Chapter 21

Ianto turned to face Jack with wide eyes. Jack's return stare was made of stone.

"Jack, it wasn't like that." Ianto stepped forward, but Jack straightened up and refolded his arms defensively.

"No? How was it, Ianto? You tell me!" Jack snarled, his eyes flashing with fury.

"Well? What is the point when you clearly have it all worked out, sir?" Ianto gave his clipped response as he turned to leave.

Jack surged up from the desk and grabbed Ianto's arm, pushing him against the wall. Jack's hand scrabbled at his hip for a gun that wasn't there before reaching for Ianto's hair instead.

"All this time, living under my roof. In my bed and I never saw you at all, did I?" Jack hissed in Ianto's ear, "You hid from me. You hid this from me."

"You saw what you wanted to, you don't see anything except what your blinkers allow." Ianto shook Jack off and turned to face him. "I clean up your shit, no questions asked. Now you look at me like I'm a stranger? If you knew me at all you wouldn't even have to ask!" Ianto shook his head. "Do you even love me, Jack?"

"I want you gone. Just go!" Jack said wearily as he turned back towards Gwen, who stood with her mouth open in shock.

"For the record sir, I did not kill your family. We were the first car the drunk driver hit." Ianto threw over his shoulder as a parting shot, "I'd had one wine with lunch to celebrate my promotion at work! Three hours it took for them to cut us out as she lay dying next to me. Trapped in the metal!"

Jack raced after Ianto and grabbed his arm again in the hallway but Ianto turned, swinging. Jack slammed back against the wall as Ianto's fist split his lip.

"No!" Jack yelled as Ianto made it to the living room, and as he bent to pick up a bewildered Walter, Jack finally got hold of him.

Spinning Ianto into his arms, Jack whispered his apologies as Ianto stood ramrod straight.

"Ianto, please, I'm so sorry. I just reacted without thinking," Jack pleaded, but Ianto slowly pulled away and picked up his son. "Let's talk about this."

"I'll be going now sir," Ianto said placidly, and walked out of the room, leaving Jack standing there.

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