I feel fine

Chapter 28

Mickey was crap at the guitar but he managed to strum a pretty passable Amazing Grace as Jack and Ianto giggled madly.

Martha frowned at them both but it only seemed to make them worse and now Angel and Boss had joined in.

Francine thought she might defuse the situation by singing and Tish joined in as Gwen poked Rhys for the chorus. The howls from the sofa finally silenced everyone and Francine prepared to tell them both off as she turned to look at them.

Ianto was in Jack's lap as he laughed, open faced and lovely. The boys were still on the ground and Boss was leaning back against Jack's legs as Angel snorted into Boss's shoulder. How do you tell that scene off for being so perfect?

Ianto stood and took Jack's arm letting him lead him to the table.

"Oh my God, what a cake!" Ianto exclaimed winking at Francine.

"Mamma helped me make it!" Angel said boldly like he had done most of the work and Ianto was reminded of Jack's swagger.

"And the Candle. That! Is a serious candle" Jack agreed.

"Boss did that bit coz I let him!" Angel puffed his chest out and looked proudly at his wee mate who blushed furiously.

"Well. Words fail me boys, really" Ianto let a snort out and looked at the clouds as he tried to compose himself.

"And the bickies?" Jack pointed to the stripper Gingerbread men.

"Nah. The others did those. I disagree any knowledge!" Angel scoffed before reaching for one.

Everyone laughed at the wrong choice of word as Ianto awed softly at his boy.

"You OK Hon?" Jack asked, worried he was looking pale.

"Stop fussing ya old woman, I'm fine" Ianto said as he stroked Jack's cheek.

"Never!" Jack replied turning his head and kissing the hand.

"Cake Taddy Dearest" Angel reminded him impatiently and Ianto laughed.

"Oh shit!" Jack shouted as they all finally looked from the loving scene to see a white ferret with both feet planted in the cake, gobbling one corner. The candle was now lopsided and it seems he had tried a gingerbread man first but had rejected it after a quick decapitation.

Ianto had to sit, fast. A chair was found as Jack held him and once he was in the chair he finally relaxed against Jack as his whole body still shook with laugher.

Apparently Flash liked chocolate cake and after the chewed corner was cut off he calmly dragged it off like a mighty cheetah dragging off a gazelle.

The cake was delicious which was good because Boss and Angel took a plate to each person and demanded they have a piece. Not offered … demanded!

Angel carefully counted out four pieces for the "patients" onto the best plate (bright blue with yellow stars) and Helen promised to pass it on.

Jack and Ianto shared a silent look as they had lost Jonah the night before. Gwen had taken it hard and they had wondered if she would show but you know Gwen. Any excuse for a party.

"Well now, I'm sure you are all wondering when we'll marry" Jack crowed, kissing Ianto's hand.

"Winter is here so I don't want too many recons or people putting themselves out so we thought maybe in the spring when the weather clears" Ianto continued.

"But, I couldn't wait that long!" Jack finished.

Everyone stared at them in confusion.

"What my darling Captain is trying to tell you is that we're doing it now!" Ianto laughed.

"Tonight!" Jack clapped with glee.

Everyone exploded with shock and excitement.

It's an informal affair, not like our courtship" Ianto laughed and Jack looked at his gorgeous man with wonder. Can he get any more beautiful?

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