“I know who you are.”

“If you’re wondering who I am, don’t worry..”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

You sighed as you walked towards your locker. Your last class had just ended

but Jungkook still hand’t returned, making you worried sick. You were afraid the he was suspended, or worse, kicked out, even though he was transferee.

Waht’s worse was that your science professor decided to give you all a group project at the beginning of the term. You honestly didn’t know what you were

thiking when you ralsed your hand and voluteered to work with Jungkook.

You jumped in your place when you heard your phone ring all of a sudden, You flipped it open and saw that Taehyung was calling you.

You figured that somehing must have happened, since you were supposed to meet him now.

“Taehyug? Where are you?”

Taehyung: “I’m really sorry, Y/N. Something came up and class is going to be extended for an hour.

I konw you don’t want to walk home alone...”

“It’s alright, Tae, I understand. I’ll wait for you. When you’er done,

you can find me next to my locker.”

Taehung apoligized for what seemed like a hunderd times before he hung up the call.

You decided to arrange your locker stuff while waiting. When You did, you saw a note inserted between the pages of your English back.

“Another note? Who could have sent me this?”

Even though you were baffled, you still decided to read the note. The writing was

unfamiliar to you but the message made your eyes widen.

“Hey Y/N, it’s Jungkook. Sorry I coud’t meet you right away. Meet meat the basetball court behind the school,

I’ve got something... important to tell you.”

You had to read the message teice for it to process in your head. It was Jungkook, and the message meant that he was fine... right? There was only

one way to find out it was to meet him behind the school.

Just when you were about to run off, you froze. You realized that Taehyung was ment to meet you next to your locker.

If he would come while you were gone, you knew that he would he worried sick.

Then you remembered that Taehyung had an hour of class. You were sure that you weren’t going to take even ten minutes to

meet Jungkook and secided to come back afterward. After all, it will just take a while...

You sprinted out of the building and headed towards the basketball curt. As soon as you arrived, you looked around for Jungkook but he was

nowhere to befound, which cofased you. There wasn’t a single soul in sight.

“Jungkook?! Jungkook, where are you?!”

???:“You really are naive, aren’t you...”

You tured around, surpised that the voice you heard wasn’t Jungkook, and saw a figure standing at the other side of the court.

When he walked towards you, you recognized him instanly.

It was Kai, the school jock and the definition of bully. He picked on everyone, even those he shouldn’t pick on.

He has crush on the school’s quten bicth, Youri, and he would do anything she says, talk about desparation.

“What do you want, Kai?”

Kai:“Nothing, Just paying you a visit. Yisit. Yuri told me about you. You know, she really hates you for being close to Taehyung and now that you’re friends with

Jungkook to... let’s say she’s beyond pissed.

this didn’t surprise you. if you were in the movie Mean Gilrs, then Yuri would be Regina George. She always throws herself on the hot guys (she chose Taehyung and Jungkook)

so she’s hated you for being the friends.

“Go away, Kai. I’m waiting for Jungkook.”

Kai laighed loudly, making you look at him in cofusion. He kept laughing as he walked behind you and held your shoulders. You immediately pushed

him away. This time, you were getting bad vibes from him.

Kai:“You really don’t get it, do you Y/N? Jungkook isn’t coming. I made that letter,

it was the only way to get you out here. Hm... I wonder... could Taehyung be looking for you right now?”

You slowly backed away as you connected everything in your mind. You scolded yourself for not realizing that handwriying you couldn’t recognize

wasn’t Jungkook’s. Then you knew, you were in absolute danger.

The first thing that went through your mind... was to scream.

“Taehyung! Jungkook! help!”

Kai:“Shut uo, you bitch!”

Kai kicked you in the stomach, which instantly sealed your mouth shut. You felt like your insides were burning and groaned because of the pain. Kai ordered his friends

to stuff your mouth shut so you wouldn’t screarm again.

With that, Kai kneeled down in front of you and grabbed your face. You sud- denly had a flashback of that incident in the alley.

All of the fear and anxiety you felt that time suddenly came back to you and you started to cry.

Kai:“Aw, don’t cry, Y/N. Well, Yuri did tell me to scar you for life and mare you

experirnce something you won’t forget but... don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.”

