I feel fine

chapter 57

It was a warm day as the rag-tag family disembarked from the Tardis.

"Well, will you all be OK?" the Doctor asked, frowning at Ianto while ignoring Jack who never said the right answer, but this clever monkey always did.

"Yes. Thank you Doctor. Jack will take care of me and I'll take care of everyone else" Ianto grinned.

The Doctor looked hard at Ianto, then sighed. "Well, you have my number."

"Yes Sir. Mr Doctor Sir" Angel grinned with a Jack Harkness leer.

"Oh dear. They are assimilating" the Doctor sighed as he stepped back into the waiting blue box.

"So, he'll fix it now?" Boss asked, the piglet in his arms starting to struggle.

"Yes baby" Jack smiled down. "He already has. Unit didn't know what hit them!"

"Well?" Ianto sighed as he turned to his husband. "What now?"

"Well, the Doc set us up with these credits. I think we need a ship of our own" Jack rubbed his hands together as he surveyed the fleet of Star Vessels that lined the space dock.

"Oh no, Daddy's going ga-ga!" Angel sighed to Boss, "He'll get all gushy now!"

"It's OK" Ianto whispered back, "I'll stay positively un-gushy to make up for it. He can use some of my quota."

The boys giggled as they carried their "fur children" and Flash took a chance to peek out.

"Oh my gods! That's not a Pyra! Is it … oh gods, a ferret?" a voice squealed as a blue skinned woman rushed over to look at Flash.

Ianto laughed as the creature wrinkled its little nose at the woman.

"You're not looking for somewhere to stay are you? I have a ferret too. So rare these days, is it a boy? Oh Gods, tell me he's a breeder!" she clapped her hands and the men laughed as Angel frowned at the question.

"You know where we could find lodging?" Jack grinned and she flushed a deep purple.

"I own a pleasure house, but I rent out the top floor to long term boarders" she smiled.

"Jack! A bordello?" Ianto frowned but Jack grinned.

"Babe! They have separate entrances. The boys will never see anything bad and the security is top notch!" Jack was close to begging and Ianto saw a lot of deep bass music in his future as he finally agreed.

"You never know Tiggy Tiger Bum!" Jack crowed as he shepherded the family forward with a wink at Pearl in Ianto's arms, "You might like to run one someday. Good money in skin joints."

"Me?" Ianto laughed as they wandered off, "I don't think I could ever see me as a whore house boss!"

"I don't know babe" Jack looked at him with a leer, "You know a lot about handling people. Same difference."

"I'll think about it!" Ianto frowned.

Imagine! Ianto thought with horror … owning a skin joint!


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