret as the children had been sure Flash needed his own room. Seemed the two little buggers had decided that painting was their job and several things bore the patented "AB Makeover" as Rhys lovingly called the childish slaps of paint.

Some people were weeding while he gathered that others were on a recon mission and he felt a stab of regret knowing Jack wouldn't leave him to go back to the mainland and sent a silent pleas for a safe return.

The babies were laid out on blankets with Walter on the ground amusing them with facial expressions.

Angel saw his Tadda slowly walking over and ran to get the blanket at the end of the seat, waiting to tuck his Tadda in.

Ianto looked lovingly at his wee man and stroked his little cheek as he placed the blanket over Ianto's legs with his little tongue between his teeth concentrating to make sure his dearest Tadda was warm.

Jack looked on with swelling affection for his son as he tended to Ianto. My son. Gods, our son.

Ianto looked up and caught Jack's attention, smiling with glee at their boy's attentions.

Finally Angel was satisfied and stepped back to regard his Tadda.

"Now Taddy!" he said in his best "Tadda" voice, "You are to stay there and keep that blanket on. If you need anything Daddy or I can see to it, no need for you to get up unless it's to go pee-pee!"

Jack smothered a snort of humour and looked quickly up at the sky to mask his mirth. Ianto let a smile show his humour and Angel took that as an assurance of agreement.

"What if I get bored" Ianto pouted with exaggerated concern.

"I'm here for you to watch. I'm never boring!" a little eye roll punctuated the firm speech.

"What if I fall asleep?" Ianto giggled into his hand.

"Then I'll watch over you darling Taddy" Angel smiled patting his other hand still on his lap.

Boss wandered over and patted Ianto's hand, then kissed him on the cheek. Ianto's eyes went wide and he gently took Boss's hand, kissing the palm. Boss blushed and Angel hooted, grabbing the hand out of Ianto's hand.

"You have Daddy Tadda! Boss is mine and I may share him but just like Daddy only pretends to share you, Boss is my boyfriend!" he admonished Ianto who howled with laughter until rears ran down his cheeks

"Don't you think you're a little bit young to have a boyfriend Snotty?" Mickey said with a giggle.

"No! The other boys and girls are silly! I don't want to have to share with them! Boss is the one I like so when I grow up I'll marry him and we'll be big super heroes like Daddy and Taddy! Boss can do the washing and I'll cook the meat" Angel declared before running away with a still blushing Boss on his heels.

Ianto's laughter and snorts melted the women's hearts who all cooed while Jack groaned at the thought of having to arrange a wedding with Gwen. Stupid, Ianto will do that!

As the day shifted into a balmy afternoon a table was quietly carried out into the garden. Ianto had drifted off to sleep, his legs tucked up on the sofa and Angel stood like a sentry guarding his Tadda as he slept, just like he said he would.

Boss found a stick and poked the other kids as they came to look at Ianto and the adults laughed with good humour. The others had returned from their recon run and everyone gathered beneath the trees.

The smell of the wisteria and jasmine punctuated the air and Jack found his little Angel was asleep at his post, his head in Boss's lap who continued to wield his stick from the ground on front of the sofa.

The huge chocolate cake came out decorated with sprinkles and a big yellow candle that Boss had found in the back of a cupboard and since Boss wanted it on the cake Angel was insistent that it be included. Other plates of food including some scantily dressed gingerbread men. The table soon groaned with food as the children grew exited.

Finally Ianto woke to Jack's gentle kiss and it was party time.

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