You ccouldn’t even react. Your stomach felt like it was twisted like taffy. You felt something warm drip down the side of your mouth and,

after seeing the red liquid flew down your chin, realized that it was your own blood.

Kai:“Wait--are you bleeding?! Damn it, I must have kicked you too hard.

How can I f*** you senseless if you can’t even breath properly?!”

As Kai kicked a trash can out of anger, you could only wach. You were sure that his kick caused internal bleeding in your stomach,

and know you felt extremely weak and dizzy.

After a while, Kai calmed down and spat you. You winced as he showered your face with his saliva.

kai:“Tch, whatever. Yuri didn’t say that i needed to keep you alive anyway.”

You were so weak that you could’t see Kai anymore but you sobbed harder when you heard him unzip his pants. You couldn’t do anything at all. At this time,

nobody was left in the school since it was afxeer class hours.

You wished that you were smarter. You wished that you realized tha Jungkook wouldn’t send crypyic messages but would come to you in person. You

wished that you had waited for Taehyung instend.

You wished for a lot of things... but what you wished for the most, was for Taehyung to be here, beating the crap out of Kai, before telling you that you were safe

new and that everything was going to be alright.

When you heard Kai move towards you, you knew that everything was

definitely not alright.

Kai:“Stay still, if you don’t want to get hurt, okay?”

Kai slithered a hand around your waist but a second later, he was gone. You still couldn’t see properly, but you saw a figuer roughly

kicking Kai on the floor. His friends immediately let go of you to help him so you fell down.

You were just laying there as the guy beat up Kai and his friend. You couldn’t recognize him, since you could barely open your eyes,

but you had an idea of who it was.


Upon heaaring the name, the guy turned around. As he ran towards you while screaming your name,

the pain had finally taken you, and you fainted.

???:“Y/N...Y/N... wake up...”

The unfamiliar voice scared you but you still managed to open your eyes. You winced at how bright the room was, then you realized that you were in a


“Huh? What... what happened?”

Jimin:” Of course you don’t remember, it looked like you bit head really hard. Jungkook and I found you on the basketball court, unconscious. Since I had a car and Jungkook was freaking out,

we decided to bring you here.”

You stared at Jimin for a few seconds before you realized who he was. Since he was at you with his fach inches away from yours,

you immediately pushed him away. For some reason, his very presence fightened you.

Jimin:” Whoa there, Y/N, calm down! Do you not recognize me or someting? It’s me, your new classmate, Jimin!”

“I know who you are, Jimin. Get out of my room.”

Jimin: “Waht? How can you say that to person who brought you to the

hospital, Y/N? Come on, don’t tell me you don’t trust me just because Jungkook and I had little brawl.

You narrowed your eyes at Jimin. Now that you were able to speak to him you no longer fered him. You actually thought that he was almost as

annoying as Yoogi. Great, you had another person to deal with school.

Jimin frowend, so you assumed that he was trying to figurenout why you were acting this way towards him.

This made you scoff, didn’t he even know how annoying he himself was? Then, he snapped his fingers in reaization.

Jimin:” get it... You want to see Jungkook, don’t you, Y/N?”

You raised your eyebrows at Jimin and wondered how he knew what you were thinking. Then you realized that the situation just made it obvious. You

slowly nodded, which made him chuckle softly.

Jimin:“Don’t worry, he’s talking to the nurse outside. I’ll go and bring him in, okay?”

You stared at Jimin and wached him walk away. As he did, he shouted loudly, his voice echoing in your room, which made you cover your ears.

Jimin: “Hay, Joungkook! your girlfrirend is looking for you!”

You clicked your tongue. You thought that Jimin was stupid to shuot at a hospitel, especially in your room,

where his voice would echo.

As you waited for Jungkook to enter, the events with Kai suddenly rushed back to your mind. You looked down and saw bandages wrapped around your

stomach and felt some wrapped around your head... and it still hurt.

Soon after, Jungkook entered with a badage on his nose bridge. He stared at you for a while before his eyes widened. He immediately ran

to your side and grabbed you hand.

