Chapter 20

After collecting the dog from the vets, they returned home, where Jack began to search each room again. Ianto knew nothing of the CCTV footage so put it down to Jack having the heebie-jeebies and left him to it.

After thoroughly cleaning the main living room, Ianto announced it "Walter Ready" and he put on the Milo & Otis DVD that the little tyke loved so much.

As Ianto tried to work out how to cook with his arm in a sling, Jack returned to his office, and a phone call from work made him feel no better. A knock at the door had him out of his seat before Ianto could reach it and he opened it to find John and Gwen waiting.

"Well, what have we here?" Jack grinned.

"Can we talk, Captain?" Gwen asked, shifting a folder in her hands.

Jack motioned them in with a warning glare at John, who hung his head. Ianto called out from the kitchen as they wandered down the hall.

"Who was that, cariad?" Ianto popped his head around the doorframe and saw John.

With a sharp intake of breath, Ianto stepped into their path and looked questioningly at Jack.

"A case we're working on. Sorry Ianto, it couldn't wait," Gwen said softly.

Ianto grunted and walked back into the kitchen. Jack knew there would be damage control needed there later as he watched those clenched butt checks disappear around the door frame. Damn.

Once they were settled in the office, Jack leaned back against his desk and demanded an answer, as he knew those two didn't work together on cases.

Gwen rose and opened the folder, then began to read.

"Ianto was mugged by an UNSUB and we attended at the hospital. This was our first contact.

"An UNSUB attacked Ianto's sister in the home while you were both on a date.

"An UNSUB placed closed circuit cameras in Ianto's home during said home invasion.

"An UNSUB tampered with Ianto's car our forensics team confirmed it.

"An UNSUB set fire to Ianto's home while he and baby were inside.

"An UNSUB entered this home during the party and poisoned the dog.

"An UNSUB has been seen entering this home after dog attack.

"These are not random happenings and we believe they are all the work of one UNSUB. As it started with the mugging we have ruled out you as the trigger. This UNSUB is targeting Ianto. We have been trying to clean up the image you got …"

"What is an UNSUB?" Ianto asked, quietly interrupting as Gwen squeaked.

"Means unknown subject. You have to watch this one, quiet as a bloody cat! But he looks good in a suit, doesn't he?" Jack had his arms folded as he leaned back against the desk and motioned Ianto into the room. "You two have been busy."

"Harassment, that is!" Ianto muttered as he was carrying a tray of mugs into the room and as he placed it down, Gwen saw a jug of creamer and a bowl of sugar tucked in the sling. God, Ianto's coffee.

"First. Sorry about being a prize class dick." John spoke to Ianto but the polite nod told him little of Ianto's opinion.

"Second. Cap, you've been too close to see the whole picture. Remember the first thing we were taught at the academy?" John addressed Jack.

"Don't look for the smoking gun, look for the casing." Jack frowned.

"Look. You are in the middle of this, you can't see what those of us looking in from the outside see." John flicked his heel up to rest on the knee of his opposite leg and leaned back in the chair.

"What John means is that we've been a little less … passionate ... in our investigations," Gwen hastened to soothe Jack's feathers which were starting to ruffle.

"Okay. Go on!" Jack nodded.

"Okay. We believe the mugging was the start. The catalyst here, if you will. Out of a street full of commuters and business people they choose the grumpiest looking one there?" John turned to Ianto. "Sorry mate, but you were fair fuming, the way you were stomping along in the rain."

"You saw me?" Ianto gasped.

"CCTV, got it all except for a face," Gwen confirmed as Ianto looked at Jack with surprise. He never told me that they'd caught it on tape.

"Next a random intruder attacks Ianto's sister and leaves the tot unharmed? Places camera instead?" John raised his shoulders in a shrug.

"Then we have the fire. Someone knew the layout of the house and the fire marshal confirmed that it was accelerated by that old couch. We believe the UNSUB only meant to scare Ianto and the highly flammable couch was an unforeseen complication," Gwen continued, glaring at John. "Ianto's car. The brake linings were definitely tampered with, again not to cause an accident but definitely to scare him as they did work, just spongy. Tool marks suggest a slow leak was initiated."

"The dog. Well, master stroke. Also, something was visibly taken on the CCTV. A book of some sort that was in the bedside cabinet. Looked square, about yay big." John showed the size with his hands and Ianto made a small noise in his throat.

"Yan?" Jack raised an eyebrow.

"The photo album. Mine. The one Rhia gave me to replace the photos lost in the fire. I had all mine backed up on the cloud except for the childhood ones of me and my family." Ianto frowned and looked at Jack quizzically. "Why take my baby and childhood photos? Walter isn't in there."

"Because the target is you. Was always you." John sighed. "Someone wants you to suffer somehow."

"We're still trying to clean up the image of the UNSUB in your home but it's so bloody dark." Gwen sighed too.

"So, suspects?" Jack tried to pull the meeting back to order as Ianto frowned at the last remark.

"Lisa's family, Marcus. An UNSUB with random attachment to Ianto. An UNSUB with attachment to Jack that sees Ianto as a threat." Gwen counted them off on her fingers.

"Nah. I still reckon it's that Marcus," John addressed Gwen as he interrupted her flow. "He didn't know Jackie before the mugging!"

"We know your views!" Gwen sighed, lowering her hands.

"Well the family do blame him for the accident, still openly criticise him, and now we have the court papers filed seeking access to Walter. I think they want him to suffer because of Lisa," John argued.

Ianto opened his mouth to ask what papers, but then John dropped the bomb shell.

"Look, that mad mother was quite clear. Ianto had been drinking, he caused the crash, in her opinion, and they will never forgive him," John huffed. "Now they want Walter. If they tip him over the edge they can claim him unfit, right?

"What do you mean he was drunk?" Jack frowned. "Yan was the drunk driver?"

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