Chapter 18

"What? Fucking Marcus! I'll kill him!" Ianto shouted as he sped off looking for his child.

Jack followed and found Walter on the front lawn laughing as Mickey gave him a horsey ride around on the grass.

"Mickey Mouse! I thought you were still in London!" Jack smiled with relief.

"Nah! After all you told me about this superman in your e-mails? Gotta meet the dude for his birthday." Mickey laughed as he clambered to his feet and hugged his old friend.

"Mickey, this is Ianto, my …" Jack paused and smiled at Ianto. "My partner."

A blush flared across Ianto's face as he heard that title for the second time in one afternoon, and Mickey laughed at his discomfort.

"Ianto Jones, this is Mickey Smith. I dated his sister Rose for a wee while back in high school." Jack clapped Mickey on the back and he pretended to be injured. Walter laughed and clapped his hands.

"Well, you've a fan in Walter so you're okay by me." Ianto smiled politely as he shook Mickey's hand.

"Who was the alien Ripley bounced?" Mickey asked with a grin.

"John!" Jack didn't return the smile and Mickey's faded.

"Shit. Hasn't he gone to the dogs?" he sighed.

"No, but he almost did. Lucky I didn't say the attack command," Ianto deadpanned, his nostrils flaring to betray the anger still lingering.

"Huh?" Mickey frowned, but as Ianto whistled sharply, Mickey's face changed to horror.

"Fuck me! Is that Myfanwy?" Mickey started backpedalling as the dog saw him and her booming bark made him squeal like a girl as he turned to run for the gate.

"Mickey and Fanny know each other. Mickey was undercover on a drug case and she has never forgiven him for running!" Jack laughed as Myfanwy threw herself at the gate while Mickey continued screaming on the other side.

Ianto laughed until tears ran down his face, slapping his thigh. Myfanwy stopped and wandered over to sit at his feet.

Mickey looked through the fence, paling with wide eyes. "I'm not coming in if she's loose!"

"Fan, come!" Ianto commanded as he led her to the garage.

As Ianto shut the door, Myfanwy spotted her food bowl and went over to investigate. Cake, jelly, and what appeared to be biscuits were quickly wolfed down as she loved human food.

As Ianto quietly stacked dirty paper plates and dropped them in a bin bag he was pulling listlessly around the living room, Jack was trying to persuade Walter to go to bed.

"Come on, snot. It's nearly ten at night." Jack groaned as Walter laughed and ran from the room.

"Is this where I get to say I told you so over the cake you gave him?" Ianto sighed as Jack fell to the floor and pretended to throw a tantrum of his own.

With a laugh, Ianto straddled his lover and sat on him, running his hands though Jack's hair as he leaned in for a kiss and Jack sighed with delight.

"Who was the weirdo with stripped socks?" Jack laughed as Ianto's tongue found his ear.

"Oi! Poor Kieran is not a weirdo. Just a bit…" Ianto considered with his head tipped to one side, and Jack fell in love a little bit more in that moment, "shy! He's a junior researcher at the library. I've known him for about five years. Lisa didn't like him either."

"Tadda!" a voice interrupted.

"Walter!" Ianto sighed like he was saying a curse as he turned his face to look at his hellion, still on the floor so they were eye level.

"Fanny won't wake up!" Walter sighed theatrically as he threw his arms out and Ianto wondered how much Jack was rubbing off on his little drama queen.

"Did you poke her?" Jack asked, still stuck under Ianto.

"I smack and poke Daddy. I shake too." Walter mimed shaking with his little fingers curled up and a fierce look on his face.

Ianto rose and offered a hand to Jack, who allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. They followed their boy to the garage expecting to see Myfanwy asleep but instead they discovered their dog having a seizure on the ground by the SUV.

"NO!" Ianto screamed, running to her side and throwing his body on top of her.

Jack ran for the SUV and threw the back open, then reached for Walter to strap him into his seat. Walter was screaming with fear, then Ianto cried out in pain.

Jack looked over and saw that Myfanwy had latched onto Ianto's arm and was gnawing on his forearm as Ianto screamed.

Jack left the door open as Walter struggled to undo his seat from the back. Reaching Ianto, Jack started to choke Myfanwy in a headlock. Her eyes were wide and she was making high pitched shrieking sounds as she lunged at Ianto again. Ianto pushed himself back against the wall, leaving a trail of blood from his mauled arm that he hugged to his chest as he panted.

Jack reached for the gun he always kept on his belt these days, and Ianto screamed with horror.

"No! It's not her. Something's got her crazy. That's not her. Look at her eyes!" Ianto pleaded. "Please don't shoot my dog!"

Jack forced the dog's head around and looked into a bloodshot eye. The pupil was completely blown and Jack recognised a drug-induced seizure from his days on the drug squad with Mickey and John.

She settled after a few minutes, and Jack scooped her into the back of the SUV. Ianto had staggered to the passenger door and was comforting his hysterical child. Jack removed his cardigan and wrapped it around Ianto's limb as he pushed him into the vehicle and slammed the door shut.

As they sped out of the garage and into the night, the brightly lit garage remained open, yawning into the growing dark.

One down. One to go! The watcher moved into the house with confidence.

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