who would have thought that it wold end like this “you can’t run away from me now” ENIGMA A gripping story about you and Taehyung. Taehyung has been your best friend for years. Jimin and Jungkook become your new friends. But are they safe? Suga tells you to stay away from them. they are dangerous. Will you listen or will you be their friend?

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who would have thought that it wold end like this

“you can’t run away from me now”


you sat down on the sofa, a bowl of cereal in your hands as you watched the newest episode of “Supergirl.”

you lived alone, since your missing parents had left you with you grandmother, who had just passed away recently.

well, you used to live with your older brother, namjoon.

however, he’s working abroad for your tuition, since you were sill a high school student.

it’s been two years since he left and you honestly really miss him if it wasn’t for your childhood friend and your friends from school, you swore that you would be the loneliest person in the world.

then you heard the doorbell ring a few times, shocking you, almost making you drop your bowl of cereal.

You set down the bowl and stared at the door with a mixture of fear and confusion.

Y/N: “Who would visit me at this hour?”

you stood up slowly walked towards the door.

you decided to look through the poophole and saw a head of brown hair .

you already had an idea of who it was.

When you opened the door, you were right.

Y/N: “Oh, good morning, Taehyung! Do you need anything? you’re here early”

Taehyung: “...”

Taehyung is your childhood friend.

He’s know you since you started walking and was by you side throughout your family conflicts.

when you moved to Seoul, he moved out of his house just so he could see you.

Y/N: “Did something happen between you and your brother again?”

After silently staring at you for what seemed like a whole minute, Taehyung nodded slowly.

Y/N: “...Have you eaten? I can prepare something for you.”

Taehyung just looked away, so you assumed that it was meant to be a yes you grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the kitchen.

Y/N: “What do you ? I have some pancakes... or do you want me to whip you up some bacon and eggs?”

Taehyung:. “...Y/N”

Upon hearing your name, you turned around to find Taehyung staring at you intently, sending shivers down your spine.

Y/N: ” T- Taehyung..?”

Taehyung: “...About me and my brother...”

Y/N: “Oh, no, you don’t need to talk about it! We both know how sensitive you are when it comes to--”

Taehyung:” No! I...I need to tell you... please..”

When you looked at Taehyung, you saw how... lonely he was.

he just wanted someone to talk to, obviously.

That’s one of the things that made you similar to him, you both were lonely and had no other family but each other.

you placed a plate of pancakes in front of Taehyung with a sigh.

before you sat in front of him.

He immediately dug into the food before he looked up at you in embarrassment.

This made you laugh.

Y/N: “So, tell me what happened...”

Taehyung.“...Well, this morning, I woke up because of a call. it turns out that it was Daehyun. He just contacted me because he needed... help.”

Y/N: “What kind of help was he asking for?”

Taehyung: “He... Said that he had a kid with his girlfriend and... he needed money to take care of his new family. He couldn’t get a job because he isn’t a high school graduate so...”

you angrily slammed your hand your hand on the table, shocking Taehyung so much that he nearly dropped his plate.

You took deep breaths as you tried holding in your anger.

Taehyung: “Y/N... please...”

Y/N: “Taehyung, he abandoned you! He doesn’t deserve your help, or anybody else’s! We should let him fend on his own, let him fell how you felt when he forced you to survive alone.”

Before you cold slam your hand on table again, Taehyung held your wrist.

You looked at him in surprise and saw a mixture of pity and anger in his eyes.

Taehyung: “I know that he abandoned me, Y/N.. but he’s still my brother He’s still part of my family. Even after what he did, I’m still willing to break my back to help him. please, Y/N, please understand...”

That was one of the thing you loved about Taehyung.

He was selfless and was willing to do anything for the greater good.

you’ve always wished that your heart was as golden as his...

Y/N: “...I understand, Tae.”

Taehyung grinned and showed off his boxed smile, changing the atmosphere completely.

He ruffled you hair and giggled like a little kid.

Taehyung: ” Thanks for helping me out, Y/N. You really are my best friend no, family. Also, don’t worry, I got promoted so I can definitely support you. Daetyuh and myself!”

