I feel fine

Chapter 49

Jack didn't want to let Ianto go on the recon but accepted that it was a bit silly to worry since he had more than proven his ability to regenerate.

As the small team sat silently in the SUV as it swept through the city, Ianto went through a mental inventory of what he needed again.

They reached some warehouses Ianto had mapped out on previous trips and backed the SUV up to the doors. Rhys stepped from the back of the vehicle and popped the padlock, then swung the large doors open so they could enter.

After the doors were shut, they jumped out and began searching the large crates stacked inside.

Rex and Mickey were after weapons and ammo, the others searched for food.

This was a T1 fall-back base and they found plenty of supplies. What Ianto wanted was something else entirely. He found it near the back of the storeroom that had been locked. He had popped the lock and entered quickly, snatching what he needed and then hesitating as he noticed one more item. With a snort, he pocketed that as well before returning to the SUV.

The army jeep still started, a good battery is hard to find and it was nice to know no expense had been spared. An animated argument between the two black men was only resolved when Ianto politely asked Rex to drive the SUV and protect him. Like he need it! Ever the con, Rex puffed like a bantam rooster s he stalked back to the SUV and Mickey mouthed his thanks as he rubbed his hands together.

As they returned to the docks Rex spotted something and slowed the two vehicle convoy to a crawl as he peered out the windscreen.

"Look at the birds" he said to Ianto as he pointed at the flock of pigeons circling overhead.

They were falling, not gracefully either. Like lawn darts, they were folding and plummeting beak first into the ground.

"The rift storm that brought me here stunned them, not like this. They were flapping on the ground, confused" Ianto frowned, wincing as the crunching under the tyres told him they were now driving over the poor defenceless bodies of the dead and dying.

Leo leaned out a door and scooped two into a box he'd tipped the canned goods out of and placed the box between his feet. Ianto knew Jack would spend hours going over blood samples and he tried to keep the video camera steady as he filmed the phenomena for Jack to watch later as well.

The birds were silent as they lay in the box, cuddled together and Ianto worried for the chickens back on the island, were all birds affected?

He got his answer as they reached the island, chickens were dotted along the cliff face as they searched for bugs in the scrubby plants. They clucked and booked like they didn't have a fear in the world and Ianto breathed a sigh of relief.

Jack had been surprised to hear of the mass suicide of the pigeons and watched the video footage in silence, as Martha leaned against the wall.

"Martha, are you OK?" Ianto finally asked as she swallowed nervously.

"Yeah, just a little close in here" she whispered as Mickey moved over to comfort her.

"Goodness, not pregnant are you? You've not acquisitioned tampons since …" Ianto quipped then froze.

Martha stared at him as she mentally counted the days, back to her last menstrual flow and then blanched.

"BENCHED!" Jack roared as he swung to point his finger at her.

"I might not be" she said softly and Gwen snorted.

"Jack has a nose for this. Ianto has never been wrong with dates, has a thing for time. Sorry Martha, pending test results we are definitely taking you out of rotation" Gwen agreed with Jack as Ianto ushered Martha to a chair.

"If it were a virus or cold, we would have noticed. Food poisoning would have more than one affected and there is that comment you made yesterday about the smell of my coffee. You accused me of changing the blend" Ianto murmured and she groaned.

"God. I am, aren't I" she sighed and Tish rushed from the room to find their mother.

Ianto only smiled as a new mental list began.

A baby.

Francine cried as the test results confirmed their suspicions and Martha watched Mickey perform the most ludicrous victory dance you could imagine.

Ianto started writing out his new list, knowing Jack would want this recon for his nightingale. Prenatal vitamins were top of the list, as were everything from a breast pump to maternity clothes.

When the men left with Tish the next morning, the quickest turn around for recon they had ever seen, Ianto took some time to talk to his children.

"So she'll have a baby Taddy dear?" Angel frowned and Boss squeaked as he wriggled in his chair.

"Yes Teddy Bear. A Christmas baby I think. She has been pregnant for a wee while but didn't notice" Ianto answered and Anwen put up her hand.

"Yes poppet?" Ianto smiled at the little Gwen monster.

"Do you not notice a baby in your tummy?" she asked and Ianto snorted.

"A mummy doesn't feel any different at first, the baby is so small that it doesn't make a difference to her tummy. Only when baby is big enough to kick and make the mummy feel the movement does it really become real to the mummy." Ianto informed her, "Actually, some women have not known they were pregnant until the day baby is born."

"Really?" Boss goggled at the idea of a surprise baby.

"Yep" Ianto popped the P knowing Angel would grin at his favourite sound.

"I'd rather have a puppy!" Boss muttered and the twins nodded in agreement.

"Well, if we find a girlfriend for Lucky, I'll be sure to invite her home to join the family and hopefully provide you with furry babies, OK?" Ianto laughed as the kids cheered before heading out into the sunshine.

"Well played lover" Jack whispered from the doorway as he leaned in for a kiss and Ianto sighed.

"God Jack, winter is here and the storms are going to get worse. In all fairness to the kids, puppies or kittens may make up for the inside days ahead" Ianto smiled as he tilted his face up to deepen the next kiss. "Welcome home, did you get everything on the list?"

"And then some, must be psychic. But first" Jack wiggled his eyebrows as he employed a little tongue action and Ianto hummed.

"Well, my little child whisperer, care to get warm and toasty with me?" Jack purred and Ianto giggled in a most un-Ianto way as Jack minced off towards their room.

Ianto looked out the large picture windows as the children played in their miniature village and lamented the cold, wet days ahead.

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