I feel fine

Chapter 44

Angel seemed to be chewing on something, Ianto style. Jack had been watching him all day as he absently followed Ianto and Pearl around like a lost lamb. Finally he had enough and called Angel over.

"Come on sweets, Daddy needs a cuddle" he said and Angel eagerly climbed into Jack's lap as Jack kissed the top of his little head.

"What's wrong little imp" he whispered and Angel sighed as he watched Ianto cooing over Pearl. "A little jealous, hon?"

Angel looked up at Jack like he'd just killed his dog and jack reassessed his opinion. "Well?"

"Pearl doesn't have a mommy" he finally answered and Jack relaxed.

"Ah. You worried because she's a girl and needs to do girl stuff?"

"Yea. What if she needs a mommy? I need you and Taddy because I'm a boy and will be big and brave like you one day" Angel reasoned and Jack smiled.

"And you think Peal won't? Look at Aunty Martha. She could give me a run for my money on the shooting range and even Aunty Gwen has a mean right hook" Jack laughed. "They will be great role models for our little Pearl."

"I remember my Mommy. She was kind and warm and safe" Angel said sadly.

"And Taddy? What is he?" Jack prodded.

"Kind and warm and … oh. So boys can be mommies too?" Angel frowned.

"When I was born I had a mommy and a daddy and a brother. My best friend had two daddies and a mommy. Another friend had three mommies and no daddy." Jack said as Angel's eyes grew wide.

"Family is not normal. No such thing. Family is laughter, tears, shouting and screaming and so much hugging and love. Not about who's a boy or girl. I mean, if you and Boss grow up and want a family will it matter?" Jack asked and Angel scowled as he looked over at Boss, dancing around in the sunlight as Pearl laughed on Ianto's hip.

"He can be the Mommy. I need to do man stuff"

Jack stifled a giggle and then looked serious, "Who gives Pearl her bottle when she cries in the night?"

"You do Daddy" Angel frowned.

"Who sings her to sleep while Taddy has bath time with you?"

"You do." Angel sighed with an eye roll.

"Who will always love you and cuddle you silly?"

"Daddy, you're so silly. You!"

"Am I a girl? Are you saying that I'm the mommy?" Jack gasped with fake shock.

"No, you're the daddy and Taddy is…" Angel frowned as he saw the hole he had dug.

"Well? Go on, finish that sentence" Ianto droned from behind them.

"But you can't both be Mommy and Daddy!" Angel exclaimed furiously.

"I can be a soldier, a Taddy, a cook, an archivist, a peace-keeper, a tailor, a medic and so many other things. Why do we only get two jobs?" Ianto asked as he passed pearl to Jack to sit on Angel's lap.

"So, me and boss can be big men and fight the bad things and still have babies?" Angel wondered.

"If there are babies needing love, there must be someone to live them. That's a job too. The most important job is to love someone hard" Ianto leaned in to kiss Jack.

Jack looked dreamily up at his action man. "I love you Husband"

"I love you too" Ianto grinned. "And I love you hard"

"Oh Gods, Angel take Pearl to visit Mamma Frannie can you hon, Taddy and I have something hard to discuss."

Ianto snorted then raised an eyebrow as Jack galloped for the door.

"Always love big honey, it's the only real kind!" Ianto whispered to his son then followed his husband for some "Hard lovin".

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