I feel fine

Chapter 52

The first cold snap hit overnight, white frost settling on everything.

The little model village looked like it had its first snow fall and the children were in raptures as they carefully picked their way around, not wanting to disturb the scene too much with their footprints.

The piglets were funny, prancing and leaping about as they squealed with delight at the strange grass. Everyone laughed at their antics as they crashed into each other and fell over.

Ianto checked the livestock in the big red barn, the cows, pigs and sheep all seemed OK. The goats had refused to come in as Tom had assured everyone that they were sturdy creatures. He did warn that the hens might go off the lay if it got too cold but all the animals appeared fine.

The real concern was for power, the grid seemed to be holding but Tom wanted to put up the two wind turbines still in storage as the solar panels wouldn't keep up in winter months.

As a team went to the tip-head where the wind was best for harvesting, Ianto stayed with the children.

He was still thinking about the strange conversation with Angel and Boss. Until now he had put Angel and Boss down to childhood games, emulating him and Jack. Last night had told him that whatever this was, it was not a game.

He had tried to talk to Rhys about it who shrugged and said he and Gwen were pleased Boss had a friend like Angel and Ianto had chewed on it for a while before realising that he was right.

There was plenty of time for them to change their minds. The twins were pretty enough, not to mention Mica. David and Anwen seemed like a nice future couple …. Shit. Stop it!

Ianto huffed as he realised he was sounding just like his mother, fixing the world by pairing off all the eligible children.

Let them be what they will be. Christ, even a triad with a girl between them … who cares as long as they are happy. Ianto wondered what his mother would have made of his current family. He was sure that she would have loved Angel and Pearl. Jack? Not so sure.

Ianto smiled as Pearl laughed and clapped at her brother who was prancing about like a twit. Actually, like a certain Captain who was at this moment in time dancing around as well.

Ianto laughed along with his daughter as the other members of the family cavorted like large, uncoordinated elephants through the miniature village.

"Godzilla!" Mickey squealed as he backed away from the horror. "Godzilla!"

Angel blinked then decided Mickey was right. With a huge roar he proceeded to chase Mickey around the yard screeching and hollering. Mamma Francine had come out to witness the game and laughed as Mickey tripped over his own feet.

The children piled on top of Mickey with woops of glee and Mickey pretended to die from the onslaught.

Jack had stopped dancing and looked over at Ianto.

Ianto was sitting in his chair with Pearl in his lap. She was warm and snug in his loving arms and Jack felt a rush of love. How lucky could he be?

Francine called out Lunch and everyone pilled back into the nice warm building.

As she dished lunch she watched Ianto and Jack share loving glances and smiled. As long as those two were OK, we'll all be OK.

Rhia and Leo were arguing about something, it was apparent in their body language and Ianto made a mental note to talk to her later.

Mickey was fussing on Martha who was suffering morning sickness as she slapped at his hands and the squeal of a piglet alerted everyone to a smuggled baby at the table.

"Angel!" Ianto scolded but his face was pure innocence.

Anwen blushed and looked at David who snorted as he opened his hoody to show their piggy child asleep inside.

"Poor piggy must be having a dream" he explained and everyone laughed as another squeal issued from the slumbering pig.

As Angel sat there smugly glaring at his Tad a small white head popped out of the front of his hoody and another child blushed as Flash glared at the sleeping piglet for waking him up.

This time the laughter was loud enough to wake the piglet who grunted and snuffled until David rubbed its belly.

Jack looked over at Ianto and thanked the Gods for his family.

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