I feel fine

Chapter 47


The storm blew in late one afternoon.

The children were playing outside while Ianto sat under the wisteria reading. He felt a strange change to the air, his hair stood up on the back of his neck and even his arms prickled with electricity.

Ianto closed his book and looked around, no-one else seems affected as they laughed and Mickey was throwing Pearl into the air and catching her while Boss and Angel remonstrated with him. Jack was visible on the roof of a nearby shed as they hammered home some corrugated iron from the last scavenging recon.

The teenagers were sunbathing, asleep while their stereo blasted songs from long dead singers. Skin shining with the sunscreen he had insisted on and half eaten food being enjoyed by the dog.

Ianto stood and shuffled around looking at the island and the life heaving on it. Then he looked up.

"MOVE!" Ianto screamed, running for his babies, "INSIDE. NOW, BELOW GROUND - FUCKING MOVE!"

Jack straightened up and looked over at his husband with shock as Ianto continued to scream at the top of his lungs and shepherd people inside. Every now and then he looked up and the fear on his face made Jack look in the direction of the clouds.

Jack frowned and looked hard as they slowly rolled towards them. A glimmer. Like a rainbow around the edges. Like a ribbon of …FUCK!

Jack slid form the roof without the ladder being used, falling to the ground and rolling to pop to his feet, running for the nearest child still stunned by Ianto's screaming.

"NOW! INSIDE!" Jack roared, beginning to count heads.

Inside Ianto was counting as well and it became increasingly obvious that they were missing someone. Tish. Ianto tore through the place screaming for her. Rhys was holding Boss to his chest and looked over at the doors as Jack ushered the last of those he could find inside.

"What's going on?" Mickey demanded as he hugged Martha, "What the hell's wrong here?"

"The clouds." Jack said softly as he listened to Ianto yelling down through the levels of underground rooms, "They have coloured ribbons around the edges. It's a rift storm coming."

"Fuck!" Mickey spat, stepping forward. "What do we do?"

"Secure the windows. Close all the storm shutters and batten down. Make sure we are armed and watching all possible entrances. Keep the babies down below." Jack recited the agreed course of action from Ianto's List of Doomsday Actions.

"Mama, where's Tish?" Ianto demanded as he re-entered the room.

"I don't know. She went for a walk. Oh God!" Francine's hand covered her mouth as Ianto blanched.

He and Jack stared at each other for a moment then nodded. They moved towards one of the doors still waiting to be covered and Mickey straightened from the hammering to call out "Oi! Where are you going?"

"Tish is out there. Shut up behind us." Jack told him as Ianto approached with the coat, "We'll find her and find shelter. Don't open up until the storm has passed and you've swept for any rift dumps."

Jack and Ianto swept from the complex and out into the quickly darkening day. The animals had headed for shelter and Ianto reached for Jack's hand as they strode towards Tish's preferred trail.

It was nearly half an hour before the first raindrops fell. Large fat drops that seemed to hurtle towards earth with purpose before exploding on impact with firework style. Ianto flicked up his collar and continued to yell for Tish as Jack scanned the area with his Webley drawn. Over by an outcrop they saw her, struggling with the dog, who was barking and pulling at her clothing.

"Even the bloody dog has more brains than you Tishy!" Jack growled as he reached for her arm.

"The caves! Only chance, it's here!" Ianto turned to face his husband as the first ribbon of energy touched down on the mainland and Tish screamed as Ianto seemed to flicker in and out of existence.

Jack ran, pulling Tish with him as he watched his husband keeping pace beside him. They reached the largest cave and pushed through to the back, where Jack had held his love's broken body not so long ago. To Jack's horror Ianto continued to flicker like a lightbulb about to blow and he looked over at Jack with fear etched across his face.

Jack reached for him and held him tight, kissing him with all the love he could put into it. Ianto flickered then brightened, Jack acting like an anchor.

Tish was sobbing softly as the storm crashed and burned outside their shelter. Jack and Ianto cocooned her between them, the blankets and emergency gear now stored in the cave since their last emergency put to good use.

With blankets keeping them warm and Ianto preparing some soup over a little camp stove it almost seemed idyllic. Lucky lay across Tish's feet like he could keep her safe with weight alone.

Ianto jumped as he heard something, then he casually reached for the pistol by the bowls.

Jack was telling Tish about an ice cave he had been in with the Doctor once and Ianto calmly stood, aiming for the cave entrance. By the time Jack registered the movement Ianto was already between them and the danger.

The creature was large and definitely not a larggette. More like a scorpion or spider, this one had many legs and appeared arachnid in appearance. It scuttled along the roof and Ianto snarled as he opened fire, Jack joining in as another joined it.

Tish screamed with horror as one reached Ianto and leapt for his face.

Ianto had seconds to move out of the way but he could not risk it while shooting at one close to Trish's foot.

Tish could only watch as it sank it's clawed feet into Ianto's face.

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