I feel fine

Chapter 30

The boys thought they were done but then Mickey and Rhys stepped forward.

"The rings!" Rhys declared dumping a box down on the bible and Mickey opened it to reveal two plain gold bands.

"Where did you get those?" Jack asked with wonderment.

"When you got the watch for Ianto. I saw these and knew we would need them sooner or later," Mickey said with a shrug.

There was not a dry eye in the house as they exchanged rings and kissed each other's hands.

Francine brought out the cake. Ianto's cake had been given a hasty facelift and now sported two gingerbread men holding hands. Angel was giving instructions in "mini Jack" mode making sure Flash didn't get it this time.

Ianto laughed as Jack kissed the gingerbread man with the little tie on and Ianto graciously accepted the one with spiky hair.

When Ianto licked the gingerbread man from bottom to top Jack's eyes grew wide and he actually whimpered to the delight of on-lookers.

As the men were separated by those wanting hugs and kisses, Ianto looked over his shoulder at Jack and mouthed "Always".

Jack mouthed back "Ditto"

Gwen folded into Ianto's arms as he hugged her. She nuzzled his neck and silently gave Jack over to him. As she pulled back she saw Rhys standing patiently and she was filled with love for her teddy bear. Look at him; he'll wait for me no matter what.

Her next hug was from Jack who swung her off her feet and kissed her cheek.

"You ever hurt him or disappoint him and I'll cut if off to see how long it takes to grow back" she whispered then stepped back with her hands still on his shoulders.

Jack looked at her with surprise then bellowed with laugher.

"I'll hold you to that Mrs Cooper-Williams" he chortled.

Ianto looked over at Jack with raised eyebrows and Jack just shook his head with good humour.

The children had long given up and gone to bed as Francine and Tish watched over them in a huge PJ party in one of the spare rooms, leaving those adults not needed for duty to the night skies.

Ianto looked around the candlelit garden as Jack reached out a hand.

"Dance with me" he murmured and Ianto rose, feeling like a school girl at prom.

As Amy began to play "Time after Time" Jack began to sing. His melodious voice drifted over the party goers who gasped with shock as they heard his perfect pitch and tenor escape into the black.

As he reached the chorus Ianto joined in. His sweet voice that had spent years training in the church choir now showed its worth as he gave Jack a run for his money.

In the end both men were weeping as they serenaded each other, totally unconscious to the swooning women and jealous men who knew they were well fucked if they didn't have a romantic thought at some stage in the near future.

As the song ended they kissed and not a sound was heard except for the frogs.

As the darkness trapped the people in the light a shadow moved slightly.

One red eye gleamed as it finally sighted the one it had searched the island for.

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