I feel fine

Chapter 55

The children were fighting. Not arguing but actually fighting. Boss and Angel were swinging at each other as they snarled like wild animals and everyone in the yard could only watch with shock.

Ianto bellowed at them to stop but they either didn't hear or didn't care.

They danced around each other as they traded insults. From what they were saying, it seems that they were arguing about Boss holding Anwen's hand in the garden.

Angel was jealous and accused Boss of cheating on him.

God, it had all the hallmarks of a soap opera. The way Boss gasped and flounced to his piglet, scooping it up and turning his back to ignore Angel, had a real drama queen flare to it.

If it wasn't for the blood still trickling from Angel's nose, you may have thought this was a finely orchestrated game.

A blue box materialized without them even noticing until she sat in the middle of the room.

The man who stepped out was not a doctor Jack had met but he recognised the twinkle in his eye and he laughed with glee.

"Jack? What have you done?" he demanded, "This dome is not supposed … ooo, this is bad!"

Ianto had turned and glared at the man who might take Jack away again and the doctor recognised him immediately.

"What sort of paradox is this?" the doctor mused as he started to point his sonic like he was taking pictures at a crime scene.

"No paradox!" Ianto said as he stepped up to the doctor, "Not the original Ianto Jones, more of an echo from the void."

"Ah!" the Doctor agreed as he examined the sonic.

"Doc?" Jack frowned as he saw traces of number nine's arrogance.

"I can fix this one!" he muttered, more waving beginning.

"Wait, don't we get a say?" Ianto asked with fear in his voice.

Jack drew him to one side, "Babe, he can fix it."

"Jack …" Jack held up his hand and Ianto stopped talking.

"Unit opened the rift and caused this doomsday." Jack growled, "Can you go back and stop them? So many have died, so much is lost. To take it back, make it well."

"Hmmm, I suppose I could," the Doctor mused.

Ianto turned and walked over to his son who stood panting from the fight and he drew him into his arms. As he began to quietly weep, Angel grew afraid.

"Taddy?" he whimpered, "Is that man going to take me away?"

Ianto moaned and held him tighter as he swallowed down his fear.

Ianto lifted his son into his arms and walked back to their room where their wee girl slept with Francine knitting in a chair nearby. She smiled and went to speak but hesitated when she saw Ianto's face. Instead she silently left the room and Ianto climbed into the bed, cuddling his to babes against him as he tried to remain calm.

He would talk to Jack. Make him understand what he was asking the Doctor to do, what it would mean for his family.

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