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Chapter 42

The town had taken shape. It was a little strange but I suppose most towns are. The saloon bar complete with swinging doors was placed next to a school but Ianto wasn't going to quibble with the children over pesky by-laws when the paint was now the hot topic of discussion. They all wanted the red. Ianto had known this was going to happen and waited patiently as he also knew they hated being interrupted when in mid-rant at one another.

The buildings came to knee level, much larger than Ianto had realised and he knew the town would take up a ten foot square area at least, maybe more?

Boss had hold of the tin of red paint and defiantly stared David down while Angel performed a flanking maneuverer that Ianto felt sure would end in a sudden dropping of David's pants if he wasn't careful. It became clear that one of the twins, he could never tell them apart, had caught on to the boy's intention and had stepped between the two boys to eyeball Angel.

Finally Boss looked over at Ianto with raised eyebrows and Ianto spoke.

"If you all still have those empty yoghurt pots left over from crafts yesterday I might tip a bit of red in each one so you all get a share" Ianto said softly as he lowered a sleeping Pearl to the floor.

Angel left his mission with a gasp as he raced for the blanket to place over Pearl who lay on the old sofa swab with her hands over her head as she snored softly. With a small smile he lovingly tucked her in and bent over to kiss her gently on the cheek. Then he rose and looked down at her with his hands on his hips.

"What if she rolls off Taddy?" he asked still frowning.

"I'm not leaving. I have some sums to do for Daddy's next away, I'll be right here precious." Ianto assured him.

Angel was not convinced and if Angel was not happy, the hoard were not happy. Ianto watched with open delight as the children gathered cushions from the nearby sofas pushed against the walls and built a little fortress around the baby. Leo entered and placed his own little lump next to Pearl and the two men smiled at each other as the babies snuffled at the same time.

Finally Angel was satisfied with the nest and he ordered the pots with a hand outstretched. He reminded Ianto so much of Jack demanding his coat that he giggled. Angel eye-balled his silly Taddy and then smiled graciously at the twin who placed the stack of pots in his hand. He removed each one and handed it to a waiting child like giving candy and Leo settled on the arm of the chair to watch the floor show that had captivated Ianto, the mission scribbles long since forgotten by both men.

As each child lined up, Ianto tipped a small portion of paint into their pots. They were amazed that he never spilt a drop and Angel smiled lovingly at his Taddy as he held two pots.

"Two buggy bum?" Ianto asked quietly.

"I have to do Pearl's work as well Taddy Dearest. I can't leave her out! As big brother it's my job to do the stuff she can't yet" Angel rolled his eyes and Leo laughed as he poked his brother in law's shoulder.

"What about Joey. He can't either." Leo asked and Angel frowned.

"He's too little to like the town yet Unka Leo. Maybe when we do the botanal gardens he can have a special tree or something." Angel informed him.

"Botanal garden?" Leo asked and Ianto snorted.

"Botanical. They intend to have a garden central to the town. Been discussing flowers. Need to check our seed supplies, probably want a pond for the rubber ducks as well if the collection by the airport is anything to go by." Ianto said.

"Airport?" Leo scoffed then looked.

A strip of white butcher's paper had been rolled at least five foot down the middle of the floor and the bottle tops did resemble landing lights. "Shit!"

"Mmmm, maybe some remote control planes and cars …" Ianto reached for the pad and Leo smiled at the man who spoilt his children more than he thought possible.

Jack had loved the town when he came looking for Pearl with her bottle. His gasps and claps excited the children who all talked at once as they told him what each thing was. Finally they got to the airport and Boss informed him that Unka Yano said he might recon some remote control airplanes and cars for them next time he went out.

Jack swung to look at Ianto with open glee and Ianto groaned. Hopefully the children would get some too?

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