I feel fine

Chapter 7

Ianto didn't know where he was but judging from the screaming and yelling he wasn't the only blind one in the room.

One minute he was watching Mikey and Jack compare guns and the next he was shell-shocked and his eyes burned too much to focus.

He felt Jack getting closer before their hands touched and Ianto realised belatedly that they were crawling on their hands and knees. Ok, whatever had happened, it was bad.

The safe house was compromised, the shaking was not another rift-quake it was Jack. Clinging, exploring with his hands as he sobbed with relief at finding Ianto alive.

"Time for foreplay later my love, we need to get out of here" Ianto whispered.

"Not Unit" a voice said from his left, "Too fucking flash … pardon the pun."

"Mickey …" Jack warned, "At this point that flash grenade could have been anyone. We've been too bloody lax!"

Ianto squeezed Jack's hand and stood, dragging Jack to his feet. "Sound off!"

"OOO, Yan, not our "Private voice" now" Jack purred and Martha's snigger showed Ianto that she was near Mickey.

"Everyone come towards my voice. Hands and knees is best, keep low and be careful of furniture" Ianto sighed frowning at Jack even though he knew he couldn't see it.

"Yeah, approaching me on your hands and knees is always a good idea" Jack quipped, finding Ianto unharmed had left him feeling quite heady.

Martha, Mickey, Francine, Gwen and them both. six. Doable!

Soon everyone was accounted for and they were ready to move. Ianto mentally reviewed their options and then started to slowly walk.

"Everyone grab hold of someone, no letting go. This might get bumpy" Ianto led the band of blind mice from the room and into the hallway.

"Mind the side table" he murmured as he led then down the hallway and into the underground garage.

"Oi, I thought yous was blind like the rest of us" Mickey griped as Ianto whispered that a drop was ahead and three steps.

He is ya twat, eidetic memory!" Jack snarled back trying not to make Ianto loose his concentration.

Ianto let his nose lead him … straight to the SUV.

God, he'd been told he lost it during the 456 attack that had killed him. Real him, not this re-make. Jack told him not to call himself that but really, a remnant? A hick-up in the cosmos? He filed away the question of how Jack had recovered it for later as he softly ran his fingers over the doors to find the hidden palm pad to unlock without a key. Please let this be the original Hub SUV.

"Hello Mr Copperbadge I'm back." Ianto said loudly making everyone jump with surprise.

"Fuck!" Micky swore and the sharp report of Martha's hand against his head was loud as well as she channelled her mother's swing.

"Sorry, needed to be that level for recognition," Ianto apologised as the doors all unlocked and swung open.

"In!" Ianto demanded as they all crawled into the vehicle.

Once all the doors were shut Ianto felt around the dash for a certain button, then pushed it.

"Verbal command prompt"

"Fuck me, was that Tosh?" Gwen barked.

"She helped me develop it, so I used her voice. In case the driver was blinded" Ianto knew he was blushing. "We hoped to scare Owen with it one day."

"My clever Welshman" Jack purred knowing he must be missing a doozy of a blush.

"Mr Copperbadge, engage security protocols 13.5" Ianto said assertively.

The sound of the door locking, then the engine engaging.

"Destination please"

"Oh God, Toshi" Gwen moaned.

"Gwen shut up and once were underway she'll call Rhys for you so you can tell him to stay on at the secondary site with munchkin and the other Joneses, yeah?" Bribery, but Ianto knew it would work as Gwen fell silent.

"Destination please"

"Cardiff. Hub.5 Secondary Ianto Jones Residence" Ianto told it and the vehicle slowly rolled forward.

"Fuck, shit wait a minute" Mickey spoke up as Martha cling to him. "How do we drive this thing blind?"

"We don't." Ianto answered. "It's on auto pilot, it'll take us back to Cardiff and where I … used to live.'

"What about obstacles and oh, I don't know" Mickey snarled, "Fucking cars?"

Mickey ducked but Martha hadn't tried to clock him one and he looked ridiculous.

"Sensor cameras, mainframe technology and problem solving software" Ianto sounded like a proud father.

"So this thing will take itself to Cardiff with us all along for the ride?" Jack asked.

"Yea? Jurassic Park car without the t-rex. Fuck, there's not a T-rex is there?" Mickey gasped.

"Shut up Mickey!" Jack wondered if a silent hand job in the dark was doable.

Whoever had attacked was by now in the house and Jack hit the button on his wrist strap to raze the house without a second thought. Fuckers can burn in hell. They crawled silently towards Cardiff and Ianto's old stomping grounds. Home.

Ianto thanked the Gods again for his inability to let things go and hoped the shipping container company who had been using his warehouse to store old containers hadn't let it run down … or had found the hidden lower level where he'd originally kept Lisa.

Soon find out.

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