Jungkook: “Thank god, you’re awalke, Y/N. You’ve been sleeping for hours. Don’t worry, L’ve already contacted Taehyung so he’s on his way here.

What... what happened to you?”

You could only stare at Jungkook. All the anxiety piled up in you and you suddenly started to cry again.

Jungkook looked confused but he still engulfed you in a hug. He was really... cold, almost like ice, which shocke you.


Jungkook rubbed circles on your back as you crued into his shirt. Jungkook admitted, he felt extremely awkward since he’s never hugged anyone before...

but he knew that it was the best way ro comfrot you.

Jungkook:“It’s okay, Y/N, it’s okay... you’rt safe now. Nobody will hurt you I-I’m sorry for asking such an indifferent question, I should have known


You pulled away from Jungkook’s hug and wiped away your tears. Now, you felt much safer, and was thankful that Jungkook was there to comfort me.

Maybe, just maybey, you had another friend by your side.

“It’s fine, Jungkook. Thanks for comforting me. I really... needed that.”

Jungkook smiled before he ruffled your hair. You playfull slapped his arm which made him laugh.

Jungkook:“...You’re always welcome, Y/N...”

The two of you just stayed silent, staring at each other with big smiles on both your faces. The silence was broken when the door slammed open,

making the two of you turn towards the entrance.

Taehyung was standing there, staring at you with eyes filled with pain and worry. He was really sweaty, so you assumed that he ran to the hopital all

the way from school. Seeing him just made you feel... happy.

Jungkook:“Y/N, I guess you and Taehyung need some time alone.. Jimin and I will be waiting in the lobby.”

You stared at Jungkook as he passed by a frozen Taehyung and made his way out of the room. You then looked at Taehyung, who was still giving you the same look.

You figured that he was mad at you for leaving your waiting spot.


Before you could finish your sentence, Taehyung ran towards you. You braced yourself but was surprised when you felt him hug you.

You heard him sniffe, which made you taken aback, since Taehyung has never cried before.

Actually...The last time Taehyung cried was when Daehyun left him alone in the streets, before you found him crawled underneth a dumpster and took

him in.

Taehyung:“Y/N...D-Do you know how worrid I was when I didn’t see you next to your locker? I-I thought you were kidnapped,

t-then I got from Jung-kook, he told you were here and... and... I thought I w-would lose you Y/N...”

Taehyung:“I-I was so scared,Y/N...I...Everyone I loved already left me...I didn’t w-want you to l-leave me too...especoally you...”

You silently comeforted Taehyung as he cried into your shoulder. Hearing his broken sobs and please made you cry with him. You couldn’t even imagine

how much he suffered when he was left to survrive alone, as a little boy.

Taehyung:“You-You won’t leave me, right, Y/N?”

“I won’t lave you, Tae... I promise....”

You and Taehyung hugged each other, both of you crying. Taehyung was glad that you were alive and the idea of you leaving him was terrifying.

You, on the other hand, were just glad that you had Taehyung in your life.

Meanwhile, as you and Taehyung enjoyed enjoyed each other’s company, Jungkook and Jimin were standing awkwardly in the lobby. The tension in the air was so

heavy that you could cut it with a knife.

Jimin:“I’m surprised.”

Jungkook:“Surprised? Why? Because I didn’t attck her? I only didn’t because you stopped me...”

Jimin:“I had to knock you out. Do you know how much strength that takes? It

It would be okay if it was anyone else but it was you.”

Jungkook:“I’m not thanking you,Jimin.”

Jimin:“Whatever you say.”

Jungkook lened on the wall and sighed. Truhfully, he was glad that Jimin was there to stop him. If not... you’d end up dead, or worse...

He couldn’t even imegine doing that to you, especially because you were his frist friend.

Jungkook:“You know, if you wanted her dead, you could have let me go.”

Jimin:“Are you stuopid? I don’t want her dead, I want her to be mine. Those are two compeletely different things. Seriously, Jungkook, when will you realize that

being around her will just bring her into more danger?

Jungkook:“When will you realize that being around her will just bring her

into more dander?”

Jimin laughed as he leaned on the wall, right beside Jungkook. He was amused by how Jungkook still couldn’t figure himself out, despite his age.

