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Chapter 54

Next morning, Mickey and Leo took over the silent watch as Jack and Ianto returned to the house. They called the security team in.

Martha, Gwen and Rhys, Carl, Jenna and Wendy as well as big Tom all sat waiting to find out what had made the four men so jumpy last night.

"We have five people on our island. Unit, not ours and they are armed. So far, they think it's just me, Ianto, Leo and an infected woman here. They know we have livestock and intend taking control of the island to use as a Unit Base." Jack waited for responses.

"Did you see their insignia?" Carl asked as Wendy frowned.

"Yes, green. Looked like a coat of arms. I saw a stag." Ianto informed them.

"Yep, I also saw a snake on their ankle holsters" Mickey added, having left Leo watching their visitors.

"So far, their comms are out due to our filter, they've not worked it out yet. But … they will." Jack concluded.

"What do you think?" Gwen leaned forward in her seat as she waited for Jack's response but it was Ianto who spoke.

"Danger. Even knowing there was an infected person, they tried to find our trail and follow us back. They lied about who they are, claiming to be Torchwood. I think they intend going back to the mainland and …" Ianto stopped speaking as Leo came through the comms.

"They're moving! Coming your way fast!"

Everyone scattered, initiating the alert system they had set up after the Larggette attack.

With the children and civilians downstairs with Tom and Rhys armed to the teeth effectively on lockdown, Gwen backed into the corner of the main room and clutched the back of the chair Jack calmly settled into.

Martha became a ghost in the garden greenery and their own Unit soldiers took rooftop positions. Mickey sat on the front deck and waited.

They came fast, double time marching into the front yard. The children's toys and model village made them pause and that gave Martha a chance to quietly wing one in the shoulder with her silencer sighing.

As the man fell, they cried out in alarm. Martha stepped into the light, her gun raised. Mickey smiled at her and then turned his attention to the leader. Ianto walked from the main room to the deck and looked down on them.

"You were not supposed to come here" he said calmly. "This is not acceptable. Please go back to your designated area."

"Who are you!" one of the soldiers asked as he backed away.

"Torchwood!" Jack replied as he came up behind his husband.

They gaped as he stood, greatcoat splayed out, with his hands on his hips.

"You are not welcome here." Ianto repeated and the men turned then began to walk away.

They were followed as they headed down to the beach, where their kayaks waited.

"We are sorry to have upset you, this was not our intention. We'll go" the leader was motioning for his men to get ready and Ianto sighed softly as he made eye contact with Jack.

The sound of gunfire was heard from the main house and Francine called her babies around her to sing above the noise.

It was almost two hours before the team returned. Tired and dirty from their grave digging.

"My God, you killed those people!" Margo fumed as she watched Ianto washing blood from his hands.

"This is my husband's blood if you really must know!" Ianto snarled, "And yes! We did. We protected you. We stopped them from going back to the mainland for reinforcements!"

"Really? Oh God!" Paul pulled his wife back as he realised how much danger they had been in.

"The ones who attacked us in the safe house, I think we just met them" Jack said to Gwen who nodded.

"The ones who … bastards!" Rhys swore as he hugged his wife to him, not caring about the mud on her face as he kissed her.

"I think the thing we have to remember is that we are the ones who have to protect us. We can't trust anyone or anything we don't know." Jack said slowly, "We are at capacity. We can't take in more people and we can't afford to show how comfortable this place is to others."

After a lengthy debate by all adults, it was finally decided that they would stick to the plan.

After a quick inventory was done they also agreed that there was enough food for at least four months before a recon. No one was leaving Flat Holm and calling attention to themselves for at least two months.

Security was stepped up as the mainland became a source of worry and Ianto silently despaired at the need to spill blood.

That night he wept in Jack's arms as soothing hands lulled him to sleep.

Angel crept in during the night, Mama having released him in her sleep and slid between his daddies.

When Ianto woke the next morning it was to the sight of his little boy, cuddling into Jack like a baby monkey.

A good reminder that they had done the right thing.

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