Chapter 25

Kieran caught Ianto easily as he stumbled, still half drugged from the tea.

The punch to his stomach caused it to complain and as Ianto dry retched on his knees Kieran easily tied his hand behind his back while snarling in his ear, "Nice try little piggy!"

Ianto sobbed as he struggled feebly. Kieran dragged him back into the light and bent close.

This time he wasn't playing and he was not loving. He slapped Ianto as he told him he was going to have to pay for that. Then he punched him.

Ianto fell to the ground dazed and confused as Kieran kicked him in the stomach and torso.

Then with a vicious snarl he pulled Ianto into a sitting position and Ianto closed his eyes as the cold steel found his skin.

The knife bit at his throat and Ianto realised this was it. I love you Walter. God, I love you Jack.

Ianto closed his eyes as he prepared to die but Kieran stopped snarling and loosened the blade as he cocked his head listening to something.

Ianto could barely heard anything for the pounding in his chest but gradually a sound began to echo around the shelves. A low growl.

Ianto gasped with recognition as he heard the oncoming monster. Myfanwy?

"Ianto?" Jack's voice bounced off the walls and Ianto gave a sob of relief.

"Ianto?" again Jack called.

Kieran snarled and the knife broke the skin on Ianto's neck as Kieran began to slide the blade around his throat.

The booming bark of the angry dog was now on the other side of the wall and Ianto cried out desperately in the hopes that she would hear.

She began throwing herself against the wall and an order was yelled at her, then to Ianto's amazement Jack threw himself against the wall. Once, twice, suddenly he was in the room.

Plaster board flew about the room as an angry Captain forced his way through the wall with his arms flailing and his voice hoarse as he screamed Ianto's name.

Kieran screamed and backed away as Jack opened fire. He roared and screamed his rage as Kieran danced in the gun fire.

Then silence.

Hands grabbing, soothing, lips kissing, loving.

As Gwen undid Ianto's bindings Jack kissed Ianto like he was drowning and in need of CPR. The way Ianto clung to Jack once he was free, maybe he was drowning for a moment.

Finally Jack broke the kiss and looked down at Ianto who was staring back up at him as he gasped in his arms.

After a few beats Ianto rose and stumbled.

"Easy, whoa there tiger!" Jack tried to grab Ianto as he flailed.

"Walter, Jack please. Save Walter!" Ianto cried as he shook with fear.

Jack looked at Ianto with a frown of confusion, Walter?

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