I feel fine

Chapter 51

That evening at dinner the adults watched the children with anticipation. After the dishes were cleared away and the peach cobbler almost gone, Angel finally cleared his throat.

"Boss and I have discussed this and we think the best name for our son is Bandit" he declared solemnly ad Boss nodded enthusiastically beside him.

"Son?" Gwen squeaked.

"Yes Mama. He will be good practice for when we are grown up with our own baby. We can find out which one is the Daddy and which one is the Taddy now so it's easier when our baby comes" Angel shrugged as he took another bite of peach.

Jack clapped his hand over his mouth the hide his mirth and pretended to choke while Ianto leaned back and studied the two boys.

"You really are serious about the marriage and babies' thing" he finally said and Angel looked up.

"You and Daddy knew straight away didn't you?"

"Actually, Daddy and I took a while to admit to each other how we felt. We were both scared the other didn't feel the same I guess." Ianto sighed, looking down at his plate. "I did something stupid and hurt Daddy very badly. I thought he didn't like me anymore when the truth is it hurt him more because he did really like me. I very nearly buggered things completely."

The whole table was mesmerised as Ianto NEVER spoke like this and Angel, who always got this honesty from his Taddy didn't know why everyone was starring. Taddy never held back with him.

"Were you sorry?" Angel demanded, "Did you say so?"

"Yes darling," Ianto smiled softly, "I felt so bad that I wanted to die. Just curl up in a ball and die. Daddy didn't let me. He loved me so much that he forgave me for being a monster."

"You were never a monster!" Jack muttered and Angel swung to look at him. "I held that title I think."

"Why did you forgive Taddy?"

"Because he forgave me. Because when you love someone you take the good and the bad of them." Jack frowned trying to put it into words his boy would understand, "Because when the person you love hurts you, you need to remember that they feel bad too. If I had been in Taddy's shoes I would have done the same thing. I would set the world on fire to give Taddy one more kiss."

Angel preened and turned to Boss, "See? Told you they were special!"

Boss sighed and grinned as he watched Angel eat.

"Ours is Pinky" One of the twins said. Ella? I can never tell them apart.

"Yeah? Ours is Archibald!" Mica said back and the whole table erupted with laughter.

"Where the hell did you get that name?" Rhys asked.

"Why?" David demanded, "I think it's cool!"

"Yes! Archie the pig sound fine to me too" Ianto answered and David leaned back with a grin. He knew no-one would dare argue with Uncle.

"Taddy?" Angel asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes Angel sweets" Ianto looked up from his almost empty bowl.

"Can I ask something … um …. Big?"

Again, the whole table froze and Ianto eyeballed his son, "OK."

"When you and Daddy decided that you love each other, who said it first?"

Ianto and Jack stared at him, then each other.

"I think we sort of said it together. I think we told each other long before words were used." Jack answered, "Taddy made me feel good, safe and wanted long before he said he loved me. So I already knew."

"See?" Angel said to Boss, "I can know that you love me already"

Boss grinned and nodded, reaching for more cream.

The cows were in full milk production and even though there were only three, the volume was amazing. The creamer that Tom had put together to separate the milk worked perfectly. The whipped cream tonight was the first time Mama had offered it and the children were beside themselves.

Ianto noticed Angel and boss saving a small portion of theirs and he asked them why.

"For our boy!" Boss said indignantly and Angel nodded.

"We decided that we will share like you and Daddy share with me. We're going to take some to Bandit when we say goodnight" Angel grinned and the other kids all gasped.

"I didn't know we could take them treats!" David exclaimed and Jack groaned.

How big were these porkers going to get?

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