That’s right, Taehyung was supporting you as well.

It was win- win situation, since your job at the restaurant paid you enough to support both you and Taehyung.

Taehyung:” Hey, hey, Y/N are you busy today?”

you were a bit taken aback by how cheerful Taehyung was but at same time, you were glad that he was no longer bothered about Daehyun.

Even though you were flustered, you still managed to tell him that you were free.

Taehyung: “Good ! I guess we both got day-offs today, huh? I’ll take you to this new café that’s across my workplace. It’s my treat! just a small thank you gift for being here for all the time.”

Y/N: “...There’s really no need to but... thank you.”

You went upstairs to change while Taehyung laughed and waved at you.

As soon as you were out of sight, he shook his head.

Taehyung: “Oh, Y/N... you’ve always been so clueless. If only you knew... if only...”

Because you and Taehyung talk a lot, a lot, it took you both two hours to reach the cafe.

you noticed that the city seemed emptier than it really was.

It must have been ages since you’ve last gone out.

Both you and Taehyung were so into your conversation that neither of you noticed that five hours were spent drinking coffee and eating cakes.

Now, it was time for both of you to head home.

Taehyung: “Looks like we need to head home now. Do you want me to walk you home. Y/N?”

Even though you and Taehyung were as close siblings, you were surprised by his question.

Usually, he’d walk home alone because of work-related issues!

You guessed that it was because of his day-off.

Y/N: “T-There’s no need to, Tae. Really...”

Taehyung:” Are you sure? It’s getting dark.”

Y/N: “Yeah.... thanks anyway, Tae! see you tomorrow!”

With hat, Taehyung left while you decided to roam around the city some more.

It really was getting dark out but there was still a bit of sunlight present.

Y/N: “A lot has Changed since then... I should really go out more often...”

While walking, you came across an alley, which had a strange presence coming from within.

curiously, you peeked in and saw two figures from a distance, one towering over the other.

Y/N: “Huh? What’s going on over there?”

???:“Somebody, help me! please!”

???:“Be quiet or I’ll slit your throat.”

Hearing those words made you panic, so you hid behind a nearby dumpster.

Were you witnessing murder? Rape?

You did your best to hold in your sobs as you heard the girl scream.

Y/N: “I can’t just sit here and let the girl die. I have to do something...”

You pulled out your phone and dialed Taehyung’s number, so you didn’t notice that the girl’s screams had died out.

You cured as you heard voice mail.

You decided to text Taehyung your location out of panic but before you can send another message about the situation, your phone was snatched from your hands and tossed away.

Y/N: “What the--”

When you turned around, you became face-to-face with a boy, who had blood all over his face and neck.

he stared at you intently and realized that you were looking right at face of a murderer.

Y/N: ” You... you killed her!”

???:“...What if I did? What can you do about it, Y/N?”

You were stunned because this murdering stranger knew your name and suddenly you felt like you were in extreme danger.

you slipped and crawled backwards as the boy stared down at with a smirk plastered on his face

???:“Oh, Y/N... why you so scared? I won’t hurt you.”

Your back hit the wall, causing you to internally panic even more.

You saw a brick laying next to you and swiftly grabbed it before hiding it behind you.

The boy kneeled down and winced as his nails dug into your cheeks.

you wondered why this boy had such sharp nails.

This is it.

This is How you were going to die.

who would have thought that such a good day with Taehyung would end up like this?

???:” You can’t run away from me now.”

As the boy inched closer to you, you remembered that you had a brick hidden behind you.

You grabbed it tightly and gritted your teeth, before laughing quietly.

Y/N: “Think again.”

You swung the brick with full force, hitting the boy right at temple.

As he stumbled and let go of your face, you ran and spotted your phone on the ground.

Taehyung called as you soon as you picked it up.

Y/N: “Taehyung, call for help! I’m here near the café and--”

You were suddenly tackled to the ground, your phone flying out of reach once again.

The boy stared at you angrily, unfazed by how much his head was bleeding You Knew that you were screwed.

Y/N: “Let go of me, you freak!”

???: “Not until I kill you first... Y/N...”

