Chapter 19

Despite the ferocity of Myfanwy's attack, Ianto suffered only a few tears to the skin. Luckily the thick woollen cardigan he had been wearing to match Jack's had protected his arm from more damage, but bruising was still appearing in livid purple splotches. Eight stitches and a tetanus shot later, he was searching for Jack, who was on the phone with Gwen.

As Ianto approached unsteadily, Jack snapped the phone shut and turned to face him. Being careful as he took Ianto into his arms, Jack gave him a tender kiss.

"Myfanwy's going to be alright," Jack began with what he knew was Ianto's first unspoken question.

"The vet thinks someone laced her food with marijuana. Poor cow was tripping!" Jack sighed and rubbed Ianto's back as he felt Ianto burrowing into his neck.

"Walter's finally asleep for Rhiannon, who wants you to know that if we ever fill him with that much sugar again she'll report us for child abuse," Jack cautioned as Ianto laughed softly.

"And as for you, Mr Jones! You are higher than the dog!" Jack scolded and Ianto giggled like a school girl as the morphine sped through his system like a freight train.

Jack managed to manhandle Ianto into the car, and swore softly as Ianto undid his seatbelt to lean across the centre console for a kiss. The third time he did it while Jack was driving, Jack pulled the SUV over and promised some "Sexy Time" later if he was good, and Ianto promptly sat on his hands while still giggling.

When they finally crawled into bed, Ianto had forgotten the promise, much to Jack's relief, and was snoring within minutes of Jack tucking him in. As Jack lay in the dark next to his sleeping beauty, he went back over the day's events.

Marcus. John. Mickey. Gwen was right - his life was a bloody soap opera!

He then had a chilling thought, and quietly stole from the bed. Logging into the security system, he checked for the garage camera and was not surprised to find it disconnected. He went for the secondary hidden one he'd installed and was pleased to see a clear picture.

Reversing the time back to just before Myfanwy was alone in the garage, he could see someone placing something in her bowl, but it was too dark to pick a face. He swore and tried another camera. No dice.

After he sat for a few minutes staring at the blank screen, he clicked a few times and watched the attack. As the SUV disappeared from the garage, he reached out to turn off the feed, and froze. The shadow slunk along the wall and into the back door.

Jack sprung from the chair and spent a nervous few hours going over his house with electronic detectors but could find no cameras but his, and he could find no intruder or proof of one having entered. Had he not seen for himself, he would never have known someone had got in.

Finally convinced that there was no danger, Jack returned to bed, but not before he had forwarded a copy of the security footage to his work computer.

The next morning, a very sore Ianto was attempting to do up the buttons of his shirt when Jack took pity and did them for him with a kiss for each one he completed.

The phone call to the vet confirming that Myfanwy was on the mend had relieved Ianto. He just wanted his family back together.

Ianto politely asked Jack for a ride to collect his son, and Jack mentally kicked himself for dawdling over his coffee.

Heading for Rhiannon's, Jack suddenly turned the SUV and stopped at a small cemetery nearby. Ianto stared out the window of the SUV with surprise.

Ianto gingerly undid his belt and exited the SUV, following Jack along the rows until they stopped at an angel-shaped headstone.

Melissa Harkness

Gone to play in God's garden

03 March 2008 - 12 June 2012

Beside it, her mother's grave bore its own lone landmark. Her name and date of birth and death were inscribed on it with a simple "Beloved wife and mother" caption that seemed an afterthought.

As Ianto started at the dates on it, he gave a strangled laugh. He looked silently along the row, then stumbled several rows down.

A simple white gravestone stood with a bedraggled teddy bear propped against it, but no flowers, showing it hadn't been visited lately.

Lisa Hallett-Jones

Taken too soon

Beloved mother and wife

1989 – 2012

"I was too crazed with grief and had a new-born son to care for. I never put the dates. Just the year," Ianto finally spoke. "Her family blame me. I wasn't badly injured and had been the one driving. It all happened so fast."

"That they kept her alive for that one week so Walter would have the best chance at life possible before the caesarean was a miracle in itself. She was so badly damaged, she was barely recognisable for the machines." Ianto grew quiet, then he spoke again, "When I turned off her life support her mother attacked me. Right there with my new-born son fighting for his life in the NICU."

Jack snorted with shock as he stared at the dates.

"A multiple car accident that killed five that day, including my Lisa in the end. They said there was a little girl in one of the cars … I never knew." Ianto sighed and hung his head.

"What? Lisa and Sofia died … Jesus wept. You're telling me we lost them in the same mess? Oh my god!" Jack sank to a nearby bench as he struggled to comprehend the incomprehensible.

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