I feel fine

Chapter 29

The flurry of activity at the announcement kept the women occupied so Ianto wound up with just Jack flapping his hands about and gasping that he had nothing to wear.

Ianto and Angel stole away as Jack commanded someone to bring the piano from the main room out onto the patio as Amy admitted she could play. The sound of Rhys moaning about his back as he manhandled the instrument had Ianto smiling. Big lovable lug! Just right for Gwen.

Ianto found the box he was looking for under his bed and gingerly removed the suit bag that had been carefully folded into it. The hand steamer followed and Angel looked on in wonder as Ianto brought his suit back to life.

As Ianto was choosing a tie Francine came looking for the wee man and gave a gasp as she saw Ianto in all his suited glory. The dark purple fabric was almost black and the grape shirt with matching tie was just the finishing touch.

As he turned to face her Ianto gave a raised eyebrow and she couldn't help but clap. What a handsome boy.

Ianto stepped up to her and kissed her softly on her cheek, then drew her into a hug.

"At least my family will be there to see me happy Mamma" he whispered in her ear as he cuddled her.

"I'm sure your parents would have loved Jack, he really doesn't give you much choice" she smiled as she stroked a smooth cheek.

"Can you help with Angel? I've no idea what he'll want to wear, can you take him to Jack? I think I need a moment." Ianto murmured drawing her close again.

"If you're not up to this…" Francine began but Ianto silenced her with a snort.

"I've been ready to spend the rest of my life with him ever since he fell on top of me in a dirty old warehouse pterodactyl hunting!" Ianto laughed and she shook her head. Never know what to believe with the statements these two make.

Francine led her little charge down the hall to the room Jack was in. The scene was much different.

Jack was hyperventilating. Mickey had him seated with his head between his knees as Mickey tried to fan him with a magazine.

"Oh Gods, what if he changes his mind?" Jack wailed into his hands.

"Daddy? You okay?" Angel patted Jack's head and Jack looked up at the little boy frowning at him.

"Oh my baby!" Jack threw his arms around him and kissed his cheek as Angel giggled at his theatrics.

"Right! You getting dressed now? Here dude, found this in the dress up box." Mickey addressed the last part to Angel who whooped with delight at the pirate costume.

Jack laughed and joined Mickey by the box then gave a whoop of his own as he withdrew a pirate shirt.

"Oh Gods, look at those sleeves!" he enthused and Mickey groaned. Ianto was gonna kill him!

Dusk was falling as everyone reassembled for the ceremony, Geoffrey standing awkwardly up front silently berating himself for admitting he became a celebrant on-line for his sister's wedding. He was crap at that too.

Amy was playing a passable "dancing in the Moonlight" with Anwen sitting on the stool watching her every move with big eyes.

Ianto walked out of a side door and everyone froze as they watched the dark purple vision stroll up the makeshift isle then stop at the gap between two huge trees. The trees had been festooned with jars tied to the branches with twine. Each jar contained a candle burning brightly and the whole garden looked ethereal with scattered candle-jars throughout.

Rhys wandered over to Ianto and placed a hand on his shoulder as Ianto turned to smile as him.

"You have all the girls looking, good thing he's snapping you up mate" Rhys whispered and Ianto blushed.

"Actually I've been looking for you" Ianto returned. "Will you be my best man?"

"What? Bloody Hell. Brilliant, of course!" Rhys beamed with glee.

Angel came roaring out of the main doors dressed in his pirate costume with his shadow following soon after. As Angel and Boss came up to Ianto they both grinned at him and waited for his approval.

"Well now. Aren't you both a picture?" Ianto grinned at the hellions.

"Jack then made his entrance and Ianto gave a little squeal of shock.

In tight black leather trousers and a flounced white shit hanging open at the neck, Jack looked decadently edible.

Mickey followed and mouthed an apology to Ianto who just grinned.

Jack's hair was ruffled and his face shone with happiness as he looked over the people to find Ianto. Then he saw him.

Standing there.

In his purple suit.

Looking back at him.

Jack swallowed down the butterflies in his stomach and calmly approached the man who waited patiently. Somehow Jack knew Ianto would always wait for him. He secretly wished he would forever be waiting just around the corner. Never gone.

"Right then" Geoffrey said as he looked between the two men who automatically reached for each other. "Um. Vows. These two men have their own vows and we'll start with those."

Ianto nodded his assent for Jack to go first and he took a moment to ready himself.

"Ianto. We first met on an eve such as this. You looked unattainable and I looked … well the Captain that I am to everyone else. Tonight I stand here as the man you have made me. We stand here as the men we have become. From an enigma, you have bared your soul and I now know you to be a complex puzzle with many tricks up your sleeve and your heart worn at the cuff."

Jack watched Ianto's face and was surprised when he saw tears forming.

"Ianto, I love you. I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you for a thousand more!" Jack declared.

"I do not believe you just quoted a song title!" Ianto drooled and everyone laughed.

"Jack. My captain. My love. My life. I don't need a song title. I don't need saving. I've got music in my heart forever, and you saved me with your first smile. As for your first kiss, well you just saved my life with that one." Ianto didn't want to bring up Lisa but he had too. Jack nodded his recognition at the reference of that day.

"Jack. I love you. I have loved you since before I really knew you and I will love you beyond the last beat of my heart" Ianto finished with a sob.

"Baby, I thought I was supposed to be the one who cries here" Jack whispered as he kissed a weeping Ianto.

Ianto snorted and raised his hand, brushing a tear from Jack's cheek and showing him the wet fingers.

Jack gasped and laughed unaware he had been quietly weeping the whole time.

"Right! Now Jack do you …" Geoffrey began but Jack interrupted.

"I Do! Bloody hurry up I need to kiss him now!" Jack snapped and everyone laughed.

Angel stepped over to his Daddy and held his hand, reaching for Ianto's as well.

Everyone cooed with delight as the three now made a family.

"Yes! Me too, kiss me you fool!" Ianto demanded and Jack complied.

As the frogs called the night air in to spill around the wedding guests, the candled flickered and kept the safe halo of light around proceedings. The jasmine gave one last burst of scent as the day died it's daily death and…

They kissed.

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