Chapter 24

Ianto stared numbly at Kieran as he walked around Ianto like he was inspecting a horse at an auction.

""Kieran? What have you done?" Ianto whispered. "Tell me, I'll fix it."

"Just like you fix everything?" Kieran scoffed.

"Kieran?" Ianto took another shuddering breath as he tried to calm himself and think. Think, damn it!

"When that black bitch of yours complained about me to management and you convinced them to put me on probation?" he snarled, flicking the knife in his hand as he spoke.

"I spoke for you because she overreacted," Ianto agreed, seeing the knife for the first time.

"I was only kidding when I pointed the nail gun at her. Wasn't even loaded." Kieran pouted.

"Kieran, I always looked out for you." Ianto pleaded, "We're friends. I care for you."

"Do you? Really?" Kieran asked, and Ianto heard the desperation in the question.

"Yes. Lisa and I fought about you and I stuck up for you. I know you. You're a good man. You would never hurt anyone," Ianto struggled to keep Kieran's attention. "You matter to me."

Kieran began pacing again as he muttered to himself and Ianto remembered the dummy.

"Kieran?" Ianto was in disbelief at what was happening. "Where's Wally?"

"Oh, do you have any idea how funny you sound?" Kieran laughed. "'Where's 0Wally?' Like the game?"

Kieran stopped pacing in front of Ianto and smiled.

"That's the game. Just like Lisa used to say when she came looking for you down in these archives. Remember?" he reached out and touched Ianto's shoulder as flashes of memory crossed Ianto's mind.

Lisa. Calling out "Where's Wally?" as she hunted for him. Him, giggling as he hid like a child playing hide and seek. God, Kieran saw that?

"So cute. You calling him Wally since he was conceived down here probably after one of those games. Where's Wally indeed," Kieran crooned as he slid his hand to Ianto's neck.

The fluttering of his eyelids as he leaned forward to kiss Ianto suddenly incensed Ianto, and without a second thought he put what he'd learnt in his time spent as a football hooligan in his youth into practice.

The head-butt caught Kieran square on and he screamed as his nose exploded.

Ianto ran.

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