I feel fine

Chapter 46

Wendy's scream of terror woke Jack from his fugue and he drew his Webley but Selina was already there. She had grabbed the gun from Jenna and shot the creature in the head as she leaned out the door of the SUV.

Everyone stood raking a moment to scan for any other threats they had been too stupid to see.

Jack knew one thing for sure, he wasn't leaving her. Without a second thought, he scooped her from the back seat into his arms and stormed towards the boat waiting patiently at its berth. Everyone followed and as they steamed for the island Jack looked over at Mickey who nodded his agreement.

They were met by Ianto and big Tom. It was unusual to see the huge man during the day. He reminded Jack of the man from the Green Mile movie. Coffee but not spelt the same way.

Tom had spent his time with the patients but they had dwindled to just one. Juniper was a dainty little girl who was so frail she looked like a wizened up spider monkey. For him to be topside made Jack fear for the little changeling.

"June?" Jack demanded as he stepped onto the dock and Tom silently turned his back. The backpack containing the child left him speechless.

"Ianto made it so she can play with the other kiddies" Tom's deep voice boomed and a small face peered over his shoulder.

When she saw Jack a smile transformed the china doll into a beautiful little girl and Jack leaned over for a kiss. Tom obliged by bending down slightly so Jack's lips touched her cheek. With a giggle she disappeared back into the folds of soft white quilting.

"Wonderful idea darling" Jack enthused as he drew his husband into a kiss.

Ianto broke away with an exclamation as Selena was carefully carried from the boat and Jack turned to watch as he went into "mad woman" mode. With flapping hands he fussed over her and even she grinned at his display of concern.

"Poor girl, oh your poor legs. What happened" he stroked her cheek.

"There was a booby-trapped house. They were dead inside but had obviously not wanted the things to eat them so they laid some sort of incendiary device. I set it off going in. Robert took me to where we should have been safe. Bloody common cold. He got sick with a sniffle, then it turned to pneumonia. I helped him as best I could but, he moved to the other side of the room and slowly died. He knew in the end, he dragged himself closer to me. I dragged myself the rest of the way. Been nearly two weeks and all my supplies were gone. I was just deciding whether to cut my wrists or do one more day when …" she broke down and Ianto embraced her.

They stayed like that for a while. Her laying on the dock, him kneeling with her sobbing in his arms. He looked up at Jack and the others watched one of their weird silent discussions going on. Ianto's eyes grew wide and he moaned softly, holding her a bit tighter before drawing back and kissing her forehead.

"You're home now. You're safe" he soothed and she looked around with a small sniffle.

"Where is here exactly?" she asked looking around.

"Daddy!" Angel screamed launching himself at his father.

"Hey stink pot!" Jack threw him up into the air as Cindy appeared with Boss.

"Oh my god, your legs" Cindy gasped as she rushed to the woman's side.

"Selina, meet Cindy. Cindy this is Selina" Ianto said and Cindy stared at Selina.

"One of the missing Units?" she asked and Selina laughed.

"Units? Yeah. I'm a bit of a unit" she giggled and Cindy blushed.

"Sorry. They all look so polished and me and the boys call them the Units" she smiled back. "Can I help?"

They made it to the house before Mamma descended with blankets and a large travel mug full of her elixir commonly known as Mamma's Vegetable Soup that bubbled quietly most days on the edge of the old coal range in the kitchen.

The first sip had her crying with joy as the simple broth exploded in her mouth with goodness.

"Enough of that girl, you're home now. Mamma's got you" Mamma Francine huffed as she fussed over the broken soldier.

"What did you do with his remains?" Ianto asked Jack once they were safely back in their room.

"We burned the whole place down." Jack assured him as Ianto went into his "shuffle" mode.

Jack left him contemplating their new family member and went back into the main room. Angel was presenting Selina with his Marvin Martian doll. The last remaining thing from his former life and Jack paused to watch.

"Oh wow. M&M? Really?" Selina whispered with wide eyes.

"My Mummy gave him to me when I broke my arm. He kept me company while I got better. My Mummy is dead now. Angel said factually, "Marve is all I have left of her love. You need it now because I have Daddy and Taddy. They give me more love than anyone could ever want or need. Taddy said we must share good things so we don't explode."

Selina snorted as she fought back tears and calmly accepted the bedraggled soft toy. "I will love him and he will love me. You must have taught him well."

"My Taddy and Daddy teach all of us" Angel smiled as Boss shuffled over to take a hand.

Anwen had been watching silently and now she moved to stand at the end of the bed. "You don't have a leg."

"Anwen!" Gwen admonished as Jack laughed.

"Your daughter, for sure Gwen" Jack said as Gwen blushed. "But you're right sweetheart. Come to Uncle Jack."

Anwen slid over to Jack's waiting arms and he gave her a soft kiss. "She lost her leg in an explosion. Her other leg is hurt too. In time we can help her get better but we can't get her leg back. She will have to adapt. Do you know what that means baby?"

"She has to do stuff differently?"

"Yep. We'll help, won't we sweets?" Jack kissed her lovingly as she leaned into his chest.

"I'll help" Anwen whispered and Jack smiled.

"Of course you will, you're your parent's child alright. A Cooper-Williams to be sure."

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