Jimin:“You like Y/N, don’t you?”

Jungkook stared at Jimin with wide eyes, the latter lsughing at his reaction Jimin just casually leaned on the wall while Jungkook,

who was flustered by the sudden question, took a few steps backwards.

Jungkook:“What are you saying, Jimin? I don’t loke Y/N, she’s my friend Besides, just because Y/N resembles... her... doesn’t mean that--”

Jimin:“You’re stupid, Jungkook. That’s all can say.”

Jungkook shook his head and leaned back on the wall. Jimin’s question confused him,

he was sure that he didn’t like you that way. After all, he was still in love with her...

Jimin:“Say, Jungkook, when are you going to tell Y/N that--”

Jungkook:“Never! I’ll never tell Y/N. I’m going to keep it a secret until the day I die. If she finds out,

then she’ll think of me as m monster and I’ll...”

Jimin:“You’ll lose her? Oh, Jungkook, if you don’t like Y/N that way, why are you so afraid of losing her? Because she’s your friend? Because she’s just like her?

That’s obviously not the reason.”

Jungkook just staerd at Jimin with an unreadable expresson. The latter knew that he had won and that

Jungkook could’t find any answer or excuse to give him.

Jimin:“Well, i’m off. Stay here, Jungkook, I’m sure that you won’t want to leave Y/N alone with Taehyung...


Jungkook:“Just go, Jimin.”

Jimin laughed as he walked away from an extremely flusterd Jungkook. He was amused by how Jungkook was so clueless about himself. At that same

time, Jimin felt sad because he still couldn’t move on from losing her.

It was a sunny day and Jimin winced at how bright the sunlight was. he stared at the opal ring occupying his pinky finger and was glad that he had

always remembered to wear it. If not..

Jimin was so occupied with his ring and thoughts of Jungkook that he didn’t notice the person

walking in front of him, resulting in a collision and two boys on the ground.

Jimin:“Ouch! Hey, wach where you’er---Wait...do i know you? Have we met before?”

Yoongi:“...You have...”

Jimin:“I...have?Oh,oh! You’re that rude guy from Psychology class Yoongi, right? The captain of the basketball team?”

Yoongi:“Don’t play dumb with me, Jimin. I know that you can read my mind like it’s an open book.”

Jimin’s smile faded and it took him a while to absorb Yoongi’s words. He blinked multiple times before he laughed loudly. He knew that

there was no way Yoongi would know that about him.

Jimin:“Stop joking around, Yoongi. You and I both know that there are no such thing as po--”

Yoongi:“I know what you are, Jimin. No, sceatch that, I know what you and Jungkook really are. You can’t fool me with your words, don’t even try.”

Jimin froze. Based on Yoongi’s expression and tone of voice, it was obious that he wasn’t

fooling around. Jimin’s worst fear had, finally, come true. Someone had figurd out his and Jungkook’s real identites

Yoongi:“Good, I got your attention. I’m only here to say one tjing, stay away from Y/N. If you even lay a finger on her,

I won’t besitate to chop pff both your and Jungkook’s heads.”

Jimin laughed bitterly. Yoongi couldn’t do anything to even hurt him and Jungkook. For him,

the situation was becoming pathetic.

Yoongi suddenly grabbed Jimin’s arm and pulled his hand upwards. Jimin’s opal ring twinkled under the sunlight while Yoongi stared at it with dark eyes and a sly snirk.

Yoongi:“This ring... Taking it off will end you, won’t it?”

Jimin insantly pulled his hand away from the smirking Yooungi. His eyes widened,

he thought it was impossible but... Yoongi Knew one of his few weaknesses.

Yoongi:“I thought so. Keep my advice in mind... if you don’t want anything to happened

to you or Jungkook.Oh, if you’re wondering who I am, don’t worry... you’ll find out soon enough.”

Jimin could on;y stare at Yoongi as he walked away. He gulped, the feeling of danger and dread consuming him for the first time in years.

Only one thought entered his mind: Jungkook had to know.

“Master, I’ve found her.”

“You have? Splendid...”

“What should I do, Master?”

“Bring her to me, dead or alive.”

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