I feel fine

Chapter 31

Ianto followed Jack with a soft laugh as he was led to the lighthouse.

The bedding was a dead giveaway to his intentions and Ianto felt a blush forming as he watched Jack fluff the covers.

Finally giving in to temptation Ianto straddled his husband and kissed him as they rolled in the soft bedding.

"God, a honeymoon?" Ianto giggled.

Jack just grunted as he plundered Ianto's mouth with his tongue.

Ianto didn't notice their clothes coming off just the soft kiss of the night breeze on his skin as Jack proceeded to kiss ever piece of flesh he came across with Ianto writhing beneath him. The wet skin left by each kiss was electrified by the breeze making Ianto shiver.

"Soon warm you up baby" Jack murmured as he licked Ianto's entrance making the muscles contract against his tongue. Ianto was unable to answer as he lost himself to sensation.

Ianto was pleading now, his member engorged and throbbing against jack's lips as he softly kissed it from the base tote top.

"Now you become fucking chaste? You fucking bastard, get a move on" Ianto's deep base growl was Jack's undoing and any thought of teasing went out the window into the night.

Jack swallowed Ianto deep as he screamed with pleasure and grabbed desperately at his hair. Surging up the bed, Jack stole another sloppy kiss before positioning himself at the well prepared entrance and pushing in.

Ianto barked out a cry as Jack pushed until they were as joined as he could possibly make them.

An owl's eerie cry echoed across the water as the two men danced to their own private song with their hearts beating in time to the tempo. Soon, too soon Ianto caved and threw his head back in ecstasy as he came, large ribbons of come shooting between them. The look of pleasure was too much for Jack who pumped desperately into Ianto as he filled him.

"God, I needed that!" Ianto laughed softly as Jack lay sated in his arms. Jack could only groan pleasurably in return as the laughter made Ianto's muscles twitch around his still entombed cock in a most pleasing way.

A noise on the stair had Ianto tensing as he listened. He had heard it as they were coming back to earth and put it down to a breeze but there it was again.

"Jack? Did you hear that cariad?"

Jack snored softly and Ianto rubbed his back with a snort of humour. "Never sleeps my arse lover!"

Again the noise, closer this time.

Ianto was trying to distinguish it from the rest of the island's night music. He tilted his head and concentrated to the strange clicking noise.

Suddenly Ianto knew what it was and he began to struggle beneath his sleeping husband.

He was trapped and could only watch with horror as the larggette slunk into the room.

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