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Chapter 48

Jack turned and grabbed for the strange insectoid as it drew blood. Ianto's screams were becoming gurgles as its claws went deeper.

Jack dropped the Webley so both hands could slide around the creature to force his fingers between its hard skeletal frame and Ianto's face.

A grinding noise alerted Jack to the fact that the bastard thing had reached bone and Ianto was now convulsing with pain as he gripped at Jack's arms.

Finally it loosened its grip and Jack was able to tear it off Ianto, the sound of skin ripping turning his stomach. Tish had retrieved the Webley and kept an eye on the entrance as Jack wept over his dying husband.

Jack stomped savagely on the dead creature like the action might help Ianto who had stopped convulsing and was now gaping like a fish as he struggled to breathe through his torn face.

Jack told him he loved him and that he adored their children. Then he broke Ianto's neck with a savage snarl.

"How long?" Tish sniffled.

"For what?" Jack asked.

"For him to come back" she said with a frown at his strange detached manner.

"Who says he will?" Jack asked, finally looking at her, "We're in the middle of a rift storm. The rift gave him to me and it might just take him as well."

"Oh god." Tish finally got the problem and she sank to her knees.

They had no choice but to wait.

It was early morning and the storm had been silent for over an hour. Tish took a chance and slid to the entrance of the cave, peering out into the growing light.

Lucky followed with straight legged swagger, growling low in his throat as he protected her from the bogeyman.

They found several insectoid bodies littering the shore. Drowned? It looked like they had washed up and she hoped there weren't more still alive scuttling about.

A noise bck in the cave made he pause and she listened as Ianto's scream rent the silence. Thank god. She rushed back into the cave and saw Ianto struggling in Jack's arms as he screamed with pain. The scars on his face were red stripes and as she watched they receded to pale white lines.

Finally he stopped screaming and lay panting from the effort as Jack peppered his poor face with kisses. Ianto was weeping with fatigue and pain. Jack had told her that it hurt to come back but he always made it look so effortless. To witness Ianto's pain was horrific and she reached for him, pulling him onto her arms as he shook with pain.

"Poor baby" she crooned, rubbing his back as he sighed into her neck.

Jack asked what she had seen and she reported to him. He left and then returned with a drowned one to study. The claws were like cat's claws, tapered and retractable. God, they had grown as they had torn at his face, almost as long as Jack's fingers when he manipulated them out of the sheathes.

Once they were satisfied that Ianto had recovered enough to move, the three of them slowly started for home.

They had thought themselves safe on the Island because larggette can't swim but they had not thought of rift debris. As they walked they discussed securing the home base.

They reached the compound and slowed, Ianto visibly tensed with fear. They had seen no sign of the things inland but Ianto was nothing if not a worry wart.

To find everyone calmly cleaning up the debris knocked over and blown in by the storm was such a relief. Angel had run to them with a whoop as he spotted them and as he grew near he stopped to stare at his Taddy's blood stained clothes.

"It's OK baby. I'm OK" Ianto reassured him. Dropping to his knee and holding out his arms.

Angel was as perceptive as ever, running his fingers over Ianto's face as he looked for damage.

"Taddy loves his little man so very much" Ianto crooned as he cuddled Angel against him.

"And Pearl?" Angel asked expectantly.

Ianto laughed softly as his son reminded him that the baby was important as well and he squeezed Angel a little tighter, "And Pearl too. But you're my boy. My first baby and my best buddy."

"Really?" Angel asked seriously.

"Yes. Pearl is my little girl, my princess. You. However, are my main man!" Ianto assured him with a soft kiss.

"Ditto for me baby" Jack said as he listened to the exchange.

"Taddy knew Pearl would be OK with Mamma but he worried so much about you, our boy. You'll be a mighty man one day who will worry about your own babies one day." Jack smiled and Angel leaned back to look at Boss who stood nearby.

"Hear that? See, we do need to have some babies for Taddy to fuss on!" he informed his husband-to-be who screwed his face up.

"Well, I'm not breastfeeding!" Boss declared with a snort and Jack giggled behind his hand as he turned quickly to appear like he was scanning the sky.

"Daddy's laughing at me, isn't he?" Angel sighed to Ianto who smiled softly.

"No babe, he's just laughing because he couldn't breastfeed either no matter how much he would like to, poor Pearl" Ianto whispered back and Angel laughed at the image of his father breastfeeding his sister.

"Well, Daddy does kinda baby you Taddy Dearest!" Angel grinned.

"Well? I am his baby!" Ianto pouted and Angel pushed him softly.

"You're too big to be a baby and I'm your baby! Pearl too," Angel informed him.

"Boys don't breastfeed babe, our boobs don't work that way" Ianto said finally.

"Then why do we have them?" Angel frowned.

"Because we need them to look buff wee man!" Mickey demonstrated by pulling off his t-shirt and flexing.

"Uncle Mousey, you are silly. You're not buff. You're …" Angel frowned as he searched for the right words, "…like action man."

"Yeah?" Mickey preened.

"Yeah. Sort of plastic" Angel nodded and as Mickey' face fell Jack gave into his laughter.

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