This time, you kicked the boy’s crotch, causing him to shriek and curl into a ball.

You took this opportunity to run out of the alley and called help.

Meanwhile, the boy chuckled as he groaned in pain.

For him, the situation was both irritating and amusing.

???:“So, she’s a fighter, huh? mark my words, I’ll definitely get my hands on you next time, Y/N...”

When the police arrived, there was no sign of the boy, as if he disappeared into thin air.

He only left behind the girl’s dead body.

Police collected the blood from his head wound, in hopes of figuring out who the murderer was.

You were still shaken up by what you had just experienced you were sure that you would be dead by now if you didn’t act quickly.

right now, a policeman was asking you questions about the murderer.

Policeman: “Miss.... Y/N, yes? May I ask about the physical details of the murderer?”

You were about to tell the policeman everything, then you just... forgot.

It’s as if the memory was pulled out of your head.

you couldn’t remember what the boy looked like at all , which was strange since you rarely forget things.

Y/N: “I... I don’t remember...”

Policeman: “it’s okay, Miss Y/N. The trauma must have made you forget. It’s completely understandable.”

You knew that it definitely wasn’t okay.

Because of your stupid memory, you couldn’t even put the murderer to justice.

You just had to remember his face but for some odd reason, you couldn’t.

???: “Y/N!”

You turned around and saw Taehyung running towards you, worry and fear evident on his face.

Taehyung: “Y/N! Are you okay? did he hurt you? Are you injured? Did you break any bones? Did he re---”

Y/N: “Don’t panic, Taehyung! I’m fine... really.”

Taehyung grabbed both of your wrists and stared at you before inspecting your whole, yes, whole body.

when he glanced at your arms, he clicked his tongue before he took out his handkerchief and wrapped it around your arm.

Y/N: “W-What are you doing, tea?”

Taehyung: “You have wounds on your right forearm. The bastard must have scratched you while you were fighting back.”

You wordlessly stared at the arm Taehyung was treating, wondering why you didn’t feel or notice that you were wounded.

You then remembered the boy’s nails piercing your cheeks but... you still couldn’t remember his face.

Another Policeman stared approaching you, most probably to ask some more questions.

when Taehyung noticed him, he pulled you away from the scene.

Y/N: “Taehyung?”

Taehyung: “I don’t want those idiots to bombard you with questions when you’re obviously stressed out. I’m bringing you home this instant. This time, I’m walking your home.”

You stayed silent as Taehyung brought you home.

He was obviously mad but you weren’t sure if it was towards you or whoever the murderer was.

When you both arrived at your house, Taehyung screamed in frustration.

You sat down in silence as you watched your best friend seeth in anger.

Although was a fluffball, he was still very intimidating when he was frustrated.

Taehyung turned towards you, his expression softening after he noticed that you were extremely tense.

He sighed and ruffled his own hair.

Taehyung: “I’m sorry, Y/N... I’m not mad at you. It’s just... I’m mad at myself for leaving you and not being able to protect you. I promised you before that I would be your guardian forever but I broke that promise...”

Y/N: “You didn’t break your promise, Tea and you never will. I’m sure of it. Besides, it was my fault. It was stupid of me to enter that alley, even when I heard the girl’s screams. Please, don’t blame yourself.”

Taehyung smiled before he pulled you into a hug.

it always felt warm and safe in his smelled.

You smelled his hair and you cold tell that he was still using the shampoo you had given him for his birthday.

Taehyung: “Y/N.... you should get some rest now...”

You broke the hug and nodded.

As you walked up the stairs, you could see Taehyung waving at you with a genuine smile on his face.

you smiled and waved beck at him.

Taehyung: “I’ll always be here for you, Y/N... always...”

You weren’t sure but you thought you heard Taehyung mumble something on your way up the stairs.

you shrugged it off and sprawled on your bed, trying to recall all the crazy events that happened.

As you turned off the lights and wrapped yourself in your blanket, you couldn’t stop thinking about the murderer.

Most importantly, why did you suddenly forget his face? Who was he?.

???: “Interesting.”

???: “...Who am I? You’ll find out soon... Y/N...”

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