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Chapter 41

The new family had moved into a loose routine. To the surprise of many, Jack showed himself to be not only confident in baby care but his open adoration of the little poppet was lovely to watch.

Ianto sat at Angel's small desk as he tried to work through a recon list and Angel was wanting his attention. Jack was sitting on the bed working on a piece of alien tech he had acquired from god knows where and Pearl was asleep in the make-shift bed, made from the wooden box Ianto had found in the larder full of spuds.

"But Tadda! I wanna go outside!" Angel demanded stomping his foot.

"No. It's still raining and you kept me wake most of the night with your sniffle as it is" Ianto replied absently and then growled as he realised he's been looking at the wrong page again.

"Not fair. Why are you so boring Taddy!" Angel declared thumping the table in a fit of rage.

The noise woke Pearl who cried out with shock at the rude awakening. Jack dropped his piece of tat and reached for the baby with a gentle smile. "Ah my Pearly gem, it's OK."

"Jack, can you find something for him to do that doesn't involve driving me to homicide?" Ianto sighed and Jack thought for a moment as their son stood with his hands on his hips daring him.

"Can I smell gingerbread? Is Mama baking Snot?" he finally said and Angel gasped at the thought of missing out on helping mama Frannie.

As Angel took off Pearl settled back to sleep in Jack's arms and he hummed to her softly as he settled back into the pillows.

"Jack." Ianto used that tone he didn't like and he eyed his husband nervously.

"We have two children now. He wants a dog and I fear the request for a sleep over with boss is on the horizon. I sleep squashed against the wall and you have fallen out how many times now?" Ianto was leading to something and Jack felt a mission coming.

"Cariad, we need more space. We need a home. One room does not cut it, before we even came here we knew we would need to look at a long term solution to this." Ianto waited for the sigh that he knew was coming and kept his face neutral as it was accompanied with a nod.

"Ianto, one thing before we discuss a recon of the nature I fear is coming." Jack asked.

Ianto sat back and nodded.

"As you say, we have two children now. Pearl is not to leave this island for any reason, agreed?" Jack asked and Ianto narrowed his eyes as he guessed the next part.

"We can't both go on recons anymore. We can't keep leaving them, look at what that little bugger did." Jack waved his hand in the direction Angel had gone and Ianto nodded in agreement.

"I suggest I go on the more daring raids as I have the military training with the soldiers, the unknown areas we still need to scope out." Jack began, "You go on the standard recons like food, and clothing and such from the designated "safe" spots so I can stay home with the kids without having a heart attack as I worry myself sick with nightmare scenarios."

Ianto snorted but was secretly pleased Jack had not benched him completely and knew Jack still wanted them all safe. That's all he wanted too.

"So, orders?" Jack reached for his pad and pen.

"Accommodation ideas? Any port-a-cabins used on building sites? Kit-set garden sheds large enough or kit-set-garages? Even some bloody caravans." Ianto shrugged. "We need to be able to transport then as well as hook them up to the main grid …. Ah yeah. Solar panels or wind turbines? May be some in the hardware shops so we check those before we commit to another long haul recon out to the hobby farms again."

Jack grunted his agreement as Pearl yawned and then reached for his chin, fitting her little thumb into the cleft. The two windmills the soldiers had "commandeered" from the hobby farms had been a surprise when they were unloaded and it was a more pleasant surprise when Paul revealed himself to be an engineer and Hugo informed them excitedly that his family used the same model on their property as well.

Jack began to formulate a search grid in his mind as Ianto rose and plucked the sleepy baby from his arms. He didn't even register Ianto leaving the room as he scribbled notes furiously into his pad.

Jack had been right about the gingerbread and there were little cupcakes as well. Boss had waited for his mate and they were both placing M&Ms on top of the freshly iced cakes while the girls made ginger sticky sauce to pour over the gingerbread pudding. Ianto wandered into the large pantry and began mentally compiling a list of possible food supplies needed as Pearl stroked his cheek with little coos. The sweets would eventually run out. He wondered if they would last longer frozen then recalled Owen's block of white chocolate he only ever took one square off at a time, it had lasted for nearly he whole time he'd known him. So another freezer for the children, means more power. Maybe a separate shed for some of the freezers with their own power grid. Less drain on the main house which must always be kept lit and safe.

Ianto wandered off with his own mission to chew over and the boys looked at Mamma with puppy dog eyes until she nodded and each chose a brightly decorated cupcake. She couldn't resist placing a hand on each boy's head while they moaned with delight at the chocolate hunks hidden within the cakes as it melted in their mouths.

Ianto's call had the children running and he stood in the main room by one of the large crates from the "Doggie" mission. All the children shivered with excitement at the hope this was a new one. Angel's Taddy would swap the crates around and as they were all the same to look at when closed they never knew what they were getting. Twice now it had been a new crate so they knew there were five crates in all. Angel eyed this one suspiciously, walking slowly around the crate as the other children watched their fearless leader. Angel frowned as he didn't see the stickers he had covertly placed on the corner of each crate. He tried to hide his growing excitement. This was a new one! Six?

Finally Taddy sat in the big chair with Pearl in his lap as he offered her a slice of apple wrapped in muslin cloth. This was the sign for them to charge.

The lid flew off and the children cheered. Boxes of wooden kitset buildings awaiting construction. A whole town to be built by the menfolk while the girls … Angel frowned as the twins chose a house and settled down to make it then shrugged. Well, OK. He did really want to build the farm first for the bag of animals Boss was shaking with glee. Just as well!

Mica and David excitedly revealed the pots of paint and paint brushes in the bottom which meant they were allowed to decorate their town once complete and they cheered again.

Ianto told them that if it was fine tomorrow they could then take the completed buildings out into the main play area and set them up with roads and everything. He would even ask Angel's daddy about some solar lights so they could have street lighting. The kids were so relieved that they had something to do as the last two days of rain had produced cabin flu, or something like that.

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