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Chapter 43

Waking to the sun was a pleasure for the whole extended family. The teenagers went off to explore the island with a packed lunch while the children waited impatiently for Ianto to designate the area they wanted for their town.

Mickey was raking leaves off the lawn in the corner of the yard and Angel began to quiver as he realised this was to be their township. The corner was immense, with a row of shrubs that would look just like a tree line.

Finally Ianto wandered out onto the newly extended decking and looked over at Mickey. "Thanks Mickey, that's a generous area there"

"Yeah, well ... Jack said something about remote cars?" Mickey grinned.

"Oh he did, did he?" Ianto grinned back good-naturedly.

"Yeah, if we put the kids here then this spot next door by the decking would make a cool dirt track area for those monster truck things. A few ramps and jumps and stuff" Mickey enthused and Ianto's grin broke into a smile. " We saw some at the Mall!"

"Of course Mickey. Sounds like fun. Some solar lights for the kid's town and some small flood lights for the track would make it a fun evening activity" Ianto knew the children would get their solar lights as Micky's eyes gleamed at the thought of twilight car racing from the comfort of the chairs on the deck.

Ianto turned and nodded to the boys who whooped as they ran to collect the first of the buildings for relocation. Ianto sat on the edge of the deck with Gwen and Rhia as the children carefully carried each house out and argued about placement. Finally all the buildings were out and the wide streets were being created to ensure remote cars would be able to fit. Mickey was standing in the middle of the township telling the kids and Paul if something needed moving and enthusing them with his cheers. Jack brought Pearl out who struggled to be put down. Once down she lay on her belly as she slapped the grass with babbles of pleasure.

Angel rushed over and patted her little back as he crouched over her and whispered that she was a pretty little dumpling. Jack wondered where that one had come from and Ianto snorted. She was getting a bit tubby but he knew her milk fat would fall away once the bottles lessened.

Boss called Angel back with his soft Scottish lit and Angel ran over to hug him before they resumed airport maintenance work with Mickey who was now on his hands and knees with Leo as they cleared the dirt into a strip.

Mamma and Margo brought trays of refreshments out and Mamma smiled as she watched Ianto and Jack move the pots of pansies from the deck into the township to create garden areas and the lemon tree became a central piece with several pots surrounding it. The botanical gardens began to take shape as the children buzzed about like honey bees.

They all cleaned up and sat in the sun to eat. Angel kept asking Ianto for something and pulled again at Ianto's sleeve. Finally with a huff Ianto nodded and Angel slapped Boss' shoulder as they left the table. She took a moment to lament poor wee Snatch before following the boys back into the main room. The boys had selected a crate from the side room and were pulling it across the floor. She pushed as they pulled and the crate slid easily out into the sun.

Angel removed the lid with a flourish and the two boys cheered as they saw what the final crate to be explored held. Action men and Barbie dolls with wonderful accessories. One of the first crates Ianto had ear-tagged for the children was the last given and the most wanted as they all began to pull out toys.

David pulled it to the edge of the deck and tipped as Ianto called out a warning. As the toys scattered about on the grass the children dove into the pile, Jack laughed.

"So many little pieces of tat. Those Barbie shoes will be a pain to pick out of the grass" Ianto groaned as Mamma patted his head lovingly.

It was early afternoon when Mamma found Ianto and Jack snoozing in the swinging love seat with Ianto lovingly snuggled into Jack's side as Jack sleepily rocked them back and forth.

"Have you seen the kids?" she asked and Ianto stirred.

"What?" Ianto sat up and looked blearily around the empty lawn area.

They began to search as Ianto became frantic. Finally they heard singing, the followed the sound to the small graveyard around other side of the outbuildings and Ianto almost wept with relief.

A kit-set house still in its wrappings leaned against Snatch's cross and the pot of red paint with a brush in it was placed in amongst a pot of pansies with an action man standing in the dirt of the pot. The children stood singing silent night, probably the only song they could all agree to as Mamma wept in Joe's arms.

One by one, led by Jack's fine voice, the adults joined in and Ianto led them into the next song, "Never walk alone" as the kids held hands silently.

So much had happened and in the sadness the children had been forgotten, they needed to mourn too. Ianto knew Boss was probably the one behind this and smiled at his son as he lovingly kissed Boss's knuckles.

There was hope as long as there is love. Ianto closed his eyes as he turned his face up to the sun shining down on them and held Jack's hand tighter.

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