I feel fine

Chapter 32

The larggette from the barge stood in the room, its one angry eye fixed on its intended prey.

Ianto had finally roused Jack who groaned and muttered something about a delay with round two as Ianto tried to reach for the wine bottle by the bed.

"Jack you fucking idiot. There's a larggette in the room" Ianto hissed as his fingers brushed the glass 'belly of the bottle. So close.

At the sound of Ianto's voice the creature began to growl, a deep rattling hum.

Yes. This is the one who evaded me, this is my prey.

"Huh?" As always, sleep left Jack confused and he rolled off Ianto to look just as the creature surged forward towards the bed.

Ianto screamed and found the extra length in his reach to grab the neck of the bottle swinging out at the creature's head as it struck. The sound of the bottle breaking against the creature's skull finally shock Jack from his lethargy and he screamed with horror as the beast bit down on Ianto's arm.

The black daemon shook Ianto as it planted its feet, digging in its large claws and it began to pull him from Jack's side.

It began to drag Ianto from the bed as he screamed with agony. He could feel its teeth grinding against his forearm's ulna bone. As the bone continued to be slowly ground and crushed in the strong jaws Ianto brought the broken bottle down again, spearing the beast in its blinded eye.

Ianto had damaged that eye in the water as they had sunk by forcing his thumb into the socket and now the pain it had felt returned as it felt something bite at its face. It released it's pray to scream its own agony at the world.

The last vestiges of sleep fled as Jack scrambled to his hands and knees in pursuit of his captured husband with a cry of horror.

Jack threw his arms around the beast's neck and tried to choke it out as it struggled and roared, its claws finding his belly and it tore at the exposed flesh until both were in agony of death.

Its claws dug and slashed, Jack's entrails falling onto the bed to be ground into the bedding as they thrashed about, Ianto still trapped and screaming. Ianto's horror at watching Jack be torn apart was too much and Ianto began to shriek and slam the glass into the face of the daemon again and again.

Jack bled out from the disembowelment and his grip lessened. With a final cry of rage, the creature turned and fled.

As Ianto cradled his dying lover he wept and stroked the hair back from his face. Ianto tenderly kissed Jack as he watched the light fade from Jack's eyes, Ianto's tears washing the blood from his cheeks.

Their honeymoon bed was bathed in blood and both naked men were painted with it.

As Ianto felt the last of his meagre strength drain away along with his blood one thought tortured him into the black.

Angel was back at base, without them to protect him.

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