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Chapter 39

Cindy tried for the third time to call home but it just rang out. She moved to the fireside and tried to ignore the cold hand sliding up her spine.

"Any luck?" Lance asked his sister who shook her head sadly.

Tom and Hugo were gathering more firewood and Lance frowned. This was weird. The Sat phone was supposed to be top of the line and Mom and Dad always watched the news at six. It was after seven and there was still no answer.

He picked up the phone and tried Terri's number instead. They had only been dating for a couple of weeks and she had not wanted to come on the camping trip but he had promised to all every night. There wasn't even a connection. A cell phone that didn't ring?

Now he was worried and he looked over at Hugo who had wandered into the light with an armful of wood and shook his head as he shook the phone.

"Shit. Really? I'll try me Tad" he took the phone and called his home only to get a disconnected message.

The kids agreed they would pack up and go home in the morning, this was just too weird.

It was early hours of the morning before Cindy crawled into Hugo's tent and he quietly opened the sleeping bag to let her in. She kissed him as he struggled out of his boxers and groaned at her moist pussy that pushed against his excited cock.

With quiet whispers and kisses they touched each other and when his fingers slid inside her she was so sensitive that she shuddered with delight. He moaned to find her so wet and wanton and eagerly pushed into her as she whimpered.

As he thrust into her he could feel her fingers scrabbling to grip his shoulders and her nails were so bloody long that he was sure there would be scratches tomorrow. As she began to gasp he increased the tempo to match his heartbeat. With a messy kiss she came. He clamped his hand down on her mouth as she screamed into it, her pussy clamping around him like a velvet vice and he came with his own cry which he smothered with her hair.

Her second orgasm hit as he was haphazardly pounding through his and as her pussy clapped around him like an applause for the show he held her tightly.

He kissed her as she wept and prayed for the light to come.

"We need to find civilisation." Tom declared as he finished dousing the fire.

"Yeah, real civilisation! I think we should head towards Cardiff" Hugo agreed and Cindy watched Lance struggle as his desire to head the other way so he could check their home was almost choking him.

"Lance, I agree with Hue" she finally said hoping their parents and their little brother waiting back home would forgive her.

Tom snorted and muttered something and Hugo shoved him telling him to shut up.

Lance frowned and looked over at his sister who was folding the last tent into the travel bag. He had the feeling something was going on between her and Hugh but could never catch them.

Lance took the bag from his sister and threw it into the Kombi's stomach cavity. The Kombi was old and contrary but she was sturdy. His Dad had been pleased with his choice of vehicle and he was again grateful as the camping gear took up most of the back.

They agreed finally to head for Cardiff and see if Torchwood knew anything.

Cindy was openly crying as the city's chaos confirmed her worst fears. The broken buildings and large rat beasts were terrifying and when a man ran towards them screaming for help before being brought down by a … swarm?...of these creatures she knew deep in her heart that the only family left was right there beside her cursing and raging so bad Mom would have smacked him about the ears.

They spent the next few days evading the creatures and days became weeks as they sadly decided that they were the last people on earth. Hug said it was probably aliens whereas Tom was leaning more towards an invasion from Korea. Lance tried to keep them upbeat but when they finally ran out of fuel on the plas after a food run she prepared to die.

At least mom and Dad would be waiting with Clancy for them when they arrived through the pearly gates.

One last try on the radio before the battery died.

"Hello? Is there anybody out there?" she tweaked the knob and tried again.

"Ground control to Major Tom" Lance sang as Tom flipped him the bird.

"Please is anyone left alive out there? We need help. We're out of food and trapped. Is there anybody there? Please somebody, help"

"Are you there? Can you hear me?" A welsh voice growled from the speakers and everyone froze.

"Oh god, you can hear us? Where are you? Please tell me you've escaped these cold monsters!"

"Turn to 65, I repeat turn to 65" He demanded and she rushed to turn the dial desperately afraid they would lose him.

"Are you there?" she repeated.

"Yes, we are an hour from the outskirts of Cardiff. Where are you?" he asked.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"With all due respect love, you called us!" a cockney voice shouted down the line.

"I'm Cindy. My brother and two of our friends are with me. Please, I'm not sure how long we'll last" she begged.

"Where are you?" the Welshman repeated.

"The millennium Centre. We thought we might find Torchwood but they are just a bloody myth" Lance had grabbed the mic and they all stared at the radio as they heard the unmistakable snort of humour.

The SUV was a surprise, the TORCHWOOD on the side of the hood almost had Tom creaming his pants with excitement.

Now they were standing on a barge as it chugged its way to an island in the distance and Cindy kept looking over at the small boy who was laughing as his Dad pretended he was a pirate and yelled at them all to "deck the swab ya blasted dogs!" as his little boy laughed so much he couldn't correct him.

The Welshman was called Ianto and he was steering the barge as he looked back at the second barge chugging behind them in the light fog. They were saved.

As the sea breeze wafted across the bay she closed her eyes and said her goodbyes to her old life.

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