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Chapter 33

Ianto slipped in the mud for the umpteenth time as he fought the storm.

The lightening lit up the whole island as it arced over the skyline. Brilliant blue and white. The rift was still active and feeding this storm as it raged. The island was not immune to its fury as the winds whipped the rain at him, lashing his skin with miniature whips.

It had rolled in quickly, as they often did on the island and now he was injured and alone in an electrical storm as he struggled to reach the home base now affectionately called "Haven".

Jack's injuries had been so severe that Ianto had left him. Ianto felt bad but he knew Jack would take at least an hour or more to come back from evisceration and his little boy didn't have that long.

The larggette had been easy to follow, its tracks crossed their own. Ianto had been sure that it had been tracking them but now he saw it's footprints in the heavy mud he knew it has already mapped the island and had known for some time where they were.

This revelation had filled Ianto with dread as he knew this also meant that the monster was not hesitantly picking its way back to Haven but, like its tracks suggested with their wide spacing, it was bloody running.

As Ianto swallowed this bitter pill he also increased his speed, slipping in the mud as his own injuries slowed him down. He knew he wouldn't make it back in time but his desire to protect his son was so strong that he couldn't slow down if he wanted to.

His breath was coming in short pants as his arm jarred against trees, rocks and the ground each time he fell. He was still losing blood, despite Jack's white t-shirt wrapped tightly around his arm and his strength was dwindling. When he finally saw the lights of Haven he gave a soft sob of relief.

Then he heard the screams.

Geoffrey was struggling with the creature just outside the main doors. Walter and Ralf lay nearby with Amy pulling at Ralf's body desperately.

Ianto screamed with rage and raised the Webley he'd pulled from Jack's discarded shoulder holster with his good arm. All those hours on the gun range playing with Jack finally bearing fruit as he calmly drew a bead on the creature's remaining eye and squeezed the trigger.

Its skull exploded and the monster fell lifelessly to the ground with blood oozing from the eye socket. Ianto crumpled to the ground as the pain overwhelmed his senses and as darkness descended the last thing he saw was a small boot laying I the bushes to one side, a heart-stoppingly familiar boot the size a small child would wear and the blood on the ankle was pooling about the foot as the untied laces lay in the blood slowly turning from white to red.

Ianto woke slowly as the throbbing arm wouldn't leave him alone. Ianto opened his eyes and gaped as he recognised the holding cell. He sat up and looked to his left. Geoffrey was laying on the floor beside him convulsing and Ianto felt his balls shrivel up into his belly as he watched Geoffrey changing.

First came the pallor to his skin and a quickening of breath before he simply stopped. His body relaxed and sank into the floor as his soul departed and Ianto watched with growing dread as the body moved. First a hand scrabbling against the floor, then Geoffrey rose to a sitting position and looked around before settling his gaze on Ianto.

Marbled eyes bored into him as Geoffrey clambered to his hands and knees with a low growl.

Ianto screamed.

The scream brought the others who watched through the window of the padded room that once held troubled patients and was now used as a holding cell.

Ianto was cradling his arm as he pedalled his feet on the floor, back hard against the wall and remaining hand held out as an inadequate shield as Geoffrey slowly advanced, one slow, crawling foot at a time.

"Please, fuck! Please I'm not infected. Please, oh god!" Ianto screamed.

The retort of the gunshot momentarily stunned Ianto and he shook his head to clear his thoughts then froze as the still hot barrel of the gun bit into his temple. Ianto looked up at his would be assassin and into the brown eyes of Gwen.

Gwen slowly lowered the gun as she saw her friend glaring back in full Ianto-Is-Pissed mode.

"Ianto? I...I mean …is it still you?" Gwen hesitantly raised then lowered the gun again.

"No Gwen! I have turned into a brain devouring Zombie and am at this particular moment trying to decide if you have one big enough to warrant my attention" Ianto sniped with an eye roll.

Jack's voice could be heard echoing down to the cell as he screamed Ianto's name. Ianto sighed and looked up at Gwen with a raised eyebrow and she called out for them to let him in.

Jack burst into the cell and grabbed for the gun then swung it at Gwen. Ianto clambered to his feet and pulled Jack back as he burst into tears and dropped the gun.

Gwen had backed up to the far wall and Martha forced her way into the cell with Rhys and Mickey making a path for her.

The soldiers all looked at each other sheepishly and quietly departed as Ianto wept in Jack's arms as Jack shook and repeated Ianto's name as he cling to him.

Ianto didn't want to ask about the foot, he knew those boots were Angel's. He's tied those laces enough times.

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