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Chapter 53

Ianto was lazing in the sun, sitting on the deck in an old lazy boy looking out over the bay.

At first he thought he was looking at a small flock of birds floating on the water, but within fifteen minutes they had grown in size and morphed into kayaks. Five bright yellow kayaks moving across the bay, towards them.

The last recon had been over a week ago, there was no-one unaccounted for. These were not islanders.

The chair made a sad creaking noise as Ianto sat upright and looked over at the children playing in the garden.

"Treat time!" Ianto called out cheerfully, clapping his hands. "Chocolate!"

They all cheered and ran for the big doors, too excited to notice Ianto was closing and locking them behind him. Jack was reading and looked up with surprise as the children raced through screaming about the promise of precious chocolate.

"Yan?" Mickey was also in the doorway watching the children as they searched for Francine.

"Five kayaks approaching from the Cardiff side" Ianto said quietly as he walked past and Jack sprang to his feet with a sharp intake of breath.

Mickey signalled Leo and there of the men wandered down to the water's edge while Mickey slipped down the path to the lighthouse. The Kayaks were about ten minutes off when Jack waved enthusiastically like he was happy to see them. Ianto stepped in behind Jack and Leo sat on a bolder with a stick, which he drew in the sand with.

The Kayaks came ashore and Ianto silently assessed them. Three soldiers, a leader and a woman of unknown origin. Jack glanced at him and the game began.

"God, am I glad to see you, I thought we were the last ones" Jack gushed, reaching his hand out.

The older man who was obviously the leader, judging by the way the soldiers were flanking him accepted Jack's hand with a grin.

"Melvin Dominite. Torchwood London." he said confidently and Jack smiled politely.

"I'm James Harper, this is my brother Ifan and our friend Alfie" Jack pointed to Ianto and Leo respectively, they both nodded as the game followed the rules they'd agreed to as they had walked down to the shore despite Ianto's involuntary flinch at the blatant lie when the man had spoken.

"Well. We were just scouting about, didn't even know there was an island out here! "The man puffed and Ianto stepped up.

"Are there more of you? Please tell me that we're not the only ones. Torchwood, you know what's happening, yeah?" Ianto said and eyes widened at the Welsh accent.

"I thought you were brothers" the man frowned and Ianto laughed.

"James went to America for school, ideas of being a pilot. Our parents were a bit alternative. Thank God, the summers we spent camping out in the barrens are coming to good use now" Ianto gushed.

"Oh yes, good survival skills are a must now" the man who called himself Marvin relaxed and grinned back.

"Look, this is a bit awkward." Jack said with a frown, "We don't know what to do here, I mean… My wife is infected, oh she's contained!"

The soldiers relaxed again and Jack gave a sheepish shrug, "I can't do it. I know what needs to be done but she's all I have left after the kids …:"

Jack made a show of looking out to the horizon while Ianto placed a hand in his shoulder, "James, it was not your fault. We were overrun!"

"The thing is, she reacts to new people violently. With us, she just snarls a bit and stays happily on her chain. We don't know …" Ianto sighed and looked at Jack.

"The lighthouse?" Ianto finally said and Jack gave a sharp intake of breath and looked at Ianto.

"Do you think so?" Jack asked in a small voice.

"I stayed there during that storm and it was warm, dry and there are the supplies there for emergencies. James, I think this qualifies!" Ianto said sternly and Jack nodded.

Ianto turned and smiled at the team, "Well? I'll show you the way. Er, food?"

"Yes!" Jack clapped his hands like a lunatic, "Can I get the food?"

Ianto waved his hand and Jack rushed off the get food. Ianto looked at Leo who had stood and he followed Ianto silently as they walked to the lighthouse. As the team settled in, Ianto furtively looked at their gear that was being unloaded from the backpacks.

The berets peeking from pockets were not as much the shock he thought they would be and he was sure to show no reaction to the Unit soldiers as they moved about.

Jack arrived with a box of canned food and bottled water. They made the appropriate noises of appreciation and the three men retreated.

Standing in the dark, they stared up at the lighthouse as torch light flickered in the windows.

"Well?" Jack asked finally.

"Unit. Berets and insignias on clothes they have hidden in the bags" Ianto said softly.

"All have ankle holsters as well" Mickey said quietly as he re-joined them.

"Two have left, they're coming this way" Ianto whispered and they slipped into the undergrowth.

Soon the two men walked past complaining about the lack of communication with the shore.

"We need to get coms back ASAP, he's gonna blow a bloody blood vessel" one muttered.

"I know, this place is bloody brilliant. Imagine the resources they must have. Did you see the chickens?"

"Yeah, heard pigs I think as well as cows"

Jack and Ianto followed them until they circled back to the light house as Leo and Mickey watched the lighthouse in case more left to look around.

As the men returned to home base they all agreed to tell no-one about their visitors, accept their security team.

Ianto and Jack didn't sleep that night, spending it at the boundary of the base, waiting and staring into the dark.

Towards the new threat to their family.

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