I feel fine

Chapter 56

Jack was frantically helping the Doctor prepare the Tardis.

Given Ianto's weird mood, it seemed a blessing when he suddenly asked to see her and he happily let his family aboard.

Soon he was tinkering again and Ianto saw his chance.


"Hmmm?" the doctor was half under the main console, "Damned thing. Not you sexy girl, this silly wire."

"If you go back it will be like a re-set, right? It never happened?"

"Mmmmm, yes" the Doctor peeked out at the young man who looked a bit worried about it, "Look Mr Jones, it will all go back, snap back like a rubber band."

The doctor make a "snap" noise and clapped his hands together, 'It never happened. No Rift, no bad monster thingies and no deaths. Brilliant really!"

Ianto looked over at Jack who was reaching for a tool and had frozen.

"So, whatever came through the rift wouldn't have ever been here" Ianto clarified.

"Yep" the doctor popped his P and Ianto realised that might be why Jack always smiled when he did it.

"These people, never met." Jack looked into Jack's eyes as he held fast to their baby girl, "families never formed."

Jack had stopped breathing as he processed then he exploded off the floor.

"NO! Not Ianto. You can't take my baby away from me …" Jack shuddered with grief, "Oh, my babies. You will take away the kids as well. I'll lose everything."

"For the greater good Jack!" the Doctor said soothingly.

"Bullshit! Fuck your greater good!" Jack roared with rage, "I don't care if this planet falls through a black hole … you leave my family alone."

Jack was crying as he rushed to hold Ianto, "He's my world. All that matters."

"Jack" the Doctor sighed as he frowned at Ianto. "You! You put this in motion."

"I'm sorry Doctor, I will do whatever I have to, to protect my family!" Ianto said sadly.

"But if you remain, a paradox will be created!" the Doctor warned.

"But we could still exist?"

The Tardis lights dimmed and the doctor sighed, "You stay out if this! You and Rose did enough when … what are you scoffing about?"

"Ianto has met the Bad Wolf too" Jack grinned as he watched the Doctor gape.

"Doctor." Ianto tried another tack, "The paradox could exist because two versions exist, correct?"

"Yes, why?" the Doctor's eyes narrowed. Clever one, this ape.

"If it's a question of timing then we are in the perfect machine!" Ianto grinned, "Just take us to a different time, where our children would never meet themselves to cause a paradox!"

"Oooooo, he's good." The Doctor crowed, "Jack, he's good!"

"It would work?" Jack demanded and the Doctor nodded.

"What about Boss?" Angel sniffed from the floor grating he was hiding under.

"Oh, baby" Ianto gasped.

"Gwen and Rhys would never have him, he would be with his own mum and dad" Ianto explained and Angel's lip quivered.

"I lose Boss?"

"Shit" Jack exclaimed as he looked at Ianto.

"Same. Different. Paradox versus reset" Ianto muttered as he stared into space.

The doctor was mesmerized and watched Ianto intently, jumping when those eyes rolled around to settle on him.

"Boss would have a choice." Ianto finally said. "We tell none of the others."

"Yeah?" Jack asked the Doctor who grinned.

"Well, I do love a challenge" the Doctor clapped.

They found Boss waiting outside. His face red from crying and Flash was cuddled in his arms.

"Darling. I have to go somewhere with Taddy and Daddy. You could come but you can't come back if you do" Angel said calmly.

"How did he get so damned smart" Jack whispered to Jack.

"Maybe it rubs off Sir" Ianto deadpanned and he got a "Harkness Special". Gotta love that grin.

Boss looked at them and huffed, "I can either stay with mum and dad or go with you. I chose one and never see the other again?"

"Yep. I will understand if you say no. I am annoying and sometimes you are too" Angel informed him and if it were not for the seriousness of the situation Jack would have laughed.

"I want you." Boss pouted, "You are my family and Taddy Ianto and Daddy Jack are too. Little Pearly Gem is too. I want to go away with you, please don't leave me." Boss sobbed, "we are gonna get married and have babies and stuff."

"Oh dear" the Doctor said quietly. 'Have to jump quite a bit for that."

Jack turned and looked at him, then grinned.

Yeah, quite a bit into the future would do it. A few centuries perhaps.

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