Chapter 22

Tosh was shocked to open her door to a bedraggled Ianto who struggled to hold a sleeping Walter in his arms.

"Oh my God, give him here. Your arm, Ianto!" she gasped, grabbing the tot.

"I'm sorry. My sister is too far to walk with him and I've still no car or I…"

"Ianto! You're rambling. It's OK." Tosh watched Ianto as he lowered himself into a chair and she noted his hands were shaking. "My God, did you walk here? Ianto? Is your hand bleeding?" she gasped as he saw the blood.

Ianto stared at his hand dispassionately where the proof of Jack's stone jaw stared back, then shrugged and dropped it into his lap.

"My life is a mess and I have nowhere left to turn," Ianto said softly. "He doesn't know where you live and I need somewhere to lick my wounds."

"Oh my god, what happened?" Tosh asked.

As Ianto explained the last 48 hours, Tosh became increasingly agitated. She then pulled out her laptop and as the large widescreen TV burst into life with algorithms and multiple screens began to pop up and scroll, Ianto smiled softly.

"So, my little computer hacker, what is today's mission?" he asked blandly.

"Jack's personal computer, his work modem and ... CCTV," she declared as the living room came on screen.

Jack was sitting in the middle of the couch hugging a Despicable Me minion plush toy as the theme music to Milo and Otis played in the background.

His lip was still bleeding and Gwen rushed onto the screen with an icepack, but Jack batted it away.

Tosh sighed as she watched Jack fall back against the couch in despair, a parody of Ianto, who was doing the same thing in her living room.

As Ianto prepared himself for the phone conversation he didn't want to have with his sister, Tosh was looking into the files on his case.

Ianto knew that now she had the image she would do a better job of cleaning it up than Jack's team, and he had more faith in her than Jack right now. At least she wouldn't keep things secret that he had a right to know.

He decided to put off the phone call and just tell her when he dropped off Walter in the morning, and with a sigh he settled his baby to bed and wished he could just climb in there with him and forget the world.

Rhiannon's response to Ianto was mixed when Tosh drove him over the next morning for the "beast delivery", as Jack called it. Jack came looking?

As Ianto walked back to the waiting car, he felt a twist in his gut. What he needed from Jack right now was clarity. What Jack needed? Another thumping.

Tosh's sweet kiss on the cheek as he exited the car almost made up for his sleepless night, and he rummaged about for a smile as he waved her off.

Kieran was waiting for him with a nervous smile as well, Ianto wondered if he was projecting something that made everyone walk on eggshells.

Ianto sighed with disappointment as he checked his messages. Kieran's scrawl was getting harder to decipher but he was able to ascertain that Jack was silent. Fine!

It was nearly lunchtime when a commotion brought him out of his office. Marcus?

The man was shouting the odds as he threw a display of books from the shelves across the room.

Kieran was hiding behind the counter, and Ianto didn't blame him. Ianto considered calling Jack but then dismissed it. Enough of playing the desperate heroine in need of a knight in shining armour. Fuck him too!

As he rang the main switch board and reported the incident, he watched Marcus screaming for Walter.

"Where is he? I saw the house, where the fuck is my nephew!" Marcus raged.

Finally, the boys in blue pulled him away, and as he turned to leave he saw Ianto for the first time.

"Ianto, please. Where is he?" Marcus pleaded.

"Where you can't go," Ianto said softly, watching as they loaded him into the back of the car.

Kieran was waiting with a strong cup of tea, and as Ianto finally gave in to his shaking, Kieran was there to hold his hand and comfort him.

"No shame, Ianto, there is no shame in tears," he crooned as he stroked Ianto's hand.

Meanwhile Tosh had finally cleaned the shot and had a clear picture of the UNSUB.

With horror, she rang Jack as she stared at the familiar face. God, it was him all the time!

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